• Published 23rd Jul 2014
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Dashie in Wonderland - IndexOutOfBounds

Tired of constantly having un-auspicious dreams, Rainbow Dash askes Twilight to cast a spell to allow them to dream anything they want. Rainbow chooses a dream of a fantasy medieval world.

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Chapter 3

"EHH? Dashie still hasn't returned?" Twilight said after hearing from Mrs Firefly. The afternoon sunset had already been replaced past evening, the silhouette of a rising moon can be seen on the horizon.

"I've looked for her in your friends' homes," Firefly explained. "the Apple Acres, the Boutique, the Cottage, the Bakery... but Rainbow wasn't there at any of them. She is outrageous sometimes!"

"I'll head out for her!" Twilight hurrily flew out; she don't want to see Mrs Firefly or Dashie upset. I wouldn't have thought she'd get mad... Twilight thought as she cruised across the dusk of Ponyville. I must find her by midnight, before the rain...

"Since Rainbow isn't staying at any of our friends' houses," Twilight pondered. "then there's only that place left." She head towards the old Golden Oak Library.

"Hey-- Rainbow Dash--" cried Twilight. "If you're here, please answer me!" She landed by the nostalgic oak tree. "Dashie--" Twilight called again. "Sigh, still can't find her.. this is serious.. it's all my fault!" Twilight expressed regret. "I shouldn't have been indifferent.. she is only having a bad day..." Twilight rambles on. "Why did I do an irreversible thing? I'm an idiot, idiot! At least I can support her in dreams..." Twilight began to sniffle from remorse.

"Things aren't that terrible, Twi" Rainbow Dash appeared behind Twilight and placed her hoof on her shoulder. "I don't mind, really."

"T-then, you are willing to forgive me?" Twilight turned around.

Rainbow gave Twilight a pat on her back, "Of course! We're best friends after all."

"Thank you, Dashie!" Twilight said. "W-wait! Rainbow Dash! Where have you been?!"

Rainbow gave an ungainly chuckle, "Originally I wanted sleep on the tree to have a lucid dream, but I kind of fell down and passed out after that..." Rainbow blushed.

"You're really causing some annoyance," Twilight sighed.

"Oh, Twilight~" Rainbow caressed Twilight with one wing, "The things you said earlier.. are they true?"

"Uh.. did I say anything?" Twilight said with a chagrin.

"You said you'll let me make dreams, riight?" Rainbow teased.

"You heard them..?" Twilight said incredulously.

"Didn't miss a single word~"

"Rainbow Dash," Mrs Firefly said in a somber yet caring voice. "Did you pay attention to what I said?"

"Yes, mom!" Dashie said with a cheery face while eating dinner. "Mom is right; it's all my fault; I won't let Mom worry again; I will reflect and contemplate; this I will be wary of," Rainbow said with a semi-perfunctory yet boisterous tone.
"I'm full~ done eating!" Rainbow took a bow. "Good night. Jya, let's go, Twilight!" She took Twilight's hoof and trot upstairs.

"R-rainbow Dash!" Firefly sighed, but left them alone.

Rainbow closed the door to her room and turned to Twilight. "You promised, Twi," she said. "Quickly do the spell, won't you?"

"OK, ok," Twilight sighed. "I understand." With a flash of lavender light, a scroll was teleported to Twilight and she levitated it with magic.

"Awesome!" Rainbow squealed. "So, how does it work?"

Twilight read the scroll carefully and gave Rainbow a synopsis. "You can choose a book or novel.." With another flash of light, Twilight brought in a large cloud bookshelf. "..and let me borrow Firefly's mane-clips and cast these enchantments.." She continued, "whoever wears an enchanted mane-clip will dream the story that it's bound to! So, which novel do you like?" Twilight was getting excited too.

"Ahhh, all of these novels look juicy!" Rainbow commented. "Hey Twi, is there a novel where the protagonist gets the thrill of her life?"

"How's this?" Twilight levitated out a novel, "Fifty Shades of Rainbow."

"That sounds like a book for foals," Rainbow dismissed it. "Next!"

"Is that so.." Twilight wondered. "I thought it suits you..."

"This one looks good!" Rainbow took one out herself. "Turnabout Storm."

"There is a summary at the back, let's read it first!" Twilight flipped to the back of the novel and showed it to Rainbow.

A quiet summer night in Ponyville takes a violent turn when two pegasi enter the Everfree Forest and only one comes out alive, leaving her accused of murder, on trial for her life. You, the defendant, will have to overcome obstacles with your ace defense attorney Phoenix Wright to exonerate yourself. Can you do it? Dream on to find out!

"Hey, how come I'm the one in trouble?" Rainbow Dash was amused. "I want to be a hero!"

"You're so demanding," sighed Twilight. "How about this, 'The Odyssey' - the heroine returns to her homeland..."

"Good! that one!" Rainbow was being imprudent with her selection.

"You're not going to finish reading the summary and head straight to the plot?" Twilight asked.

"No need," Rainbow lay down on her cloud bed. "I'm going to be a hero~" squealed Rainbow. "This is so exciting!"

"Alright then, put on the mane-clip," Twilight instructed.

"Oh I almost forgot," Rainbow fastened the clip, making a ponytail with her mane. "Jya, goodnight!"

Twilight sat quietly beside Rainbow and watched her as she fell asleep. She took out the scroll and cast a spell to observe Dashie's dream.