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Fallout Equestria: Memories Best Left Buried - CivilWarPony

The rebuilding of Equestria has finally started to take shape after the world was destroyed in magical bonfire from Tartarus. Now an old foe and long dead memories resurface to plague this fragile world that is struggling to find meaning again.

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Part Three: Nightmare In The Badlands

Part Three: Nightmare in the Badlands

Fluttershy sat staring out her window at the horizon as she often did, contemplating what might have been had she the power to undo fate and remake the world into what it once was. She was still trying to adjust to this new world that resembled so much of the old one but in many ways was merely an echo of it. Twenty years had passed since Littlepip changed Equestria's fate for the better but she had to wonder had the change that the little unicorn mare from Stable 2 ushered in would last. There were in so many dark places in this shattered world where the embers of the war that had destroyed her world lay dormant, simply awaiting somepony to spark the flame of hatred that would scorch the world once more. Fluttershy's pensive stare was broken by the sound of familiar wing beats as Rainbow Dash landed outside. She took comfort in knowing that at least one of her friends still walked by her side in these uncertain times.

Rainbow knocks on her door and Fluttershy says, "Come in." Rainbow enters the room wearing her old armor from her days with the Shadowbolts. Behind her enters a small guard of six ponies all dressed in salvaged Enclave power armor reflecting the latest weapons tech that had come into the Dashite's possession.

Rainbow dismisses her guard with a wave of her forehoof before sitting down in a chair across from Fluttershy saying, "So, Fluttershy how are you doing these days?"

Fluttershy replies, "I am alright Rainbow Dash. Just worrying about things I cannot change. What brings you here?" Rainbow looks at her then turns looking out the window saying, "What do you think Airborne will really find out there? Do you really believe Discord is back after all this time? And what of Nightmare Moon? Can your reports really be that accurate?"

Fluttershy sighs and gets up from her chair then starts to pace about the room saying, "I don't really know how much I can be certain of these days Rainbow Dash but what I do know is that I haven't seen Discord for two hundred years. As his friend I feel it is my duty to offer whatever aid I can to him. Things have changed since the war and its possible that Discord has become a hurt and confused creature who only wants somepony to be his friend again. As for Nightmare Moon, I cannot say why she has appeared from beyond the grave. Magic is a strange force in our world, its possible that it even defies Death itself. All shall be revealed whenever we receive our next report from Sunrise in a few days."

Rainbow Dash replies, "You are hinging the fate of Equestria on betting that Airborne and his friends will find something out there. Do you believe that he will succeed? Granted he has done so much for us and Equestria already but Discord might be more that he can handle." Fluttershy turns to Rainbow Dash and replies, "The fate of Equestria doesn't hinge on Airborne because of what he has done in the past, its rests in his hooves because I have faith in him. Airborne will find away to triumph over any obstacle because that is what his friends enable him to do." Rainbow Dash smiles and nods at her friends words. The power of friendship was still as potent a force these days as it was in her day. She silently hoped that Airborne would prove her friend right, because the consequences if she was wrong were too ghastly to conceive of.

Far to the South a small band of ponies heads towards the border of Mustangia. It was like stepping back in time as the group entered a vast wasteland of wartime vehicles and other abandoned wrecks that lay strewn across what once was a large road leading North. The majority of the wrecks had long been gutted of anything valuable and all that remained were the shells of vehicles, some that nopony could even remember the names to. Looking at all the detritus of a war long passed Sunrise asks, "What happened here?"

Duty replies, "During the war this road was used for military convoy's. When the bombs went off across Equestria, this convoy was caught by the fallout from those detonations. Many of the ponies who were apart of this convoy died as a result of the radiation. It was not a very happy ending for them."

Starshine asks, "How could you know that?" Duty turns and looks over his shoulder back at her. For the briefest moment Starshine can see his true age reflected in the strange depths of this immortal ponies eyes before saying, "Oh, right I am sorry for asking. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

Duty replies, "I was not offended by your question. I have gotten used to you mortal's curiosity about what I am. Besides your friend Sunrise can easily inform you about what happened in Mustangia with that device on her forehoof."

