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Princess Twilight invites ponies of Ponyville to her new castle to try and put them at ease that she hasn't changed.
What better way to do that then with a friendly game of scrabble?

Inviting Lyra may not have been the best idea however.

Rated Teen for immature attempts at humor.

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Vinyl warned her...

If this is not featured I will cry.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. I am all for annoying Twilight as much as possible.

Does need a minor correction.

“Yes, I know what it is. Fornication is not written F O R.”

Think you are missing a U.

Lyra don't you ever learn!

I love the noble game of Scrabble. I have a friend who did that but had more colorful language that what was within this story. I have to say though it is more fun than playing with my uncles when they try to make it so no more words can be played. Always get a win in when they do that too. :ajsmug:

Age also does not mean mature, Twilight. :trollestia:


Whoops. Thanks for spotting that mistake. :twilightblush:

I am slightly dyslexic and scrabble hates me. If you could please explain, what was the word that Lyra was making with 'cat'? I'm confused. :applejackconfused:


Lyra added an S, H and I to the T of Rarity's cat.

5684913 Just the T? not including the rest of the word cat? Because I can't seem to find what Cat + S H I isn't making much sense. So if it is just the T, then ok. I get it now. Thanks.

The first few games of various board games with the residents of Ponyville had went rather well.

I don't know, how it happened, but it was supposed to be "had gone".

Rarity could see the mischief in Lyra’s eyes while she contemplated what for letters she could put on the board.

Didn't you mean "four"?

Much her annoyance the word was indeed included.

Didn't you mean "much to her"?

...and how it must have sounded like to Bon Bon.

I don't believe one adds "like" in a "how" clause. It's either "what... like", or "how". With no "like".

All in all, it is packed with puns! For some reason they are not all that bad. It had been a good game.

But Twilight should have mentioned a "no dirty language" rule. It could have spared much trouble :twilightangry2:. Dictionary or not, all of the parties should agree on what subset of the words to use first.

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