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A no pony really. Seriously why are you viewing me much less watching. I not that great a writer and I'm probably never will. At least I'm good with games.



Frankie might not be the best trainer, but he sure loves his pokemon so much, he decides to release them all, so they could live freely, except for one of his pokemon that will follow him no matter what. He travels around the planet, helping any pokemon or people with their problems with his Pikachu, until one day while visiting Professor Burnet, things change.

Side Story to A New World, A New Way
Romance? Maybe a little

Chapters (15)
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Did you discuss with ZeusDemi before writing this? Just to know in which folder of the group I have to add this...

Now, onward to reading!

...ok, you clearly didn't. Sorry, but this needs huge amounts of editing. I'll add this to the "need Rewiew" folder, but you really need to find an editor.

4898435 I agree, even the description has grammar and spelling errors.

I have talk to ZeusDemi and this is going to be non-canon
Also I'm by myself and I'll go look over it and I really wanted to get it out, so I haven't check it yet.


Well, just in the description, it says that your character travels around the plant.

Wow, what an adventure!

This is so awesome! Keep those chapters comin'!

Frankie then went to grab the flower, which he did, but he forgot he was on a mountain side and fell all the way down.

And then he died. The End!


"I'm ok" Frankie manage to say.

Oh, never mind...I guess?

Interesting story so far, but perhaps you should consider an editor. It's a little hard to follow... but still, I'll read it!

The story premise is amusing, but the grammar needs work

If he did died that would be embarrassing since team rocket blast off multiple time and lived

I wouldn't be surprised is Ash was in equestria somewhere

but he sure love his pokemon so much


decides to released them all


He travels around the plant


with his Pikachu, but until one day

No "buts". Literally.

Side Story to New World, New Way

A New World, A New Way

This is just the description. And that's supposed to be the part with no errors, to make the story look nice! :facehoof:

I suppose it doesn't really matter, since all the fans will like it despite its short-comings. But I can't bring myself to read something so poorly written.

I said this in my other stories so many times, I on my own, I don't have an editor or a proof reader. I look at it myself to make sure there isn't that many mistakes you can see, and I always take some time to fix any mistake people can find

So awesome :rainbowkiss: so far keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Wasn't it Crypto-pokemon instead of Shadow-pokemon? :rainbowhuh:

It's really the same just different names. I think Crypto pokemon is the German name.

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