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As fillies, the royal sisters were as playful and rambunctious as any other foal. They played around their family's castle and gardens, not a care in the world...

Except being sent to bed without dessert!

But they soon find when they venture too far in the Everfree Jungle, a creature they've never seen before comes into their lives.

The story told of Equestrias most important picnic. And most important friendship.

(Romance tag for later chapters, no foalcon here)
They ARE alicorns despite the cover art

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Yay, one of these! I have some difficulty finding HiEs that start before or during NMM.

4675704 Really? Well I'm glad you like it! This started off better than I thought it would. So many favourites, and they're all for me!

If you ever hit writers block send me a message and I'll help out.:twilightsmile:

4675883 I have a few chapters mostly pretyped and I have a few editors to help, but I still love having help from the people who read my stories! Would be great

4675922 I like to help out when I can... It also helps that I have so much free time on my hands to the point Fimfiction can't keep up and I have several things stopping me from writing a story myself.:twilightsheepish:

Damn this is just so mutha fucking kawaii!!!:rainbowkiss:

Hmm, i dunno ... *sigh*
Fine, tracked.

"Dawwwwww!". And that was a quote by the famous, everyone on fimfiction.

This is cute. I'm really looking forward to where you're taking this. :pinkiehappy:

Read later. But I can tell this is gonna be gud, just like your A lonesome Dreamscape :raritywink:

it's good but do a read over, as there as some mistakes

Cool story bro:rainbowlaugh:
Good chapter

Let's see;
Kindness (doesn't hesitate to carry Luna)
Laughter (cracking jokes)
Loyalty (considers Philomina family)
Generosity (doesn't think twice about ripping up his cloths to make a bandage for Luna)
Honesty (doesn't beat around the bush and just comes out and says he doesn't have a name)
But that's none of my business.
PS grate writing so far, keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

This fic is so cute and awesome, I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I like this but Celestia never said anything about a name so him saying he have one feels a bit clunky. But otherwise I like it.

4686252 SHUUUUUUUUSH! You'll ruin things! :rainbowderp::derpyderp1::twilightoops:

4689408 I'm sorry I don't quite know what you mean by "clunky". Her parents asked her who they had met and she was so caught up in the moment she forgot to ask, then he overheard them asking. :rainbowhuh:

He said he doesn't have one, but they asked who he was not what his name is. I just think it would be better for him to say name instead one, when the word name didn't come up in the dialogue. Anyway it's just a small gripe about an otherwise pretty good fic.

4690010 Ah, so it just irked you the way I wrote it. Well, thanks for your comments. I like fixing the things that Irk or mess with my readers. Thanks ffor reading.

"Onward! Helpers of Luna, the best princess ever!"

Yes. Yes she is...:trollestia:

4690291 I'm confused by this, if he can talk how can he not have a name? People would had to have called him something in conversation...unless he was spawned by the universe fully formed...:twilightoops:

4690340 I was waiting for this. If you wait a few hours, I can show you where I was leading that on my next chapter. I leave these chapters with small questions for the next one.

Best chapter ever.
Thumbs up faved subscribed followed shared spikestache /)^3^(\ fapped

Edit: Ohay, text appeared!
Cute Luna at the end :3

Where's the text?

nobody likes a troll dude:ajbemused:

4690799 I refreshed the page and the text appeared.

4690785 Sorry for that mishap!!!! Reminded to you all. Never leave a laptop full of pony writing open at your brother, a non bronies house.. apologies for this. :unsuresweetie:

I KNEW I'd seen an update notification! And here you are in the recent updates list.

Now I'm curious what I missed.

4690994 you missed an angry writer and :facehoof:an ass of a family member haha.


Wait, will chapter 4 be uploaded on this site today? Just curious since I noticed a pattern of updates for this story.

4691145 Yes, I'm still uploading the next chapter soon. I'm so close to being done editing I might as well.:pinkiesmile:

This has my attention. I shall await more.

Well hell did freeze over. lol Keep it up!

For some reason this one didn't update my favorites. :rainbowhuh: Not really a problem you had anything to do with, but something to note. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and I love mini-Luna! SO CUTE! :pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

4691436 By Odens beard, it's up there right now! :yay::rainbowhuh:

4690414 I'm good aso long as you've something planned. I've just read too many stories where there's a character that was never given a name but talks just fine.

So long as some sort of explaination was in the works, I'll be good.

LoL. That ending. And what is it with the " Village" "Tribe" are humans living in Equestria?

Is the title deceiving or do they end up loosing him eventually?

"Plus she's a fridget and crouchy girl."
I'd think you meant "frigid and grouchy", but "frigid" doesn't make a lot of sense for a phoenix :derpytongue2: What do those words mean?

I noticed some small errors, like
"Help.. Strawberry manned princess crushing me."
The two periods after help should be either one, or an ellipsis (...), and if it's an ellipsis then "strawberry" shouldn't be capitalized.
Also, "strawberry maned", not "strawberry manned".

covered in black sut and a trail of smoke

4693846 he's a human, they're alicorns. So they'll out live him. Unless he's special and lives long like them and something else happens.

4693917 thank you for that haha. I'll correct those. And by frigid and grouchy I meant she had a cold attitude to him, touchy meaning she was just always a grouch. I can't explain it more then that :twilightblush::derpyderp1:

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