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n. 1. An extravagant fondness for flowers

Daisy and her friends embrace their destinies by transforming themselves into flowers. There is an unexpected consequence, however, as they end up controlling all of the flowers in Equestria.

Nopony really cares, though. It's not like flowers can take over the world or anything, right? Right?

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Interesting... I look forward to what happens next.


Mistrust is the tyranny of the individual. Join the many, and relish in the glory of the flowers.

That line sounds familiar but I don't know why...

More chapters please

It's easy for uploading in a story to be a metaphor for something. I've never read a story before where /something else/ was a metaphor for uploading. Excellent.

5036391 It's a quote from the old video game "System Shock".

Not like I wanted to sleep tonight. :twilightoops:

Yeah, not even going to lie...I'm actually...legitimately...


Ah, so this really is as bizarre as the description indicates. Awesome! I can't wait to see where it goes. With only eleven followers, you must be one of the most underrated authors on FiMFic.

More chapters please

I am legitimately scared now.


I love this.

This is so unnerving...yet I want to see more of it.

Very fascinating.
I do hope you intend to continue this one day, Author. I'd love to see where this goes.

I applaud thee, Roseluck. Thou ran away from Daisy-Lily like smart pony should.

That whole personality merging, with the combo of them reaching out and calling Roseluck to join them, was admittably freaky. I can't imagine what being merged into someone would be like (I probably wouldn't get to see it after it happens anyways), and the notion of losing me for who I am... yeah, nope nope nope nope! Smart Roseluck! She noped her way out of this one!

Great story. I do hope to see more... could you make a sequel, please?

Help, I'm being verbally assaulted by flowers. :twilightoops:

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