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A Knight Crusader from the Umojan Vatican answers the call to arms and leaves his homeworld to fight in the Vatican's ongoing crusade against the Khalai heretics. Before he left, his wife made him promise to return to her no matter what.

He did return... just not the way he had expected...

Side story to The Koprulu Sector which is a crossover with Starcraft. Feel free to read the lore to get a better understanding of the story.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 7 )

It's like merging The Flinstones with Fallout.

5075266 :rainbowhuh: Err, it's actually a Starcraft crossover since it's a side story to The Koprulu Sector. I'm not that familiar with Warhammer so any resemblance to it here is pure coincidence.

5075731 A good chunk of Blizzard's work takes inspiration from Warhammer. The similarities are a bit more than just coincidental, even if you're not directly to blame for it.

5086292 Oh, I never knew about that. Thanks for that bit of information:twilightsmile:

Hopefully, we see more of this story, I love the premise of this story, especially cause the Vatican gets so little coverage in the main story, or any side stories.

I kinda wish also that a lore page could be made for the umojan Vatican and the Kel-Morian consortium, like was done with the other three factions. It's definitely a wonderful start, and I love any story which helps expand on the Koprulu sector.

Why is this on hiatus?

Writer's block and procrastination. I've been sitting on a couple of chapters that I honestly forgot about due to work. Gonna publish them after some editing to make up for that.

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