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Vinyl's Introduction to Melody - loga1005

This story is about Vinyl meeting Octavia and creating a new friendship with hopes of more.

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Concert Night

Vinyl’s Introduction to Melody
Chapter: 2 Concert Night
By Loga1005

Exiting the back hall and arriving at the side of the stage, Vinyl saw that the entire main floor of the room was now filled with rows of chairs. She made her way to the center of the first row and found the seat assigned by her ticket. A smile dawned her face when she saw the "Reserved for Vinyl Scratch" sign in her chair with a program listing what would be played tonight.

“Wow front row, this is a first,” Vinyl said as she picked up the sign to take her seat. Just as she took her seat, a voice came over the intercom asking the audience to be seated. After the announcement the doors at the back of the room opened and the room flooded with ponies. Once everyone was seated, trumpets sounded and all four of the princesses walked out onto the royal balcony to take their seats. The lights dimmed and Fancy Pants walked out onto the stage.

“Good evening ladies and gentlecolts. I am honored to welcome the princesses to this charity event and I would like to thank you for to all of you for donations," Fancy Pants bowed and started to walk off the stage.

As he walked off the stage, the lights dimmed and spot lights lit up in four spots. One light was on a piano, two were on stools, and the last one was on an open spot on the stage. One by one the four spots were filled. The first onstage was a brown stallion with a bright white mane and tail. He was introduced as Frederic Horseshoepin as he took his seat at the piano. A purple stallion with a blue mane and tail followed. He walked over to the stool off to the side as he was announced to be Parish Nandermane. After he sat down, a sky blue mare that had a brown mane and tail made an entrance. Vinyl knew her to be Beauty Brass, a mare that lived down the road from her. Suddenly, the final spot light when off and Vinyl could see a figure walk out to the last open stool.

“Now, ladies and gentlecolts, here is the lead and head performer of tonight’s show, Octavia Melody,” the announcer introduced.

The crowd cheered as the spot light slowly started to brighten, starting as a small beam of light and slowly growing to the full size of the other lights. As the spot light grew Vinyl’s heart started racing as she examined Octavia. She looked like an angel. Once the light reached Octavia’s full head; Vinyl saw that she had put some of the violet roses in her mane. The sight of her in the spotlight with the flowers in her hair caused Vinyl’s jaw to drop open; which she quickly shut with hopes that Octavia had not seen. Octavia picked up a microphone that was on a nearby stand and started to speak

“I’d once again like to thank everyone for coming out and say that I hope that everyone enjoys the show,” she spoke smiling.She then placed the microphone back on the stand where you could hear a click of it being turned off. Octavia then looked over both her shoulders to make sure that the other performers were ready. After a subtle nod from each of them she raised her bow and began to play. After she played for a few seconds she began to sing. Vinyl pulled out the song list and read the name.

“Lullaby for a Princess; a song wrote by the court musician for Princess Celestia when Princess Luna was banished to the moon,” Vinyl read to herself.

Fate has been cruel and order unkind -
How can I have sent you away?
The blame was my own; the punishment, yours
The harmony’s silent today...

As she began to sing the song Vinyl leaned forward, now enchanted by both the song and Octavia’s beautiful voice. The entire time Octavia was singing Vinyl never took her eyes or ears off of her. After she had finished the first song, she sang several more that Vinyl liked, but they didn’t truly catch her attention like the first one had. Then something different happened. Octavia stood up, walked over to Frederic Horseshoepin, and sat on the edge of his stool. They nodded in unison then Frederic started playing. He started to sing and it was a song that Vinyl actually knew, and once again she was entrenched by the music.

It was a dark day when I lost my faith
I wasn’t the pony I thought I’d be
And it seemed that no one could relate
There was nothing left to see
So I took a walk to the edge of the town
And thought of leaving it all behind
When I saw a little letter fall right out of the sky
As a gray mare hovered way up high
I thought I was crazy when I saw her wave
And then simply fly away
So I opened the letter and looked inside
And what was written made my day…
It said-
“Isn’t it great to be different?
Isn’t it wonderful to be exactly who you are?
When you learn to start accepting yourself
You’ll become a shining star”

After a few more line Vinyl could see Octavia getting ready to sing.

I’ve heard you play and sing before
And I heard a sadness I could not bear
I just wanted to tell you that the hardest thing I’ve faced
Wasn’t the teasing or the pain
It was convincing myself I wasn’t stupid, strange, or lame
And helping others do the same

After that, the rest of the song was a duet. When the song came to a close, Octavia returned to her original spot for the remainder of the show. Vinyl enjoyed the rest of the show as the night continued.

