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I'm a pegasister who just can't get enough pony magic in her life!


Pinkie Pie's friends learn the shocking truth that she has somepony she loves... but has somehow lost him to their good friend Rarity. Twilight, Rainbow, Aj, and Fluttershy are left trying to solve this emotional conundrum but with very unexpected results.

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“OH! Don’t worry! He came back after all! Turns out all he really wanted was the cookie she was hiding.” Pinkie said gleefully.

I see a Spongebob reference there. :raritywink:

:pinkiegasp: What? You girls thought I was in love with Spike?

:applejackconfused: W-well...

:fluttershysad: We just...

:rainbowhuh: The thing is...

:twilightblush: Pinkie, we just

:pinkiesmile: That's just silly, Spike's just a friend-

:ajsleepy::rainbowderp::facehoof: *whew*

:pinkiehappy: Besides, Maud told me she's been sending him love letters for weeks

:twilightoops::rainbowderp::applejackconfused::raritycry: WHAT!!??

You got to write a love story between Spike and Maud.

I knew this wasn't going in the direction you were heading for at first glance. It was pretty obvious since you were using the whole 'Him' trait. When that happens, it's pretty much always a misunderstanding. So for me, that kind of lost the Comedy aspect here. Predictable, but still enjoyable.

I actually thought 'Him' was Boulder at first, and he had chosen Maud. Gotta say, you got me there.

There are actually a good number of Spike x Pinkie fics here. I think the ship has died or it doesn't have anymore activity, but there's a bundle of great ones scattered around. Check for them if you're interested, some of them are pretty good. Uncommon, but still good.

Was it obvious what you were doing? Yes. Was it still enjoyable?:pinkiehappy:

Gummies cuz is Wallygater !:pinkiesmile:

Spikey"s MINE !:raritydespair:

Oh brother !:facehoof:

That wen't down like the Titanic:rainbowlaugh: All hands !

“OH! Don’t worry! He came back after all! Turns out all he really wanted was the cookie she was hiding.” Pinkie said gleefully.
Lol, sooooo...
Pumpkin Cake=Patrick


4748436 "Note to self, Make Maud Spike fic" :pinkiehappy:

ha hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! that was a really good spongebob episoide:rainbowlaugh:

4766580 Also rocks, specifically gems, more specifically emeralds, are his favourite food! :moustache:

Well awesomely awesome

4748436 I second that notion

OMG Magpiepony! Your so awsome but, I don't know how to follow you.

Do you ship PinkieSpike or something?!

SPONGEBOB REFERENCE!!!:raritystarry:

On a second note, :rainbowlaugh: hilarious!

They were actually talking bout gummy.

Omg! Such a cool story! Good job Magpie. Your stories can make me laugh so hard... I mean... Pumpkin and gummy instead of rarity and spike? That was hilarious! Keep up the good work!

That was just so typical of these ponies and a very funny and entertaining story, Magpie. I couldn't stop laughing at the end!

The title and chapter title may be misleading but it still funny as heck

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