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Past my objections about foalcon and if they could do something at that age or if their parents heard them... This was good. As in it did to me what a clop stiry would do... It might not have been the best... I wouldn't know how to discern it... But it still was a success.

Pinkie is...a.... a-a-a-!
(Spit it out man!)
P-ed-o...! PEDOPHILE! :raritycry:

Comment posted by Derpator deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

The second I read the description. I was like:

Nope Nope Nope Nope

my first "blown load" happened at eight years old...

and horses can couple at three.

it did not rustle my jimmies, but the concept is alright I suppose. If I were you though I would write a third chapter where pound feels bad for pumpkin not getting a special gift and " sharing" his with her...:pinkiesmile:

Anyne #6 · Jul 22nd, 2014 · · 8 ·

Pinkie Pie the pedophile, what the fuck is this shit:pinkiesick:

4733704 he's a horse, and in the animal kingdom, you get in there at young ages. Like two or three.

For horses, I'm saying at least five. This, in the real world, would be a nineteen year old getting some. In the story, well a foal is a foal,and they are bound to the legal ages of their government.

4734340 No shit Sherlock... It had foalcon tag for a reason.

Thanks Captain Obvious.

PiMan #9 · Jul 22nd, 2014 · · 4 ·

As mindless clop goes, this is especially mindless. On the balance of things, that is not a compliment.

I liked it, somehow simple.

Pretty damn good for a first try.

I can't even do the "Immortal draconic god" persona for this one. That was indeed a story.


4733704 "When I think of foalcon, I think of a consenting teenager, say the age of 13 or around those areas, give or take a few years."

What kind of rock have you been living under? :duck:

When I first saw this fic, I laughed like villains in old cartoons. I never thought a person would be capable of laughing in such rhythm

4734691 Also, she's a damn rapist here

4744555 Debateable... But still you were warned. If you just came here to bash on the story's idea then i suggest you go elsewhere


pretty good for your first try!


that was a great story:twilightsmile:

4778515 Then why you no like it?:rainbowhuh:

4778563 there i liked it but you should know i added your story to my favorites list i thought would tell you i liked it oh well:twilightsmile:

I think this is a really great idea. I love everything about this story. :pinkiehappy: Good job on everything :twilightsmile::t:moustache:wilightsmile: It's fabulous my friend

Sweetie Belle at 5 years old is actually the only thing that has conclusively proven ponies in the show age like humans. It's not a matter-of-fact thing, as you're trying to purport; in fact, Lauren Faust stated that she originally conceived that ponies would age like real horses.

The only thing that the author did wrong is not mark this with an AU tag, and I don't believe it's that big a deal regardless. There's a lot to consider here, and I don't think you understand the gravity of just what you're disputing.

If you're interested enough, I wrote an article back in December describing what we knew and how these conclusions were reached. You can read it here.

I'm disputing the concept that 6-year-old Pound is, in human terms, a sexually mature young adult.

Lauren Faust's ideas for the show don't override things that have actually appeared in show canon. We've seen that five-year-old Sweetie is very childlike compared to the rest of the cast, even her older self. She's in no way a mature adult. And it can even be inferred from "Pinkie Pride" that Rainbow Dash is 21, and from there, that Fluttershy is likely also 21 (in the same class as Dash in "Cutie Mark Chronicles"), and Pinkie (a year younger according to "Griffon the Brush Off") is 20. If ponies age like horses, the Mane Six should look more like Granny Smith.

The show, regardless of Faust's original intent, has gone with human-like aging. It's possible they even live longer than humans, considering Granny Smith is implied to be well over 100 between "Family Appreciation Day" and "Winter Wrap-Up".

And "don't understand the gravity"? My entire argument here has been "your story about cartoon characters having sex doesn't make much sense with the ages given, and is kind of gross."

Nothing in this entire subject carries that much weight.

4786038 If you don't like foalcon then dont read it simple as that. There is no need to argue over this.

Ponyville doesn't seem like a town that's over 100 years old. :ajbemused:

There was also no establishment of any kind of timeline in Winter Wrap-Up. People keep trying to pull that card on me, but there was absolutely zero indication of ponies aging like humans up until the point that Sweetie Belle had her 5th birthday party, establishing that she is not below 4 years of age (which would be the case if she aged like a horse). In fact, I'll even grab the quote you're referring to:

No Spike, Ponyville was started by Earth ponies, so for hundreds of years they've never used magic to clean up winter. It's traditional.

Her reference was that earth ponies have not used magic to clean up winter for hundreds of years, not that Ponyville specifically has not been using magic for hundreds of years. The only inference that you can make is that earth pony settlements cling stubbornly to tradition and inefficiency, much to the detriment of Mayor Mare.

Also, note that there were only 21 candles on a single side of the cake. If you want to count accurately, it's 35. Let's take another look at the cake:
The first layer has two candles on the sides, so you don't count those as doubles, but you count the middle candles as doubles, so that's 10.
As before with the bottom layer, we don't double the end candles, making it 8.
Next layer up is 6.
Above that is 6.
Then 4.
Then 1.
What's the total? 35. Rainbow Dash is 35 years old. :ajbemused: What a great indicator of age this is.

Lauren Faust's ideas for the show don't override things that have actually appeared in show canon.

