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Bon-Conception! - TheGreatEater

This is a story that blurs the line between dreams and reality. A new take on a LyraXBon-Bon fic, and it's up to you to decide if it's reality or not.

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Chapter 1

Filly Lyra sat at the table with a pout upon her face, “But mommy I want some candies! Pweese!” She said while giving her parents her best puppy dog eyes.

“For the last time no pony in this household shall eat that poison. It rots the brain, ruins ones teeth, and causes insanity. Doctor Quack said so in the Equestrian Gazette,” Her mother said imperiously. Her mother was stern looking unicorn with beady brown eyes, a black mane that looked like coal, and a coat that hovered between rusty and tan.

“But all the other foals in school get candy in their lunch bags. Why can’t I?” Lyra asked.

“If all the other foals jumped off of Canterlot would you do it?” Her mother asked.

“If it meant I’d get candy I would,” Lyra snarked.

Her father burst out laughing while her mother looked at her incredulously. Giving a sigh while massaging her forehead with her left foreleg her mother replied coldly, “This proves my point exactly. If a filly would commit suicide for a piece of candy I rest my case.”

The rest of lunch passed in quite other than the suppressed snorts of laughter coming from her father. After excusing herself from the table she overheard her mother telling her father to “talk some sense to her.” Slowing down she sighed in frustration to what she thought was coming.

Her father was a well built stallion with an aqua mint coat, and a deep wavy aqua mane. His light blue eyes sparkled with mirth as he motioned her to follow him to his studies. As she followed him she wondered if all nobleponies were as uptight about having good stuff or if it was just her mother who was dead set against her having anything that’d be considered fun.

As she walked into the study her father closed the door and with a sly grin said, “Now I’m supposed to talk “sense into you”,” he said making air quotes with his hooves,” But I’ll do something better if you promise to keep it a secret between us.”

“What’s the secret?” Lyra asked confusedly.

He trotted to his desk and gave it a few thumps to the underside releasing a hidden compartment. Withdrawing a box of Bon-Bons, “This is part of my secret stash. Your mother, Celestia bless her soul, doesn’t know about them. But I’ll be willing to share under four conditions.”

“What are those?”

“First. You must keep your calm and act as if you aren’t eating candy when around your mother. If she found out I was violating her war against sweets she’ll go on the warpath.”

“That’s easy … I think.”

“Second. You must work hard on your music lessons. If you slack off, or don’t work hard. Then you won’t get any. These are for only when you’re good, and work hard.”

“Ok, I’ll work my hardestest ever!” Lyra said enthusiastically. Practically leaping for joy before reigning herself in.

“The third is easy. You can never let your mother know about my secret stash. It’ll be our little secret, well us and the help.”

“Ok. and what’s the fourth?”

“When you leave this room I want you to scream about how unfair I am, and go crying to your room. I’m supposed to be saying something like how, “You’re mother is always right, and you’ll thank us when you’re older” or something like that.”

“Deal!” Lyra said as she ran and gave her father the glomp of a lifetime.

He showed her the inside of the lid which showed a candy map of the various types within. She saw that there were three mint cremes with a lemon swirl around the chocolate coat, and thought that would be the best one to try for her first sweet. Popping it into her mouth she gave a moan of ecstatic, filly glee as the sweetness of the chocolate mixed with the tart cooling sensation of the mint and lemon.

“Sooooo Good!” Lyra moaned as a thin line of drool drizzled down from the corner of her muzzle. She gave her father a strong hug, “I love you daddy! You’re the best!”

“I love you too my little brio,” He said ruffling her mane.

Composing herself she wiped the drool from her muzzle and opened the door screaming at the top of her little lungs, “You’re so unfair! I hate you!” She said before peeling off to her room throwing on the waterworks for good measure.

When she got to her room she slammed the door, and almost squealed with joy at being let in on her father’s secret. She was sad that she had to make a show of being upset, but a promise was a promise. Now she just had to pretend to be mopey and work hard on her lessons with a lyre.

She was working on a rather difficult piece, loosing herself in the memory of her first piece of candy. Letting her joy spill out into the music, rather than just going through the motions when she heard a cough that brought her out of her revelry. She looked at the first sign of pride from her mother that she had ever seen before, with a few tears leaking from her eyes.

“I don’t know what your father told you but it seems to have hammered in the lesson quite well. I’m sorry that you think that I’m being unfair, but I promise you that I’m only doing this for your own good. And you should apologize to your father, but I’m sure if you play that wonderfully again he’ll forgive you,” Her mother said with a thin smile.

