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Princess Twilight Sparkle was flying with Rainbow Dash when she gets stuck in the sky.

...and this fic is the fic that pierced Twilight's Library on 7/20/2014!

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Quit playing with your tengen toppa, Syeekoh.


Make sequels about luna celly and cadence


AnOther great story:pinkiehappy:

....... Why do i like this SO MUCH?


at some point Twilight should have demanded they stop saying Tengen Toppa

What is she actually stuck in?

A portal...etc...

3 words : GIGA! HORN! BREAKER!!!!!!!
That is all.

For the sheer concept alone (and the entertaining read), you get my upvote. Well done. :facehoof::trollestia::twilightsmile:

A colostomy is a surgical procedure creating an opening in the abdomen to which the large intestine is attached. Colostomy bags are used to gather stool emerging from this opening. They are not designed to be attached to the anus.

A diaper would be more appropriate. And humiliating.

Majin Syeekoh

4721495 Huh...good to know.

Thank you for that tidbit.

Coming in two weeks (ponytime) - Twilight learns Giga Drill Hornbreaker!

(And There Goes The Neighborhood.)

(Hey, a man can dream.)

That sounds...awfully familiar...

lol Im now imagining twilight dangling in the sky swinging along the breeze for a month

I have no idea of what I have just read but THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!!

Is this close enough?:pinkiesmile:

I kinda wonder what would come through. If a princess of the moon made Discord, what would a princess of magic bring?

I'm betting this :D

Good read. Good use of the running joke. Just so you know colostomy bags attach to colostomies which literally translates to 'hole in the colon', the large intestine, a hole that is made surgically. You might want to consider changing that to diaper.

Whatever I just read is beone me to understand...
I like it

Twilight's mental checklist:
1. Spend next month hanging here being periodically humiliated because my friend has to deal with my waste.
2. Get free and return to the ground.
3. Give up flying forever.
4. Have wings amputated when they atrophy.
5. Assure everyone I'm still a Princess, after all Blueblood doesn't have wings.
There problem solved.:twilightsmile:

Majin Syeekoh

4723834 Thank you for your compliments.

I was thinking about it, though, and "colostomy bag" is just an inherently funnier phrase. So I will sacrifice accuracy for the sake of written comedy on this one.

Got it in one, mister.

(notably, the original version is just Twilight taking out Nightmare Moon, but they adapted it to the above)

MUST........ NOT.......... MAKE.......... GURREN LAGANN.......... REFERENCE.............


Hey uh, one of twilights abilities allows her to grow her horn and spin it really fast.


I didn't see the video until I posted my comment.

As awesome as I may be or may ever be, nothing I do in life will be as awesome as that guy high fiving a shark


:eeyup: Same here.
I just stole the pic and added the text. :twilightblush:

...Dunno if awesome as hell...or disappoint....

Still, good work, I just hope to see someone write a full Tengen Toppa crossover at some point, and I mean a complete one. I've been waiting on such for a long time, given my own skills could not do it justice.


The sky.

Weren't you paying attention?

4724630 the whole THING was a gurren lagann reference, why the hell are you fighting it? put on your pointy shades and thrust your finger into the air!

...Shut up and take my favorite.


Create the Luna Space 1999 crossover!

Oh my god! Hahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

I guess she has plenty of time before it could be a problem, but I would have expected Twilight to ask how to avoid such problems in the future. If it's a "once per alicorn" sort of thing, that should have been mentioned. In fact, there is no reason for them to not tell Twilight before it happened, except as a dickish prank.

4730285 I highly believe it's a prank. Seeing as how Celestia just said that Cadance wished to see one for herself from an outside perspective.

I mean honestly, I can't come up with anything to say about this story. I can't find a topic to even touch on without being not funny. And yes, double negatives for me, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah for me:facehoof:

4732065 A prank is the most internally consistent explanation, IMO. But how far do we take it? Celestia and Luna are definitely in cahoots with Discord here. Suppose the backstory of Equestria isn't exactly what canon would lead you to believe. What if Luna, Celestia, and Discord were all best buds back then? Luna's fall to NMM, and having to banish her to the moon, turned Celestia into a total stick-in-the-mud. Discord got incredibly bored and turned himself into a statue so he could skip to the good stuff, telling Celestia to wake him up when she was ready to have some fun again. "The Return of Harmony" episodes were then basically a practical joke on Equestria and possibly a test for Twilight. It explains why Discord "didn't notice" Twilight & co. had recovered. And the additional time Discord spent as a statue before being "reformed" by Fluttershy? Well, another year doesn't really matter one way or the other after a millennium, does it? :trollestia:

4732154 That, we can't truly tell because if we do compare some of your explanation with canon, it contradicts on a few points. Mainly the reason why Discord turned to stone.

But I digress, I can't seem to come up with anything else to say that Luna, Celestia and Discord are kind of bright. Why?



4732332 The only conflicting evidence I'm aware of is Twilight's acid-trip-slash-history-lesson.

4732410 Yeah, from there it's where the few points stand out.

Celestia being a stick-in-the-mud could be a given.

L, C and D being best buds back then? Not really seeing how that happened canonically of course. Along with the lines of what I said earlier about stoning Discord. Drugs and alcohol don't seem to wrk though.

Celestia didn't really wake Discord up per se, it was the noisy kids. Figures that kids are to blame for chaos eh?:trollestia:

But yeah, at this point it's all just aimless nitpicking that doesn't need to be picked. But hey, a debate/conversation is a... Deversation? Convate? Friendly argument? I got nothin:unsuresweetie:

4732442 The only evidence we have on the subject of what happened with Discord back then other than from Celestia and Discord (who are the hypothetical pranksters and therefore untrustworthy) is what Twilight saw.

As for what woke Discord up, sure it happened then. But is that necessarily what really caused it? And have ponies never gotten into an argument near Discord's statue before?

Twilight's vision is strong contradicting evidence, because she got it from Zecora who is not obviously beholden to L, C, or D. But I maintain that other than that one thing, there's nothing in canon stopping the three from being secret prank buddies other than the sheer unlikeliness of the idea. And the fact that some pony who really dug into the historical evidence could almost certainly blow their cover completely.

4732547 In order, yep, it's been depicted near canonly that Celestia is a troll what with the Lesson Zero episode of the 'ticking' sun. Discord too of course.

Evidence hasn't shown if other ponies have argued before then and if so, why in front of the statue specifically? Sure arguments can break out at almost any place and time but what you're telling me is that ponies could have argued in front of the statue specifically. More unlikely than plausible but again, speculation.

I agree that Zecora isn't beholden with any of them but this brings to question on the potion to what Zecora brought to Twilight. Why specifically alicorn magic to activate such a thing? How did she even know it would be needed? No one knows. Or even if the fact that it had another use before being shot with a laser beam.

I think fan on loves the idea of the three being buddies way back when what with all the different fics about Celestia x Discord, their friendship back then and etc. Really, the untouched parts are like a gold mine for fiction writers because of the multitude of things that can happen in the big 1000 year gap.:moustache:

4732662 Oh, good one! What if that wasn't even Zecora? But again we run into the issue of "easily falsifiable" if Twilight so much as thanks the real Zecora for "her" help.

As for arguing in front of the statue, the idea is that if that's all the discord necessary to release Discord, you'd think it would have happened long ago, even if the threshold was easier to reach with closer proximity.

The hell did I just read? Oh. Something great! :rainbowlaugh:

This was truly a random story. I like how you think!:pinkiehappy:

Goddamn trolls :trollestia:

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