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Here's a song in the next chapter

This has already been used, just saying. Go check it out. The Legend of Spike: Discord's mask. It's part of a trilogy.


This inspired by that series, but I'm using more game and manga objects-such ad characters, weapons, AND names.

Also, I talked with that author and got his permission to write this version.

4711111 I can't look at a single one of those images lol.

Well at least your using good scource material. I can't wait to see where you go with this and when you update your other stories.


Let me tell you an example of differences, just to clarify.

A) the Mask isn't Discord's mask-it's the "canonical" Majora's Mask

B) instead of MLP characters, Spike is surrounded by total strangers. Pony versions of Legend of Zelda characters: Anju, Guro-Guro, The Rosa Sisters, ect...

C) unlike "Discord's Mask", species not native to Equestria: Deku Scrubs, Zoras, and Gorons, WILL appear along with monsters, ponies, and dragons.

D) (true spoiler warning!) Spike will meet the Goddess of Time...


I was about to update warrior earlier....but then you might have seen my earlier blog...

So I played Majora's Mask, got an idea as I remembered reading Discord's Mask. And once I logged on, I talked to that author and got permission to do my own version and started it.

I might make a series of this involving Zelda games. I already have ideas for A Link Between Worlds.


The images still fail to show. All we see is a small blue box with a question mark

I am DiabloGuapo and I approve this story.



I'm actually re-reading your version.

I am still using the actual game as the basis though. Good thing my friend let me borrow it

4711450 Also, I think you should be a bit lighter with your use of pictures.


Alright! I only have a couple in the later chapters....that was just an introduction!

Okay, this seems to be going bad for Spike. Looks like it's going to take all of his wits and cunning to get him out of this mess. For Shipping I say Applejack, you don't see that shipping to often.


It's interesting you say that. My favorite spike pairings are tied, which are:

Spike+Rarity (the underdog accomplishes his dreams)
Spike+Twilight (first friend becoming more)


Spike+Applejack (two down-to-earth folks)

However, Your spike+sapphire shores, spike+Fluttershy and spike+pinkie stories intrigue me as well!

4719802 Ok, I just know other stories that use pictures to half-ass it. It's good to know that there will be less later on.


Truthfully, the only REAL time I use pictures is when there is something in the story that just seems too...complicated to completely describe-such as Majora's Mask (seriously...google search it)

I make an attempt to describe things, but I add the image just to clarify....

Truthfully, I don't remember adding pictures in other stories. (I may have and don't remember), but it isn't dominated by pictures....

It will carefully be weened off until occcassial images-such as Odawla, Goht, Gyorg, and twinmold.

Also, a major difference between diabloguapo's version is that the "Mane six" may end up finding Termina.....

4721764 ok, It's nice to see you're soundtracking this in true DiabloGuapo fashion, although not to the same extent. I like it when writers do that.


I grew up with music, and had a strange "skill" where I could identify what scenes happened during the soundtrack....in otherwords, I was able to tell my family "this happened during this part of the song"

Also, I play a few instruments-like Piano and Ocarina (learning the later), so music is important to me.

Since the game has a beautiful soundtrack, I thought I would include it.

Well, this has some promise :duck: but, i think i'll hold off on judgement til later chapters :applejackunsure:. Also to t shippin idea for spike :rainbowhuh:? I don't mind bout who he ends up with as along as t fic stays interestin :pinkiesmile:

To answer your question in your author's note My answer is Twilight Sparkle my reason it will be familiar to Spike just that they will be equals instead of master and assistant can't wait for further chapters:raritystarry::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

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Insert pic option and add YouTube video option

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i like how the story's going so far i like that your including the other race's i hope there will be monsters temples and puzzle solving discords mask did not have that and i did not like that about the story. for the pairing i think you should go with Rarity because the twilight and spike pairing seems weird to me and i don't see how the applejack and spike pairing would work soooo yeah keep up the good work :moustache:

I'll be working on it pronto!

I've been helping a friend with depression

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