Sunrise looks down at her Pipbuck then back at Duty saying, "How did you know that?" Duty cracks a smile and chuckles saying, "I know much about the technology of this world. But I didn't need to be familiar with your technology to know you carry a great abundance of information that is stored around your hoof. As a servant of Sleipnir I can read the smallest amount of information from the wind and the soil. Also the secret thoughts that pass through your mind are known to me but I never invade a ponies privacy when it comes to their inner most thoughts."

Surnsie calls up the appropriate files on her Pipbuck and says, "Fluttershy was able to fill me in on some of the history of Mustangia during the war. I figured having this information might help us in our search for Discord and Nightmare Moon. During the war, Mustangia provided arms and food to the war effort. Eventually the need for new recruits to fill the ranks of Equestria's military led Princess Luna to annex Mustangia and absorb it into Equestria. This decision was not received very well and led to wide spread rioting in Mustangia. Many of those who lived there were more than willing to send material aid to the battlefront but after hearing about how horrific the war had become and seeing how high the death toll was many ponies weren't willing to send their sons and daughters to fight for Equestria just to have them sent home in a box a few months later if they were lucky to recover their remains. Eventually Mustangia was cited as a priority target by the Zebra Empire for destruction. The war destroyed Mustangia as it did Equestria."

Airborne says, "Sounds like Mustangia is going to be just as pleasant as the Equestrian Wasteland. No wonder why Discord chose to hide out here." On the horizon a large cluster of shapes appears and Airborne asks Duty, "What are those?"

Duty replies, "The place has no name only a purpose. It is where many refugees fleeing from Mustangia have gathered and formed a settlement before their final push across the badlands into Equestria. Its a good place for us to start to find the most recent sightings of either Nightmare Moon or Discord in the area before we cross the border to Mustangia."

As they got closer the walls of a large compound came into view. The ponies who lived here had erected a large wall made out of scrapped military transports and various other vehicles they had dragged out of the wastes. Then wielding them together they had made a rather formidable fortification. From above on a catwalk a voice calls down,"Stop right where you are otherwise I won't hesitate to blow your head off. State the nature of your business here?" Duty replies, "We are mere travelers seeking shelter from the harshness of the wastes. Will you allow us entry?" The massive hulking door to the settlement slowly opened, the metal grinding and screeching as the door raised up. The guard above them waved his forehoof and said, "You can enter just don't cause any problems."

The door revealed the settlement before them. A small narrow avenue clustered with ramshackle buildings stacked awkwardly upon each other giving the settlement a haphazard appearance. Duty took the lead as the group of ponies walked into the town. Many of the Mustangs that lived here closed the windows of their homes as the group of strangers passed by. Others simply lowered their heads and pulled the hoods of their cloaks over their faces to hide the glaring stares they were giving the strangers. It was seldom that the settlement received visitors journeying from the north along the road, most of the traffic came from the south but even that had trickled off in the past few weeks. Airborne looks around and says, "Not a very welcoming place is it?"

Duty replies, "I cannot say I blame them for being this way. A lot of dark rumors have been floating around the wastes lately and the ponies here have always been a suspicious bunch. They are less likely to trust strangers now more than ever." Duty hears a high pitched screaming coming from one of the alleyways. Dashing towards the sound he finds a small filly curled up at the hooves of a menacing and heavily scarred pony brandishing a large revolver. Duty senses this pony's intentions and he pulls out a large knife with a thin blade. Airborne notices the blade almost seems to pulsate and it gives off an uncomfortable feeling that makes Airborne shiver in fear of it.

Duty pounces onto the raider pony and stabs the blade into the center of the pony's chest. The pony looks surprised as it looks up at Duty then down to the blade that pierced its chest. The raider pony starts flailing around trying to shove the strange pony off of it. The blade of the knife Duty holds turns blue, Duty presses the knife into the raider pony's heart and mutters something Airborne cannot pick up. The raider pony's eyes widen before he lets out a panicked whinny. Something seems to leave the pony as the blade pierces his heart. A sound of something being shredded echoes through the alleyway before the raider pony's eyes cloud over and appear empty with the light fading from them leaving a look of absolute horror remaining. Duty turns to the young filly and says, "Are you alright young one?" The filly nods sobbing wiping the tears away from her eyes with her forehoof saying, "Thank you mister. I don't know what that nasty pony wanted but thanks for saving me." The filly quickly gets up and runs off.