She gave her a warm hug and whispered, “I’m proud of you Lyra, I know that I don’t say it well enough. But with how you just played, you might just yet show some of the family brilliance in music yet.”

There was a bright flash and when Lyra looked down she saw a Lyre adorning her flank. She squealed with delight while thinking to herself, thank you oh delicious bon-bon of goodness! You are the bestest thing in all of Equestria! And it was with that rush of joy that the rest of the day became of blur of planning, joy, and the secret bond between her, her father, and the joy of candy before she passed out sleeping. And as she slept she dreamt …

Bon Bon woke up from the weirdest dream. She dreamt that a mint colored unicorn with a creamy white stripe in her mane ate one of the mint Bon-Bons that were responsible for her Cutie Mark, and that it gave that pony named Lyra her own Cutie Mark. It was strange, but at the same time made her feel complete. As if what made her special actually made a difference in somepony’s life.

As she rolled out of her bed her groggy mind kept gravitating to that pony. It was a secret vice of hers, Mint creme. How it felt so comforting and loving as it wrapped around the tongue. Giving a small kick afterwards that followed her afterwards. It never ceased to bring a smile to her face. And she was at that age where filly’s dream about the perfect wedding, she dreamed what it would be like if she met a pony who would be her mint creme.

Somepony who was fun, comforting, and filled with joy. But would also give her life the same kick that her favorite flavor gave her. Now though she kept thinking about that pony as she meandered through her bedroom getting ready for the rest of the day.

“Hey Sweetie, are you up yet,” Came a gentle voice from behind her door.

“Huhgrburger!” Bon-Bon mumbled.

“I’ll take that as a maybe,” the voice said as the door opened showing an orange pegasus with a violet mane and warm, gentle violet eyes.

“Momma Drops, how did you know when you were in love with Momma Sweets?” Asked Bon-Bon groggily as she slowly brushed her mane.

“Well, believe it or not before your I met Sweets, I was dating a colt. He was nice, well mannered, and in a school with only fifteen colts it was a lucky catch. But when your mother transferred from Applewood my breath was taken away. So I guess it was love at first sight. Eventually we dated, and that young colt Bright Day was rather chivalrous about it.”

“You mean my God-father was your old coltfriend?” Bon-Bon interrupted.

“The one and the same. He’s a good stallion, and I’m happy that he landed himself a good mare. But as I was saying, me and Sweets started dating and getting to know each other. And I guess I just knew she was the one. Why do you ask though sweetie?”

“Well I had the weirdest dream. And you know that one unicorn pony I always drew when I was younger and said I was going to marry someday?”

“Yes …” Lemon Drops said kindly, wondering where this was going.

“Well I had a dream that she was a real pony, and the Bon-Bon I made that got me my Cutie Mark ended up getting her, her own Cutie Mark. And she was a music player, and she was really pretty, and her family wasn’t as cool as ours but her daddy was nice. Then I woke up.” Bon-Bon babbled.

“Awwww! That’s adorable. Well honey it was just a dream, but who knows someday you might meet a mare like her someday,” Lemon Drops said giving her daughter a loving wing hug, “Well let’s not keep your other mother waiting. We need to get some food in your belly then get you ready for school.”

“Alright. I’m ready,” Bon-Bon said as she slowly trotted out of the bedroom.

It was later in the day during school when she was approached by a pink filly with an even darker pink mane, “Hi I’m Pinkamena Diane Pie. I’m new here and I’m throwing a party to say hi to everypony,” she said as she solemnly drew out an invitation card that was plastered with copious amounts of glitter and rhinestones.

“Um … alright. I’ll have to ask my moms if it’s okay with them but I’ll try. Thanks Pinka … Pink … mena … you know it’d be easier to just call you Pinkie Pie. Thanks Pinkie Pie,” Bon-Bon said as she placed the invitation in her Saddlebag.

Pinkie Pie’s locks as she thanked her were a steady flux of poofy almost a marefro, to flat and wavy. Making them look as if they were alive. Bon-Bon waved herself off while thinking that Pinkie’s mane was weird, but it’d be fun to go to a party.

As she walked out of school she told Momma Sweets about the party as they walked home, Sugary Sweets was a beige earth pony with a cherry red mane and emerald eyes. She gave a mirthful laugh before saying, “Well this Pinkie Pie sounds like an interesting pony. I don’t see why not, but you should probably make something as a housewarming gift if she’s new.”