As the show concluded applause rang through the concert hall as people threw roses onto the stage.. The performers stood and bowed in unison. Stage managers entered the stage, picking up the roses but Octavia got a pile and handed them to Beauty Brass. She looked out at Vinyl, pulled out one of the violet roses in her hair, and inhaled its aroma as she walked off the stage. As soon as Octavia was off the stage, Vinyl started walking backstage when she heard her name being called from behind her.

“So that’s the mare that’s got your eye I’m guessing,” Rose said as she walked up to Vinyl’s side.

“Yeah, and I’d love to chat but if I don’t hurry she might leave before I get to talk to her and set up another time for us to hang out!” Vinyl exclaimed in a rushed tone.

“After that performance with the rose, I don’t think that she will leave without talking to you. But you have to promise to swing by and tell me how it goes,” Rose yelled as Vinyl started speed-walking to the backstage entrance.

“Will do,” Vinyl called back to her as she disappeared through the doorway. She was almost at a run down the halls until she got the corner right before the hall Octavia’s room was on. She slowed down, went to Octavia’s door, and opened it, not really thinking to knock. As the door opened, Vinyl quickly realized that she should have knocked. Standing in the room was all four of Equestria's Princesses, two mad royal guards, two mad lunar guards and one angry Shining Armor, the husband of Princess Cadence. Octavia’s attention snapped to the door just as each guard pinned a leg of Vinyl to the ground and the Shining Armor’s horn light readied to deliver the finishing blow if necessary.

“Dos thou know this ill mannered intruder?” Princess Luna asked Octavia.

“Yes. I’m sorry for her intrusion, I told her I would only wait for a little while after the show,” Octavia explained to Luna and the other princesses. “She was actually the one that got me these lovely roses you were asking about.”

“You may release her,” Luna said in a distrusting tone.

“That means stand down Shining,” both Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight said simultaneously.

“I’m sorry for intruding, I just really wanted to talk with Octavia and didn't think anyone else would be in here,” Vinyl said as she slowly picked herself up off the floor.

“It’s okay, I’m sure we can all understand. But you might want to think a little more before you act,” Princess Celestia said in her normal caring tone, “and thank you, Ms. Melody for that first song. I don’t know how you got it, but I really loved hearing it again.”

With that sentence all the Princesses turned and went to the door. Luna was almost out the door when Octavia called out to her.

“Princess Luna, Please accept this! I could tell you really like them.” She walked over to Princess Luna and stopped, looking at Vinyl, “Do you mind if I give Princess Luna one of the roses that you got for me?”

“Not at all, I’d be honored if she would accept it,” Vinyl said, smiling at Princess Luna. Octavia finished walking over to Princess Luna and put a violet rose in her eternal mane behind her ear.

“Just for future reference, you can leave off the Princess when you are addressing me; I never really liked the title of princess when outside the court,” Luna said as she closed the door behind her. When Vinyl heard the door latch click she released an audible sigh of relief. Octavia burst into laughter.

“It’s not funny! I could have been killed just now,” Vinyl shouted, still shaking. After Octavia stopped laughing she looked at Vinyl and started to speak, but was cut off by Beauty Brass opening the door to the room.

“So what did the Princesses what with you?” Beauty Brass asked.

“ Luna wanted to know where I got the roses I had in my hair and Princess Celestia wanted make sure that we could do the Grand Galloping Gala this year,” Octavia explained.

“What did you tell her?” Beauty Brass asked enthusiastically.

“I told her that I would see what you guys said and that I’d swing by tomorrow with the answer,” Octavia answered smiling. Beauty Brass hugged Octavia and said, “You know my answer,” then left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Sorry about all the interruptions, but the other guys already left home. And just so you know it was funny when they pinned you to the ground, it took everything I had not too lose it with the princesses here,” Octavia chuckled.

“It’s okay I understand being the lead of a group is a taxing job; not to mention just after getting off stage after a four hour show,” Vinyl dismissed.

“Yeah, I’m really worn out! But anyway, so how about we meet up tomorrow for lunch?” Octavia suggested.

“That’s fine by me but what about talking to the Princess?” Vinyl asked.

“I can talk to Frederic and Parish tomorrow before we meet for lunch. Then, if you want, you can come along,” Octavia smiled.

“Sounds good to me! Where should we meet up for lunch?”

“How about we go to The Hayloft on Hackamore road?”

“I’ve never been there, but I’ve been told it’s good,” Vinyl nodded, smiling.

Octavia walked over to Vinyl, gave her a hug, and thanked her for again for the flowers. Octavia walked to her cello case, slung it over her shoulder and onto her back, and then followed Vinyl out the door.

Author's Note:

Credit for the restaurant goes to iisaw. It will be in the next chapter and thanks to my dear friend for proof reading and editing.

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