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Warning: Contains a lot of GORE. Get it? Because his name is, oh never mind.

Al Gore comes to Ponyville, and recruits the CMC in his hunt for Manbearpig.

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Oh, my God. You, sir, have my utmost respect for even the idea of this being conceived and being allowed to be posted upon this very website.

I'm okay with this

Lol South Park

I wish I could find a GIF on how baffled I am by this story.... Ah well, it was good.

Thank you for the laughs.
A few spelling/grammar mistakes, but a hilarious story.

4706429 Could you do one where Rob Reiner comes to Equestria to try and ban smoking?

OK, that was the perfect amount of insanity for my day, thank you :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

This is the best fucking story i've ever read.
It had romance, action, suspence and a happy ending!!!

* wipes tears from eyes* that...was...beautiful... I haven't laughed that much since I watched Who's Line is it Anyway for the first time.

4706899 Hm. Interesting idea. Maybe. maybe

4709987 Diamond Tiara could idolize Reiner like Cartman did before Reiner tried to kill him for his anti-smoking commercial.

4709987 Maybe you could do a trilogy of stories like this one where each of the CMC earns their respective Cutie Mark?

4710008 thats actually a good idea

4710125 Which South Park things would you use for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo?

The name reminds me of one of the chapters for celestia tries on line dating, except with deadpool

4711096 I actually had an idea for a sequel that returned Al gore. But your idea about rob reiner has promise, so this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to do that cutie mark crusader trilogy idea. The first sequel will be that rob reiner smoking thing, but the third sequel will be a secret for now. I think i will make an alternate sequel to the first story, in which al gore returns. So that's like 3 sequels.

4711759 Of course the CMC will need to talk about what they learned like in South Park, right?

4711759 do the charles manson one:pinkiehappy:

4711759 And then after the CMC all have their respective Cutie Marks, maybe you could do one last story where the CMC reunite and have to save Equestria from the Guinea Pirate and the evil Guinea Creatures?

First off, never start a story with a weather report. They're uninteresting, they don't grab a reader, and the only thing that they actually do accomplish is to waste the reader's time and fluff up the word count.

Seriously, just cut everything before "In Sweet Apple acres, three young fillies were playing . . ." Because that is a far more enticing opening line than "it was a beautiful day in equestria."

That being said, this story was hilarious. Being a MASSIVE South Park fan, there was no way that I could go without reading this. And you blend of tongue-in-cheek humor with whimsical randomness made me laugh through this entire story.

My favorite part was without a doubt, the watermelon.

insert al gore picture here

this is al gore approved

This story is very funny and I like the dialogue of both the CMC and Al gore. However I cannot favorite it because it reminds me too much of the Al Gore boos fight from "South Park: The stick of truth"
You'd think Al Gore would be easy to fight, but you'd be dead wrong. Anyone who's played that mission can attest to his hardness.

Eh, it mirrored the actual episode a little too much for my likings, especially some of the dialogue, but it was still a fun little treat that warrants a like from your Ol' Uncle Ink! :twilightsmile:

I hope this isn't the last I see of your work, good sirdam! I'll keep my eyes peeled and a stack of cheddar cheese on hand for the next time I cross paths with the Crazy Cracker!

~Tainted Ink

"My BAAALLLLLLLSSSsssssss!" cried Scootaloo as she shot up into the air.

This is the point where I completely lost it! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4929003 I think thats my favorite part too. Thanks for the favorite too.

4940536 No problem! You wrote a fic I enjoyed immensely, and that automatically deserves to be faved

4715472 If youre going to follow this up you should stop rehashing South Park (or Family Guy) jokes or scenes. Using the same general story for a crossover is fine, but not when it starts to be word-for-word. The concept is very intresting and this has a very catoonish feel to it which is rare and enetertaing. You can do your own plot and you can be pretty funny writing your own jokes like the watermelon gag or the dream. Besides that, I like how you reference other fics but kept it to a minimum.
I really would like to see more from you.

5267869 Alright, thanks, ill do my best

Having seen the actual episode "ManBearPig" I can say that this was way hillarious. This feels like something you'd see in South Park, with their absolutely off the wall unbiased brand of humor.

"You know I'd do anything for you," said Scootaloo.

"Yeah?" asked Sweetie as she slowly leaned in.

"Yeah," replied Scootaloo. The two fillies slowly closed their eyes, their lips inches away from each other, when-

You just had to cut it right when they were about to kiss and make out, didn't you? Now I'm in the mood for a Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle shipfic. Thanks. :)

5794416 If you're not hot and bothered, then I haven't done my job :trollestia:

5794843 LOL Yeah, that's true.

I have no evens to what, anymore

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