Airborne looks astonished at Duty and asks, "What did you do to him?" Duty places the knife back into its sheath and says, "This is what happens when unjust souls meet their right and proper end. This blade allows me to destroy the souls of those who are unworthy to bear them. Outside of shepherding the souls of the deceased to the other side we can intervene in the the lives of evil ponies and makes sure they come to the end they so rightfully deserve and that was what happened with this piece of filth." Duty turns and leaves the alleyway with the others following close behind him.

Duty recommends that they check out the local cantina for any information that might lead them to the whereabouts of either Discord or Nightmare Moon. Duty trots into a dingy lit building opposite the alleyway. Groups of ponies huddle around low shabby tables. Most are dressed in dirty and stained clothing with some wearing the rags wrapped around their muzzles concealing their suspicious glares as Duty walks into the cantina followed by the rest of his group. Duty pulls up a stool to the bar and takes a seat, Airborne sits next to him while the other ponies sit at a table facing the front entrance looking out for any potential threat from the cantina's patrons. Duty leans over and whispers something to the bartender Airborne cannot hear then Duty turns to him saying, "He says several caravans coming up from Mustangia have been hit over the past few days by some mysterious force. The latest attack was only a few hours ago south of here."

Airborne asks, "Were there any survivors of the attack?"

Duty nods replying, "Yes, there was at least one survivor of the attack. Currently they are resting at the healers home but they aren't expected to make it. We should get over there right away." As Duty tells Airborne the news about the survivor, a pony at the back corner gets up and makes their way towards the front entrance. Fractured notices the pony and nudges Starshine who's ears perk up and swivel around to the pony's direction.

Starshine says, "Fractured once that pony leaves follow them and detain them if you can. I want to know what they are up to." Fractured nods subtlety and follows the strange pony at a short distance out of the cantina. The strange pony rounds the corner and just as Fractured rounds the corner he hears a bone chilling maniacal laugh and his eyes widen as he whinnies in fright, "By the Goddesses!"

A massive explosion rocks the cantina shattering the windows and sending Airborne, Duty, and the other ponies in the cantina flying into the far wall opposite the bar. The fragile chairs and tables crash back down to the floor shattering into pieces. Airborne shakes his head and feels around for his hat through the clouds of dust and dirt hanging in the air in a thick cloud. Starshine hands Airborne his hat saying, "Make sure to keep it on your head. I doubt Braeburn would appreciate you losing his favorite hat." Airborne thanks her and places the hat back on his head tightening the chin straps. Rushing out of the cantina and into the street that is filled with panicking ponies rushing hither and thither about. Airborne races towards smoke rising from an alleyway two blocks up the street. They find Fractured lying on his back covered in debris.

Starshine and Duty help him to his hooves and are surprised to find that he is perfectly fine. Starshine asks, "What happened to you Fractured?" Fractured coughs and replies, "It was Nightmare Moon, she is loose in the village! She is after the caravan attack survivor!" Starshine snorts nervously and paws at the ground wanting to find Nightmare Moon before she can kill the survivor.

Starshine leds the group of ponies towards the healers home. Airborne notices a large sparkling mass phase through the front door of the home. Airborne rushes over to the door and kicks it in firing at the shadowy mass before it enters a room at the back of the house. The mass quickly bursts through a nearby window laughing. Airborne trots into the back room and finds the village healer pointing a pistol at his chest. Behind her lying on the bed is a small filly hooked up to some Old Equestria medical tech. Airborne slings his rifle behind him and raises his hooves saying, "I mean you no harm. I just want to ask the filly a few questions about the caravan attack."

The healer lowers her weapon and allow Airborne to approach the filly's bedside. The filly weakly opens her eyes and says, "Who...are you...Mister?" Airborne replies, "My name is Airborne, the reason I am here is because I came to find out what happened when your! caravan was attacked and to put a stop to them." The filly coughs and starts to cry. "My mommy and daddy were traveling in the caravan from our home when some wicked pony lady attacked us. There was so much blood! She tore my mommy in half and incinerated my daddy!" Duty waits outside feeling the filly's moment nearing trying to avoid being seen by Sleipnir's servant. Starshine and Fractured watch as the black mass circles menacingly overhead. Sunrise says, "Why doesn't she just attack us? She must know we cannot stop her." Celestial with her mechanical voice says, "She is a sadist, a predator enjoying the thrill of the hunt before she claims her prey."

