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Beauty and the Beast...

Now with switched roles!

Good grammar, semi odd plot progression (maybe something less cliche than a spell gone wrong) but overall ok. Though the bed bid kinda seemed spike was being pressured into sex (remember kids, if you like rape, you're an ape)

5795461 That's one way of putting it!:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

5795467 Not really. While he might have been surprised by the turn of events Spike did say he wanted it.

Yes, but when you're tied down and someone who looks more powerful that you is doing it, you would just let go and not fight back for your own safety

5795517 ...I see your point, but Spike was pretty happy during the whole thing and that is what matters.

This was awesome. I absolutely loved it

5795713 Good to hear that from a fellow Spike fan.

Great job, and even more respect of to you knowing that you dislike Sparity. I can really tell where your fondness for Spike comes from in this.

Bravo!!!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

5795929 Trust me it wasn't easy. This story has been bugging me for months before I gave up and wrote it.

Dude, great as usual.

5796100 Thanks dude, I hope we get an update for some of your stories soon.

I just wanted to say somehing...
You're. The only source of conversation in the last few weeks even though I should be finalising the next chapter of my story

5796674 Well, that is good to know. I hope your chapter goes well.:twilightsmile:

This isn't really a bad story. I do like the premise a lot, and have been wondering when a Sparity fic would be based off of Werity. The clop was pretty good, albeit some of it was rather cheesy and I wasn't really into the whole butt rimming thing. My biggest complaint with the story as a whole is that Rarity seems way too accepting of this whole transformation thing. She went from somebody who seemed like a petite woman, to somebody who'd compete in a muscle competition. I think she'd freak out since she's got a reputation as a fashion designer and would worry about how the social elite would treat her for looking so different now. And while she can seemingly change at her own free will, I still think it's odd that Rarity was so calm about this.

Other than that, a good story all around.

5798259 I can see where you are coming from. I hopped that since I placed this a few years after the show, with her being magically changed a few times herself, she would more calm since she has experience to work with. Plus the fact that she was sure it was reversible, also due to past experience.

Gotta be honest, I don't know how to feel about this one. I do know I accept it and like it. Though it throws me off a bit in some aspects, mainly the cheesy lines, the mood swing will of Rarity and how......symphathetic Spike is about everything, not about Rarity herself, but more like the situation, I was ready for him to go a bit crazy after he woke up or at least be a bit more active during the clop (which was pretty good in my opinion).

5798328 I agree sequel please

I haven't had a chance to really critically analyze it, but from reading it through quickly during class it seems pretty cool man. God it's good to be back around here. I haven't died, I'm just swamped with 68 hours of school a week and no weekend time.

Awesome Story! can't wait to see what happens in the next story (update soon Plz)

Wow, for someone who dislike Sparity stories, this isn't a half bad story. In fact, it's a great read when you read it through.

Good job. :raritywink:

got to admit this is quite interesting it would kinda of either draw more people to ready anymore you write or make people wonder if there be a sequel

reaction to wereity:

(not including mort)

5798328 I agree, Personally I think the the squeal should be when Spike his of legal age and they come out to their friends. Spike either by getting Twilight to cast a spell or it's in his blood line, Spike turns into a gargoyle/dragon-humanoid that's even bigger than Wereity in every way " wink wink neg neg".

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