Sadly, you are correct. Ponies wouldn't exist without her, yet people seem to have forgotten that she's kind of important. :trixieshiftright:

Fluttershy is likely also 21 (in the same class as Dash in "Cutie Mark Chronicles")

Same class? How do you figure? How often do you find a summer camp where only a single grade of children is allowed to attend? Normally you have grades 6-8 or grades 1-5 or what have you. Certainly not a single all-restrictive age. Considering that Fluttershy seems to be the biggest of the fillies and Rainbow Dash the smallest in Cutie Mark Chronicles, I'd say they could be as much as 2 years apart, speaking strictly on human aging, which is canonically correct.

I also sincerely doubt that Flight Camp only lasts one year ever for every pony. That's an awfully small window of time to develop necessary skills for so many jobs that only pegasi can perform.

I'm not saying that ponies don't age like real humans; I'm saying that this topic is far deeper than "ponies are not able to have sex when humans can't." First of all, no one knows if ponies even have sex in this universe; after all, we see absolutely no genitalia. Why don't you attack every clopfic ever for misrepresenting pony anatomy? :duck:

It just so happened that you professed ignorance over the one thing in pony fanfic that manages to irritate me: You told the author he was wrong for interpreting meaning as he wished. If you think he's wrong, go rewrite the story with this changed detail rectified. Oh, there's no story if you fix the detail? Maybe that's why he changed it. :ajbemused:

There is no story if all you ever show people is things they've already seen. The author, instead of following strict canon, decided to change one detail that's already been a topic of hot debate and could certainly go either way, especially in fanfiction. You certainly didn't bring any facts to the table when you said

MLP ponies age like people, not horses.

tl;dr You know only the tiniest sliver of what you're talking about; if you don't actually understand the subject matter and have not researched it, I hardly find you qualified to tell an author that his creatively written story is somehow flawed because he altered a detail.

I don't object to clopfic, or even foalcon in most cases. I've got some stuff with the CMC in my favorites, and helped edit a fic about the CMC's first heats. I don't like babycon like this, but I'm still not going to say anyone can't write it.

My original comment was solely directed at the two commenters who said "horses can couple at three" and "he's a horse, and in the animal kingdom, you get in there at young ages" and claimed Pound was the equivalent of 19 years old. I said ponies don't age like people because Pound isn't effectively 19 years old. He's 6 years old, regardless of whether you count Human years or Pony years.

And while Faust was vital for the show's rebirth, that doesn't mean her ideas are the final authority on anything. Some of the ideas she had for the show were good, some weren't. Some of them were kept by the new team, some weren't. Pony ages are a point where the show went against her, and I think it's for the better.


Sadly, you are correct. Ponies wouldn't exist without her, yet people seem to have forgotten that she's kind of important.


Wrong! My Little Pony would not have existed without Bonnie Zacherle, creator of the first My Little Pony line of toys.

For what it's worth, I like you. Thank you for staying civil and reasonable. I was being a dick. I apologize for my behavior. :ajsleepy:

I'm not sure what possessed me to lash out at you specifically. I don't even know, man. Start of the work week or something. :pinkiesad2:

I hope our next discussion can be on better terms.

I maintain that, while My Little Pony would exist without Lauren Faust, ponies, i.e. the reason we are here this very moment, is because she was at the helm. I wouldn't have wanted ponies were it not for her, I think.

It's fine. I try not to get worked up about fanon debates because honestly, this entire fandom is absurd from the ground up. Besides, I'm not that much of a stickler for canon. There are things that the show has established and I refuse to acknowledge (like everything in the episode Daring Don't).

And yet,only but a few minute of me skimming this story it Was the best.:moustache:

I don't know why someone downvoted these; I upvoted them to balance it out, at the least. You posited valid opinions, and I don't think whoever it is that downvoted them understands the upvote/downvote system quite right. :trixieshiftright:

So....... No one heard them? Did she even closr or lock the door?

And Pinkie being Pinkie, made sure it was way over the top. There was confetti, streamers, pinatas, two separate cakes, tons of colorful gifts, and even a bounce house outside.

I bet she had an Ashleigh Ball pit too.

The Cakes had told her that they were going out to dinner and would be back in a few hours.

It's the kids birthday, but just the two of them are going to dinner?

It didn’t take much longer until the little colt could take no more as the pleasure became to great for him to handle as he exploded his load in Pinkie’s mouth.

:ajbemused:...Six year old boys do not orgasm. Judging by the decorations, ponies and humans age the same rate, so six year ols colts do not orgasm.

“You see this Pound?” Pinkie pointed to her need pussy. “Just lick me all over and inside there and it will make me feel super good.”

Not actual sex? :derpyderp1:Bu-Bu-But...:trollestia:Why not?

4786237 Holy bucking shit, you did well on having good proof, and now we know that RD is 35. But can you please prove the other pony's of the mane 6 age?

5073250 Actually, they can orgasm, but they can't ejaculate. Orgasms and ejaculation are not the same thing.

5470689 we've already been told that she's not that old. putting 35 candles on a cake does not necessarily mean that she is 35, even if that is tradition it's not mandatory.

The best song you should be listening now to the fanfic:

Well... It's a good start. I'd look for an editor, personally, but most immediately is a quick pronunciation check. And that ALL CAPS really just never works in dialogue.

awww fuck yeah! Love Pinkie's cute expletives X3 I loved imagining her super high voice moaning and sighing for a cute little colt.:twilightsmile:

4863162 I'm guessing since it is Pinkie Pie, the room somehow got sound proof and Pumpkin Cake or anyone else would have only heard if she wanted them to hear.

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