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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


One day, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are picking on the Cutie Mark Crusaders as per usual. Silver Spoon picks this point to have a fight with Diamond Tiara and the two go their seperate ways. After some time to think, Silver Spoon decides it's time to apologise, and just hopes that she can be forgiven...

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This was a very lighthearted read. Not the most beautifully written, but it does a good job as a short story. Thanks for the upload!

I enjoyed it. I'd love to see this expanded on, but write what you want to. Anyways, have an upvote and a favorite. :twilightsmile:

That was pretty awesome.

a cute little story, just feels like there was little point...
A story usually involves some sort of character development... in this story they are basically where they started and nothing has changed.
Just an observation, not a complain. :rainbowhuh:


4694332 Honestly, I really liked it because it screwed with reader expectations. There are tons of stories with Silver Spoon becoming friends with the Crusaders which was why I was initially dubious about this one, but the reversal made it far more entertaining because it did break expectations. Besides, it is a one shot with a slice of life tag so there is not really any need for meaningful character development, just a quick bit of fun which this most definitely delivered on.

Have you notice the lack of Spike x Silver Spoon fics.

That is true and as I mentioned it was not a bad thing, just an observation.
Also doesn't 'slice of life' mean that it is something a character learns something from or is it just me that is totally wrong now? :twilightblush:


4694431 Slice of life basically means that nothing important happens. It is just the usual day to day shenanigans that does not have any major consequences and learning may or may not take place.

4694495 ahhh.
My mistake :pinkiecrazy:
Thanks for clearing that for me :twilightsmile:

Not bad... kind of a shame Featherweight's only point of characterization is 'immoral supplier of blackmail'.


I prefer to think of him as 'any information at the right price'. Diamond Tiara is just the only one who can meet that price most of the time :derpytongue2:

Wow, I've read a lot of 'Silver Spoon reformed' stories, but this one really caught me off guard! And for that, great story! :pinkiehappy:

So at the end of the day everypony learned nothing... Ok then.:unsuresweetie:

“Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle scolded. “I thought you were better than this! Can’t you see how much pain she’s in?”
‘Actually I couldn’t care less.’
Scootaloo sighed and sunk her head. “I-I’m sorry. I just, when I think about all the horrible things you did before… But I guess it was all Diamond, huh? You’re not really that bad of a pony?”
‘Tomorrow, I’m putting ketchup in your juice.’

I shouldn't be encouraging her but I love her cynical thoughts :trollestia:

I feel like you didn't entirely capture SS's way of thinking. The way you had her thinking made it seem like she enjoys tormenting the CMC. What actually happened was that because both come from rich families, they were sort of pressured into being friends by just being together via parents being together. DT took the lead in bullying, and not knowing anything else, SS just joined in. Later, when she realized what she was doing was wrong, she assumed that she was put too deep into the bullying route to be seen as anypony else, leading her to believe that nopony would accept her as a friend besides DT. I would like to see an episode that starts out like your story does, but SS being genuinely sorry for what she did. Sweetie belle would believe her, but the other CMC would take time to wear down to like her. Meanwhile, DT realizes she needs her friend, and apologizes to her. Even though SS will accept the apology, she will demand that the stop bullying everypony and APOLOGIZE for their actions. Just a little idea.:twilightsmile:

Love the characterisation you did for everypony's favourite former bullies here, with Silver Spoon's latent frustrations and Diamond's whole-I-don't-care-if-you're-my-friend-except-I-do act. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Scootaloo, though... :fluttershysad:

Ha! Great humor in there! I liked this one. 🙃 I would've loved to see the scene where the two actually fought, though.

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