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Pixel always loved gaming, she played everything from FPS, through RPG to RTS games and more, and she was always best.

Or at least one of the best.

That was until one day, when she finally meets someone who shows her how does it feel to get "pwned".

I wonder how can this turn out into love story.
(A/N Teen for vulgar language, it's multiplayer gaming after all.)

Most of the main characters used in this story were created by awesome kilala97.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 24 )

ok so this is future fic too. i will follow for now. gl.

I will like and fav. I love gaming fics, and I ship ButtonBelle like no-one's business. Like and fav for you, good sir!

Yeeeeehaaaw, this is gunna be awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

Sounds like fun! But I say when Pixel finally rages, the old man sits down. Let's see the snob look be wiped off his face when "The Stache" takes over!

Yessss! Let's see the old man WHOOP that boy back to the arcade.. Coniniently tommorrow, Saturday.

Not alone. And ps, 'The Stache' needs to wipe the floor already. Blaze shall rage!

So I don't suppose English is your second language?


4794882 I'm sorry, I'm not sure what do you mean by that question, but yes English IS my second language, Polish being my native language.

I do the same thin with reading/writing, feels awesome. Not that I don't do it with video games either but still

The cats salad thing was a nice touch :twilightsmile:

(referencing button mash series by jananimations)

I very much liked this one i hope there will be a part 2 or continuation

Blaze is royally screwed when he gets on CS:GO...

Pixel has good music preference :moustache:

Blaze. You are punishable only by one punish at this point, the turning point: death by rage. You will inflate and explode. Button is just that awesome. Sorry, buddy.

Finally caught up I can't belive I left this on read later for so long. Can't wait for the next chapter! Also who is this blaze guy is he one of kilalas OCs or from somewhere else?


4999729 Blaze is OC I created.

ooooh I wonder who will win. lets see if button still has it.

Button, initiate kick-ass mode. This punk can't beat chat when your blindfolded! And blind! And deaf! And with no limbs! You could get a literal from-the-grave kill! C'mon!

hmm i see a PixelNight Shipper here...... brohoove bro /) xD :rainbowkiss:

after a few seconds Pixel burst out in laughter suprising Night, hoewever after she noticed the lack of laugh from her friend she stopped. ''Oh my god, you were serious about that?''

:rainbowlaugh: burst out in laughter for five minutes there xD

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