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Rarity is a mare who holds all the finest things in life in high esteem: peace, equality, and proper fashion sense.

So naturally, when a mare dares to wear something that clashes with her hair, Rarity must take action. Mild mannered Rarity, however, would never be able to fight such a power by herself.

Yet, she just might know somepony who'll be up to the challenge..

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Yes, I'm aware that's Radiance in the coverpic. Her two superhero identities overlap, let's say.

That's just how god damn fabulous she is.


Now, this is gonna get more love because it's you Reggie

Is the stolen one still up? It would be amusing to compare the like/dislike ratios after a few hours. :trollestia:

4693856 Hell yeah. I second that.

Welp. This was completely worth dropping everything to read.
I also kinda want to see those three in group therapy... :pinkiecrazy::raritycry::facehoof:

This story was already posted! :trollestia:


Is this one the definitive edition?

4693878 aw shit it's the fuzz

4693916 it's the special edition, all glossed up and glamorous

4693876 just think about all the pain fun they'd have!

4693865 you can check it out via link through my blog

4693856 :heart:
accept no substitutes

That copied story still up?


Edit: Mobile phone cannot make YouTube linking on Fimfic apparently, so here's the link itself. Oh well. Now I feel dumb. ._.

I'll fix it when I get home from work lol


4694106 just remove the "&feature=kp"
I get that issue all the time

Yo, dis is gewd shawt, yo. :heart:

If she'd a just gone with sun yellow over green... poor color-blind fashion disaster pony.

Sexy cover pic

4693953 Someone already stole this story of yours!?

Damn! Now I won't have a story to post.

"My hat!" she called out in horror. "You're intercepting it!"

You seem to have a habit of writing things that cause me to laugh so hard that I can't read for a few seconds and have to take a little break, which rarely used to happen to me.

I have to side with the Fashion Vigilante here. I mean, really, green and orange on the same hat? Atrocious! What was she thinking?

Awesome work, by the way. Short, fluffy, funny.

Liked it! Nice, short, and sweet.

A mare had decided that orange and green went together on a headdress! The nerve!

Carrot Top, "WHY I NEVER!"

Noooo, it's marked complete! We have to know, will Rarity continue her one-mare war on tacky? Will she survive group therapy? Now that at least 4 ponies are going to be in the room at the same time for the therapy, will Pinkie count that as a "therapy party?"

You good sir are a shooby!

Well, there's about ten minutes I won't get back. :facehoof: Also, not wanting to start anything, but doesn't green and orange go together fine on carrots? :pinkiegasp:

4704522 a headdress is not a carrot
I can't eat a headdress
trust me, I have tried

4704531 :rainbowhuh: Wait, why would you...:rainbowderp: Never mind! :twilightoops: I don't want to know!

4704531 You've obviously not seen one of those salad headdresses which are so popular with salsa dancers.

4704827 ew gross, salad
what am I a rabbit

4704887 *Looks at notes* Yes.

4705839 then sir you are wrong
good day to you

4706417 What? Wrong that Salad's gross?

4706448 Oh
I thought you were referring to me as a rabbit

4706563 Sir I may be many things but, blind is not one of them. Besides Rabbits that complain about the taste of plant matter must be purged via holy hand grenade.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, Rarity, the things you do for fashion...

Now I wonder how'd group therapy with Twilight, Pinkie, and Rarity look like. Probably the therapist would also need therapy afterwards...

very amusing. you should do a story where she is a guest on FASHION POLICE.
she'd make a good sub for Joan (RIP Lady Rivers and thank you for the years
of wit and wisdom)

This needs a sequel

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