“Alright, I think I’ll make some of my mint bon-bons,” Bon-Bon said with a dreamy smile. Even after a full day of school her mind kept wandering to Lyra. She wondered if she would dream of that pony again when she went to bed.

“I know that look. Is this Pinkie Pie a pony you like?” Sugary Sweets asked.

“Oh no. I was thinking about a pony I was dreaming about last night. Although Pinkie looks like she’s a nice filly,” Bon Bon replied.

“Well dreams are nice, but you should probably keep your eyes open for real life ponies. After all if you don’t see what’s right in front of you it might pass you by,” her mother said sagely.

“Alright, but still I wonder if a pony like her is out there,” Bon Bon said wistfully.

“I don’t know Bon Bon, but at least you’ll have fun at the party,” Sugary Sweets chuckled.

Lyra woke up to the glare of the morning sun. The maid having just finished pulling back the blinds. “Awww! I wanted to see what was going to happen next!” Lyra said, pulling the pillow over her head hoping to catch a glimpse of Bon Bon and the party. It almost looked like the pony she drew when she was younger that her mother threw in the fire saying that drawing was only going to take time away from her music.

But still that filly was adorable. If she ever met her it’d be amazing, but dreams like that don’t come true. She was taken from her revelry by the maid removing the pillow from her head, “Sorry young miss, but it’s time to get up. You know how Mistress gets about ponies being late.”

“I know, I know. I’m getting up,” Lyra said as she trudged out of the bed.

Lyra strolled into the room her mother, going over lists upon lists of schedules planning for her Cutie-cenera, her mother’s eyes scanned over her daughter calculatingly before she spoke up, “Good morning Lyra, I have good news.”

“Yes mother?”

“Celestia’s School For Gifted Unicorn’s music division has agreed to accept you in. I’ve pulled some strings and with your Cutie Mark finally appearing it’s been decided that you’ll be going to my and your father’s Alma Mater.”

“That’s good right?”

“Of course. You’ll have a great time following in your families grandiose legacy.”

“Okay. Mom I have a question.”

“Is it alright for a filly to love another filly like you and daddy love one another?”

“Well … While it’s true that there are 1.45 mares to ever stallion. That’s still close enough for you to find yourself a good stallion if you look hard enough and steal him before some other mare moves in. But if you aren’t lucky. As long as she’s a musician and a Unicorn. I don’t see a problem.”

“But what if she’s not a musician or a Unicorn? What if she’s an Earth Pony?”

“Seriously such treasonous talk. First you whine about candy, now you are talking about dirtying our blood line. Even though Earth Ponies are an inferior race, I could forgive you that almost, but we come from a line of musicians coming all the way from Melodious, the mare who two thousand years ago composed Ode to the Sun. Music flows through our veins and if you were to betray that bloodline you’d be betraying all of our ancestors. And I’ll be hearing no more of this non-sense. Go get your father we need to get things ready for your party tomorrow. Who knows we might find you a good colt to set you up with,” her mother said with a dismissive wave of the hoof.

Lyra trotted depressedly to her father’s study. As she trotted in her father who was looking over his business papers that were strewn around the desk. Looked at her down fallen features, and waved her over.

“My little brio? What’s the matter?” He said as he wrapped her in a hug.

“Mommy said that if I don’t marry a musician then she’ll disown me, and said that Earth Pony blood would dirty our bloodline,” Lyra sniffled into her father’s coat. Tears that were building up from her mother’s lecture bursting forth.

“There, there. I’ll say this. I’ll love you regardless of whom you fall in love with. Musician, not a musician. stallion, mare, something in between. Heck, even if you decide to marry a Clo … an Earth Pony. As long as you’re happy, and they bring happiness into your life. That’s all that matters,” He said comfortingly.

“You promise?” Lyra asked throwing weapons grade, puppy dog eyes at her father.

“I promise.”

“I love you daddy,” Lyra said as she nuzzled her father.

“I love you too. Now what else did you want to talk about?” He asked giving her a playful bop on the nose.

“Mother wanted to talk to you about my Cute-Cenera,” she replied as she wiggled her nose cutely in reaction to the nose bop.

“Well alright then. I’ll go talk to her about that, but remember as long as you're happy. Oh, and if you end up dating a candy maker you have to hook up your dear father with some sweets,” He said jovially as he ruffled her mane.

Bon Bon woke up surrounded by a pony pile of fillies. Memories of last nights party merged with the memories of Lyra’s day. Everything from the mean things Lyra’s mother said, to the relatively boring day after her father and her had that one talk. Wiggling around a bit she was surprised when the party evolved into an impromptu sleepover with Pinkie Pie and the various fillies that Pinkie had befriended. Their parents drawing the line at colts spending the night with their impressionable young fillies under the same roof.

