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I would say I'm sightly below an average writer. Im 21 years old, a Xbox Gamer Brony, Princess Luna Fan 4L and I'm also a HTF fan. Brohoof /)


They came for the gold... They stayed for the adventure.

In 1519, In the City of Seville, Spain, Our Two Con Artists Miguel & Tulio win a map to an ancient city of gold called El Herdado, during a rigged gambling match. After they evaded capture for cheating with loaded dice, they accidently ended up as stowaways on an ship, but manage to escape in a boat. The two landed at an unknown shore and with the help of the map that they "won", They found the Ancient City but weren't expecting to meet it populated by cartoon looking equines and be worshipped as gods.

Will they play god enough to steal the gold and get out? Or will they be found out and be used as sacrifice?

WARNING! The sisters and parents can turn into anthros and back into normal ponies (Max of 6 categories). Don't instant dislike if this is the reason... Just leave and forget about this if you hate anthro, but your going to miss a lot of comedy fun.

If you want to make a better picture for the cover then by all means do! :pinkiehappy:
This was inspired by watching this : ONE MORE ROLL!!!

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Do you have any idea jut how hard it is to find the Road to Eldorado movie?

Comment posted by xGavlar deleted Jul 7th, 2014

I will watch this with great interest. Can't wait to see who plays the evil shaman.

I think this story has potential, but it needs a thorough cleaning. If you need somebody to go through and clean it up I'd be happy to do it.

Hey, sorry about being unable to reply to you for your edits, I'm busy at school so I don't really have a lot of time for editing.

4656140 If your talking about watching the movie, have you tried Youtube?

I just watched this movie, i am eager to read this, if you need a proofreader then let me know.

i like dis, my only regret is the last 3/4th of this chapter is basicly the movie rewritten but i forgive it for the sake of its a crossover.

road to El Dorado was one of my favorites as a kid!

4658520 sorry to say, but until these guys get to the city (properly next chapter) its gonna mostly have parts where its the same as the movie. I'm not good at making up shit, but If I do. Its luck. sorry if it displeases you :pinkiesad2:
BUT! I will make stuff up when in the city to keep the story going!

It's still decent, even beyond childhood.

But dat remix... :rainbowlaugh:

"Herdado" means "inherited" in Portuguese...

4682174 what? So your saying I should stop or change the name just because of a word meaning?...

It's just a name of the city, doesn't have to have a meaning.

have you see the movie on netflix? well, the road to el dorado is funny if you watch it, you can copy an put in your story, oh and in the movie chel had pet Bibo the armadillo so what you think in story Celestia and Luna pet can be?

4684123 The armadillo isn't Chel's pet. While the three were searching for the city, the armadillo followed them and tagged along, basically saying "I'm following theses guys".

I'm just saying what it means, make of it whatever you wish. :twilightblush:

4686310 It looked like you were being serious about the name meaning, also making it look like a reason to not read it. the > ... < dots at the end made me think this. Sorry if I was mistaken.

hello are u gonna continue this story?

Comment posted by Sarachi deleted Oct 15th, 2019

we all know this was a great movie

"Well, I just thought, that since El Dorado's the city of gold... a place where you can pluck gold from the very walls, it might be worth stopping by.

I thoght it was El Herdado

6142652 awww sh*t.... typo. My mistake :facehoof:
It is fixed, thanks

just a heads up for all that has been waiting for, AGES! The new chapter is under 1000 words completed. I have loss my will to do a lot of writing for these stories and will only do them when I can be arsed or when I have just thought of something really good to put in them. I'm not cancelling the stories, I'm just saying that I'm not writing as much as I used too before college. Speaking of college, I'm having a 2nd year there so that's another reason why. All I can say is please be patient and thanks for being here. :twilightsmile:

5257695 I'm not quitting if that is what your asking I'm just having... lets say a "long break"

5365176 the chapter is coming, hold your horses. *pardon through pun* :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Sarachi deleted Oct 15th, 2019

6379023 have you seen my 4 week ago post? Anyway chapters done, I'm about to release it.

I think u mixed up the characters Tulio makes the plans and Miguel is just going around having fun lol

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