• Published 10th Jul 2014
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Dashie and Soarin, two wonderbolts in love - TheSouthernBrony

Rainbow Dash has finally achieved her life long goal to join the wonderbolts and even better: she has found the love of her life.

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Chapter 6

On the night of May 4th, Soarin took Rainbow Dash up to the clouds and when they got there, Rainbow said, her wings spread out, " wow, the moon looks beautiful tonight."

Soarin landed next to her and replied, " yeah it is".

Rainbow looked at him and smiled.

" you know, this really is a wonderful view", she said, nuzzling him.

" yeah, I agree. A perfect place for us to just be together", Soarin said kissing her.

That's when Spitfire and the Wonderbolts shot up into the air and starting to perform their acrobatics and with their small fireworks began making letters appear in the sky.

As more and more of what they were saying appeared, Dash was starting to understand what was happening and when the phrase, " will you marry me appear", she finally got it.

At that point, Soarin presented her with the ring he got the mall so long ago.

" Rainbow Dash, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I'd like for you to be my wife, if you want", Soarin asked.

Blushing, Dash took the ring and said, " yes, I will marry you, Soarin. I can't think of a better colt to spend the rest of my life with", Dash replied.

With tears in their eyes, Soarin and Rainbow hugged each other and kissed, and Soarin slipped the ring onto Dashie's hoof.

That and her sapphire necklace made her look extraordinarily beautiful.

On the ground, Soarin treated Dashie to a surprise by the party Spitfire and the rest of the team had set up that evening. That night was full of fun as Dashie and Soarin celebrated their new status as fianc├ęs how their lives are about to get a lot better, especially with two foals on the way.