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You will always be a loser and that's okay.

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...Inb4 feature :ajsmug:

4752919 I haven't even read the picture and it looks like fluttershy is looking at discord's dragon dick.

4752948 Where is the full picture source anyway?

4752948 I had enough internet for a month

4753024 It's an explicit picture, so I can't link it. If you want to find it, search the artist on Derpibooru or Tumblr

4752942 Oh my god...Discord has a really BIG DICK in that full picture...:rainbowlaugh:

4753081 That's why it's fantastic!

That profile pic tho I know where you got it

4753089 A friend made it

4753095 o god I fond it walst on tumbler and it was in some porn

4753102 Oh, you meant the cover art. I thought you meant my avatar!

4753109 no I ment the cover art it porn nurty boy


Same goes for you :pinkiecrazy:

Dat profile picture tho. Seriously bro, I need it.

4753911 my one is youi my one is good

4752948 Of course Twi has books on how to seduce stallions. Too bad she's never done it! (But it said everyone had a sex life except Fluttershy...damnit.)

4754839 She's done it, but she just needs to brush up on how to do it every once in a while

He leaned down and kissed her head, the smell of her mane reminding him of a flower that he had forgotten the name of.

:twilightsmile: Ah, the forgotten flower, such a potent scent it has.

Twilight has a book for everything :rainbowlaugh:

4763860 How to Have Sex with a Draconequess, by Princess Celestia

...Wait, WHAT?!?!

4762999 Subaki. Nice Soul eater reference by the way.


That was a reference to something? I thought he was just trying to be funny, lol.

Ahhh...fluttercord. One of my favorite ships:twilightsmile:

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