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When sailing the seas Prince Blueblood wrecks and is saved by the love of his life, a beautiful mermare. When he lose her, his new goal is to find the mare who saved him. All the while the Mane six are on a hunt for a Kidnapper on the shores pf Blue Water Beach.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

This story seems interesting. I will give it a more review when I read a few more chapters. Good luck with writing the next chapter. I hope we will meet Blueblood soon.

Um, where is Bludblood? The story description was all about him but he's no where in the story thus far.:twilightoops:

Your going to meet Blueblood in the next chapter. The story just include's the main six too

Nice chapter. My interesting is officially peeked in this story. Instant favorite.

woot, good to see some sea pony stories getting out there


She wants to love Blueblood then she's going to have a bad time.

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