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Near a tree by a river there's a hole in the ground.

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Oh, how hilarious this is going to be.

Wow, Dashie did not see that coming. :rainbowlaugh:

Ahaha, I was grinning the whole time. This was so weird and random but in a good way. :yay:


I'm not sure what the appropriate response here is.

I wonder if Fluttershy could interpret Mario's gibberish...?

She cursed the beast! How dare it come into Ponyville, kill her tortoise, and speak the language of a Cthulhu?!

Oh, I am definitely faving this now! :pinkiehappy:

5 out of 5 moustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This gives me thoughts of Spike being related to Bowser or Yoshi.

Then I did my job. :pinkiehappy:

The ending felt as if there might be a sequel.

There's no plan on a continuation. This is standing alone as a one-shot.

But have a crack at it if you want.

4738948 That sounds pretty cool.

This. Needs. A. Sequel. To Tumblr my reaction, OMG I AM CRY

Is anyone else horrified by the fact that the ponies know Cthulhu?

No, Mario! Bad Mario! No one up for you!

Run Dash he just used a power star!

Well, one of them did manage to reform something like a Great Old One. So maybe after said reformation Discord told Fluttershy about some of his relatives?

But he had lost his helicopter blades of Soi.

That is beautiful. :rainbowlaugh:

"It's Sam. Microsoft Sam."

Haha :rainbowlaugh: Well that was random but fun (Soisoisoisoisoi...)

Is this Smg4's Mario? I'm sure the real one knows the difference between a turtle and a koopa. Wait till Bowser finds out about this he's going to let Mario have it.

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