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The goblins are a dying race, having been one of the first to evolve to sentience, predating even ponies. They have done well to survive this long despite their limited intelligence, how susceptible they are to various forms of madness, and especially their infertility. They have disappeared for the most part, leaving a single smoldering ember where there was once a great flame. In fact, almost everyone in the world believes they died out a long time ago. This is the story of the final days of one tribe of goblins, the last to ever exist. They have long had a deal with the queen of the changeling swarm, but when a sudden change in leadership destroys their alliance, they are about to face the death of their species.

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Wow, just wow. That, um... I don't know what to say. I feel sorry for the last goblin tribe. Facing extinction is not fun but they at least went down fighting.

"hmmm interesting, need more fire though."
8/10 -The Goblin Arsonist

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