• Published 8th Jul 2014
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The Sparx of Friendship - CaptainSparx

What does it take to be a true friend when all you have to offer is your failures? Maybe there’s more to friendship than what’s on the table.

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The Rainbow Diary

“Come on Flo, tell me! I want to know what it was like, PLEASE?!?”

“NO, you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you.” Flo smirked. They had been assigned to be lab partners for the semester and it was great. They studied hard and worked really well together. Except when Flo would get really excited. She had a slight tendency to accidently break things as she wasn’t the best flyer by any means.

“Oh come on I’d like to know.”

“Ugh…. I think I’m gonna be sick.” Alighting on the ground and taking a few stumbling steps.

“Well no duh miss show-off. If you’d just fly straight for once.” Tinker scolded. It wasn’t the first time she had to deal with Flo’s flight-sickness. Honestly, a flight-sick pegasus? You had to be kidding to even imagine such a thing.

“Sorry, I think I’ll be alright.” Flo put a hoof to her spinning head.

“So how was it? The competition?”

“It was just… wow… I was all, eh seen that before, nothing special there… and then BOOM!! I’ve never seen anything like it!”
“Anything like what? What did they do?”

“A sonic rainBOOM!!” Flo screamed with excitement, bolting into the sky with a sudden flap of her wings.

“You’re pulling my tail. Those are only old mare tales. Nopony can pull one of those off.” Tinker watched her friend zigzag back and forth, slowly turning green before she alighted a few paces off.

“I couldn’t believe it either… but that’s not the best part!!”

“Oh really?” Sparx grumbled in disbelief.

“She’s coming to Manehattan!!” She let out with a squeal of excitement.

“Who is… whose coming to Manhattan?”

“The pony that did the sonic rainboom!”

“And let me guess… you don’t know her name...”

“Well…. Not exactly… but I’m sure It’ll come back to me. Just like those test scores did last week. I passed those just fine didn’t I?”

“That’s only because I helped you cram in some last minute studying.”

Flo shrugged in reply, how she passed didn’t matter as much as actually passing. So what if she’d been busy. She had to take time off work to go and studying was hard enough to cram in as it was. “Anyway… she’s coming in later today, with the Wonderbolts!”

“Nice, that should be pretty cool.”

“It will be AWESOME!! I can’t wait!”

Tinker grabbed her pals scarf, pulling her back down to earth. “Well first we have class, then we can go to the station over lunch.”

“Ugh… fine but I won’t be paying much attention to the lecture.”

“Since when do you ever…” Tinker chuckled, dragging her floating friend along behind her.

Class was as boring as ever for Flo, all she could think of was getting to see the best flyers in all of Equestria. She hoped that by watching them she might pick up a few pointers, such as flying in a straight line. Tinker completely lost herself to the lecture. Copying down all the diagrams on the board to her notepad to make sure she could study them later. Not to mention cross reference them with some of the library books. The library was huge, though it was nothing compared to the royal Canterlot library. She appreciated all the texts in the engineering section, though she’d get slightly frustrated when they would reference books in the magic section. That part of the library was off-limits to any but the professors and magic students. She could understand why they’d keep it locked up, but honestly come on. If a book was referenced as a source why couldn’t she get to the source? Time slowly ticked by. To Flo it seemed like forever until it was lunch time and they were done with classes till later that evening.

“Come on Tinker let’s go!” Flo hollered from the doorway.

“Okay, just a sec… let me get my notes all put away.”

“Oh hurry it up will you.” The pegasus whined.

“Fine, I’ll sort them all later,” dumping all her papers into her saddle bag.

“Race you!!” Flo shot off into the sky, narrowly missing a lamppost.

“Uh-hu…” Tinker started off at a slow trot, keeping an eye on her friend, waiting for the inevitable to occur. To her surprise she managed to make it all the way to the station without having to land once. Though she did ram into more than one street side stand and did manage to clip one building.

“This is so AWESOME!” Flo was barely audible above the large crowd that had gathered. The Wonderbolts were here to perform and the lucky winner of the Best Young Flyers competition got to hang out with them. She was ecstatic. “OhMyGOSH! They’re here!! I can’t believe it.” She yelled as the train pulled in and came to a stop.

Three ponies in uniform stepped out of one of the cars, surrounded by news-ponies and camera flashes, a fourth pony accompanied them. A light blue mare with a tail and mane as colorful as a rainbow.

“Now ain’t that a sight.”

“That’s Rainbow Dash! She won the competition.”

“So know you remember.”

“I said it would come back to me.” As she tried to make her way through the crowd.

“You could just fly you know.” Tinker rolled her eyes as her friend stopped and jumped into the air, hovering in place to get a better view, a little wobbly.

“Careful now… Don’t… oh boy.” Tinker tried to make her way as best she could through the crowd after her friend. She called out for her to slow down but her hollering was lost in the crowd. She spent the better part of the afternoon this way. Playing catch-up with everypony as the crowd followed the stars around to some of the nicer places in the city. At times there would be so many ponies that they would block the entire street, everypony just hoping for a glimpse of Equestria’s best.

“This is pointless,” Tinker sat down on a bench leaving the crowd to continue on without her. The only reason she was here was for her friend. She didn’t care so much about famous ponies, so what, they were big shots. If this is what life was like for celebrities then count her out. She was getting ready to get going again when she noticed something. A loud crash next to her drew her attention elsewhere.

“Aren’t you coming?” Flo asked, getting up and rubbing her head.

“Yeah… in a sec…” She trotted over to a bush that decorated the entrance to one of the nicer hotels. “Hmm, what’s that doing in there?”

“What is it?” Flo brushed up beside her. “A book?? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“It doesn’t look like any book I’ve seen in the library.” Floating it out of the bush and setting it on the ground. “I don’t see a title.”
“Maybe it’s inside.”

“Maybe…” Tinker flipped open the cover. “No way!!”

“What!?? What’s it called?”

Tinker slammed the cover closed before her friend could read it. “It’s someponies private diary.”

“A Diary? Let me see.” Reaching for the book.

“No, it’s private. I’m sure she wouldn’t want anyone reading it.”

“Oh come one, one look, please.”

“Uh-uh, no can do.” Levitating the diary over her head out of reach.

“Hmph, well at least tell me whose it’s is.”

“It said ‘The private diary of R. Dash, Keep Out’”

“Oh man, I need to read that!!” She darted up and snatched it out of the air.

“HAY!! Give that back!” Zapping her friend with her horn.

“OUCH!” Jumping up ten feet in the air.

“We need to get it back to her, she’ll be looking for it.”

“But can’t we just look for a little bit, I mean it might have some tips on flying.” Flo slowly descended in front of her friend as Tinker secured the diary in her saddle bag with her various notes.

“Not one peek.”

“Please?!??” Flo begged.



“Come on, we have class in five minutes, then we can go find Rainbow Dash and give the diary back.”

“Can I at least carry it?”

“Um… no.”

“Ah cloud-feathers.”

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