The filly continues to tell Airborne the details of the attack before she starts to shudder saying, "Mister Airborne....I know I am going to join my mommy and daddy soon but please I don't want to die!" Tears start to stream down Airborne's muzzle and he gently pulls the filly into a hug. The filly smiles briefly before shuddering then falling silent. Outside Duty feels the filly's soul depart from this world and he says a brief prayer for her. Airborne let's go of the filly's body and pulls the blanket over her head. Airborne turns to the healer and sees she is crying. The healer says, "Thank you for making her final moments more peaceful. Please find whomever did this to her and put a bullet in their head." Airborne nods and leaves the room.

As Airborne leaves the healer's home he sees the black mass take the shape of Nightmare Moon. She looks down at the male Pegasi focusing her icy blue eyes into thin slits as her blue mane and tail ripple about her. Airborne shouts up to her, "Princess Luna! Why are you attacking these innocent ponies? I though you had changed!" Nightmare Moon laughs saying, "I have not changed you insignificant and foalish pony. I am still this lands rightful ruler after my sister abandoned me in this desolate place."

Starshine says, "Princess Luna, your sister didn't abandon you or Equestria! Everypony thought you had died in the War. What are you doing helping Discord?"

Nightmare Moon laughs saying, "I, Nightmare Moon did not die in that war. It will take a lot more than some Zebras magic to kill me. I do not serve that pathetic draconequus, he serves me. I will not allow my sister and her influence to continue to corrupt Equestria. Look at what she has done to my land, she has destroyed everything and I will crush anypony who gets in my way!" Nightmare Moon's horn glows and she creates a magical beam that destroys at least three blocks of the village setting them on fire. Celestial aims her battle-saddle at Nightmare Moon firing at her. The bullets pass through Nightmare Moon's wings clipping them sending pieces of black feathers spiraling down towards the ground. Nightmare Moon horn starts to glow again with her devilish magic. Fractured shouts, "We need to get out of here now before she blows us to pieces!"

Sunrise runs into the healer's home and grabs the mare who wraps her hooves around the filly's body saying, "I won't leave her!" Sunrise helps the healer place the filly's body onto her back and they quickly leave her home before Nightmare Moon blows it up creating a large crater in the ground. Sunrise covers the filly's body with her own protecting it from the bits of wood and metal raining down onto the small group of ponies.

The ponies living in the village start to evacuate as Nightmare Moon continues her onslaught blasting many of the homes and walls of the village into smoking ruins. Airborne gets off of the ground and watches Nightmare Moon rain down her fury upon the innocent inhabitants of the village. He yells up to her, "Princess! You don't have to do this! There has to be a better way!" Nightmare Moon pays little heed to Airborne's comments. Starshine pulls on Airborne's tail saying, "You cannot get through to her Airborne she is too consumed by her hatred for Princess Celestia and whatever lies Discord has fed her has corrupted her further. We have to find Discord to put an end to all of this madness to bring peace to Princess Luna and Equestria." Airborne nods and looks up sadly at Nightmare Moon one final time then joins his friends in evacuating the village helping as many Mustangs as they can escape from Nightmare Moon's wrath. After leaving the village Duty asks, "So, what did the filly say to you? Did she know where Discord was hiding?"

Airborne nods saying, "Yes she did. She said her caravan was hit once crossing the border from Mustangia but they had been followed all the way on their journey to the border so Discord is likely hiding inside what used to be Mustangia. We should go there right now to find that trickster and make him pay for everything he has done." Fractured snorts and says, "Sounds like a plan so let's get going already." He turns around and begins trotting down the road towards Mustangia followed closely by the other ponies. Airborne begins to wonder what they will find once they cross the border into Mustangia, a land where nopony has been since the Great War. A feeling in the pit of his stomach makes him feel nervous about what they might find down this road to into the past.

Author's Note:

This is part three in my final installment of the Airborne Chronicles. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to give this story a thumbs up. Please feel free to leave your comments below!!!!!

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