• Published 23rd Jul 2014
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Dashie in Wonderland - IndexOutOfBounds

Tired of constantly having un-auspicious dreams, Rainbow Dash askes Twilight to cast a spell to allow them to dream anything they want. Rainbow chooses a dream of a fantasy medieval world.

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Dash's odd dream that started everything

A blood moon rised ominously in the distant while Applejack and Rarity watched anxiously.

"It's practically flaming.." Applejack said.

"It's getting creepier by the minute," Rarity replied. "I have a bad feeling about this.. come on, let's go home! We shouldn't have venture here for some adventure."

"I object," Rainbow Dash said behind them. Twilight was sitting by her, eyes closed in agreement. Rainbow continued, "How can we give up so easily?"

"What're ya saying?" Applejack turned around, perturbed. She is not a pony who takes risks.

"Rainbow Dash," Rarity scoffed. "Stop playing cool."

"With just the four of us, what can we do?" Applejack concured.

"We haven't even tried," Rainbow sat up. "How do we know it can't be done?" She trotted closer and pointed her hoof at them. "Right now we should be carefully planning our next step!"
"Listen up," Rainbow then gestured to the fog below the blood moon. "Below this plateau is a dark castle. Fluttershy is waiting for us to rescue her there."

"Dashie," Twilight admonished. "There're something approaching us."

Startled, Applejack and Rarity clutched each other. Rainbow looked down the plateau in anticipation.

"Many odd lights," Twilight continued. "they're coming from the fog."

"Will o wisps!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Oh my Celestia!" Rarity cried.

"No, they're the torches of the devil!" Applejack added. "Quick, run!" Applejack and Rarity scuttled back against a wall before clutching each other again. "With just the few of us, we are no match for the devil's army!"

"There are no escapes.." Rarity closed her eyes. "We're doomed!"

Suddenly a chivalrous figure loomed over Applejack and Rarity. The figure sounded, "Don't be scared! I won't hurt you."

AJ and Rarity opened their eyes and gasped;

"Ha ha ha!" laughed the figure, with a limelight shining behind her out from no where.

"It's Daring Do!" cried Rarity.

"That's right," the tilt on Daring Do's pith helmet was covering her eyes. "I am the one standing by justice, the one and only Daring Do!" it was awfully obvious that Rainbow Dash was inside the costume, but AJ and Rarity seemed oblivious about the mysterious mare.

"And I am the partner of Daring Do, Masked Matter-Horn!" Twilight Sparkle said excitingly.

Rarity and Applejack watched in awe, "The legendary Daring Do... why is she here?"

"When ponies need my help, I shall appear!" Rainbow-in-Daring-Do-costume said.

"That's right," Twilight-in-Masked-Matterhorn-costume added.

"B-but, even if it's Daring, she can't possibly defeat that huge army!" Applejack pointed to the advancing bunnies with flaming tails.

"Justice shall prevail!" Rainbow readied her sword, biting it firmly in her mouth. The sword sparkled as if in agreement. "Let's go, Masked Matter-Horn!"
"To battle!" Dashie blazed toward the army with Twilight on her back.

"Daring Do, good luck!" Rarity yelled.

"Do your best!" Applejack added.

The plastic animated bunnies conjured lances out of their limbs; the whole ordeal was starting to look like a jousting match. Rainbow sliced and diced left and right, breaking their lances in 10 seconds flat while the bunnies are just sitting ducks against the calvary.

"Impressive," Rarity commented. "That's Daring Do for you."

"Go!" Applejack concured. "Destroy the scoundrels!"

As the last bunny had fallen, Rainbow saw Fluttershy trapped inside a large bubble. Fluttershy waved to her, "Daring, you really came to save me!"

"I'll get you out of there immediately!" readied Rainbow, but the ground started trembling and a menace unburrowed from the depths of the abyss. The horror started chuckling its evil laugh.

"What a huge monster," Rainbow gulped.

"Daring Do... I've been waiting for you a long time," the monstrosity stated.

"Help!" cried Fluttershy.

"Just masscaring underfed bunnies isn't any thrill," taunted Rainbow. "Finally today I can have a satisfying fight! Let us duel, with honor and glory!"

"W-wait.. this might not be the best idea," Twilight interrupted.

"Why?" Rainbow turned to her.

"We don't have enough time," said Twilight with a worried face.

"What?" Rainbow was confused.

"If you don't wake up now, you'll be late for work!" Twilight explained.

"How can this be?" Rainbow said with a sad face. "I am just now starting a match to rescue Fluttershy, then reveal my true identity to Rarity and Applejack to show them who's boss - why would we end this early?"

"Hey- Daring Do!" shouted Applejack and Rarity as they approached.

"See? Here they are," Rainbow said. "This is good; I'm in my dreams anyway. I'll take him down in two, three hits." All the while the monster just patiently stared at her. "First, let's shrink this monster."

"Ehh?" exclaimed the monster. Too late, he already (somehow) shrank. "Curse you, Daring Do! That's too guile!..."

"Evil monster, die!" charged Rainbow.

"Ya'll fine right, Daring Do?" Applejack arrived and observed.

"You're not supposed to do shrink me!" The mini monster rebuked. "This is unfair!"

"Shut it, verbose. I don't have much time," Rainbow jumped on top of the monster and stomped. "Justice prevailed!" Rainbow waved her sword triumphantly before returning it to its sheath and snatched it with her wing.

"If you have any questions, quickly ask them now!" Rainbow trotted toward the gang.

"Q-questions?" Rarity asked quizzically.

"Then, what should I do to become a hero like you?" Applejack inquired.

"No, no!" Rainbow shook her head. "Something like, ask about my true identity."

"But, isn't that a secret?" Rarity said puzzled.

"It is polite to at least ask," Rainbow replied.

"Ok.. Who exactly are you?" Rarity finally asked.

"That, is a secret," Rainbow grinned.

Rarity frowned, "See? I might as well not have asked it."

"Buuut, today I will give you guys a special offer." Rainbow prepared to take off her pith helmet.

"Really?!" Applejack and Rarity said.

"I am actually..." Rainbow stopped when her helmet was stuck. "Eh? Why can't I take it off? Horseapples, it's too tight!"

"RAINBOW-" a booming voice sounded from above.

"Oh no, your mom is calling you!" Twilight said.

"What to do..." Rainbow panicked.

"RAINBOW, WAKE UP!" Rainbow's mother called again.

"Dashie, you have to wake up now," Twilight said before flying up.

"Twilight! TWIIILIIIIGHHHT!!" Rainbow followed her up.