Bon Bon looked over to see Pinkie Pie starring sleepily over at her, “Whose Lyra?” Pinkie asked with an adorable yawn.

“She’s a filly I dream I am when I go to sleep,” Bon Bon said with a giggle at the sight of Pinkie’s adorableness going up to 11 as her back legs twitched as she gave a yawn and stretch as Bon Bon replied to her question. Her fore legs making little kicks as her body was fighting to decide whether to stay awake or go back to sleep.

“So what’s she like?” Pinkie asked as she rolled onto her stomach.

“Well she’s a minty green unicorn who plays music on a lyre. And her mother’s really mean, but her dad’s really nice. She’s also a pony I drew a few years ago, and if she was real that’d be so cool,” Bon Bon nerdgasmed.

“She sounds nice, well I’m going to cook everyone breakfast. Do you want to join me?”

“Sure sounds like it’d be fun. Thank you Pinkie Pie for the sleepover,” Bon Bon said with a grin.

The two fillies spent the next hour getting breakfast prepared for the others. Pinkie supplying the pastries and Bon Bon with the confectioneries. Together they made a smorgasbord of delicacies for everyone as they waited for their parents to pick them up.

Her parents picked her up shortly after everyone else had left while her and Pinkie Pie were in the kitchen cleaning up. Sugary Sweets gave a giggle as Bon Bon accidentally fell into the sink from scrubbing a particular dish with too much enthusiasm, “Well at least we know you don’t need a bath. Do you two need any help?” She asked with a feminine titter.

“Mooomm,” Bon Bon whined, “We can do this.”

“Alright sweetie. Just dry up before you go, you wouldn’t want to turn into a raisin,” Sugary Sweet joked.

“Okay. Love you Momma Sweets,” Bon Bon said, still partially submerged in the sink with Pinkie Pie hunting for a towel to dry her off.

“Love you too. I’ll just be talking with the Cakes until you’re done,” Sugary Sweets said with a warm smile.

Pinkie Pie helped Bon Bon out of her impromptu bath and helped get her dry, “I really hope you meet her someday. Oh! Then we can throw her a “Happy You Really Exist,” party. Doesn’t that sound like it’d be fun?”

“It does. Now lets get the food ready for everypony, hopefully momma Sweets and momma Drops will let me stay for breakfast,” Bon Bon said patting dry the last bit of water from her fuzzy coat, “and I need to get a good shaving. I look like a coconut ball.”

It was several minutes later when they carried out the food cart laden with food, “Hey everypony we got breakfast!” Pinkie Pie sang to the group of ponies if various states of waking up.

“Well isn’t that nice, “ Mrs. Cake said ruffling Pinkie Pie’s mane in a motherly affectionate manner.

“Yepperoni!” Pinkie Pie said nuzzling her as she responded.

As everypony either got a togo bag of sweets or a plate depending on whether they were staying or going, Lemon Drops fluttered over to Bon Bon giving her an affectionate muzzle, “So I take it you had a good sleep over?”

“I did. Pinkie Pie’s quite nice when you get to know her. And I had another dream of Lyra last night. If only she was real I’d give her a hug,” She replied nuzzling her back.

“Why’s that?”

“Well her mom is really mean and said mean stuff. But her dad is pretty cool. And I really like Lyra, she’s a good pony,” Bon Bon said with a grin at the thought of her Minty dream pony friend.

“If she’s real I’m sure she’d appreciate the thought of you caring so much for her. But you might want to keep your eyes on a ponies right in front of you. After all you don’t want to miss out on your life by keeping your head in the clouds,” Lemon Drops said sagely.

It’s okay Lyra. I’ll wait for you. Even if it takes ages for us to meet. If you’re out there, wait for me.

Author's Note:

Okay, so my editor didn't say anything about my fic, so I'm guessing that it's perfect, which is rare for me. But anywho, leave any comments or critiques you have, and I hope y'all enjoy the fic. It's largely experimental for me, and I decided that I should put this fic up after five months of waiting to see if I needed to fix anything.

Now onto the fics Golden Wings, I've gotten a third of chapter 12 [13] done, and I'm making good headway. As for RTTF's sequel, I've gotten one chapter down, and half of chapter 2 done. I'm working on a few other projects as well. But my main projects are making good headway. Just to let my followers know where things are standing.

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