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Applejack thinks she's having a bad hair day. Her friends, however, think it's something else.

Guest Krillin: Zero Man

Now with sequel!

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This is relevant.

I'm not really a fan of dragonball...

“No, I could do that before, too,”

But i died at this point :rainbowlaugh:

Lol I liked this! Any special appearances in mind? :3
Horse Radditz? Crisp Nappa? Mustard seed? Take yer pick, I got more! ^^

Why was Spike in a tub of ice?

4646494 The CMC were a little...overzealous

4646501 But but but, two of these balls aren't like the others!:rainbowhuh:

Two of these balls just don't belong!

Can you tell which balls are not like the others
By the time Spike finishes crying over his dong?

Today's comment is sponsored by the sound "OW!!"

Droll1 #7 · Jul 5th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Just then, the Crusaders returned. “We’ve already found some Dragonballs!”

Applejack frowned. “Uh, sugarcube, where did you get these?”

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Spike woke up in a bathtub full of ice.

“Not...again…” he moaned.

Oh dear... x'D

(No shirts were harmed in the making of Dragon Ball Z)

This might need a continuation. :pinkiecrazy:


Didn't all the Ponies already do this when they got their Rainbow Powers? :P

“Does anypony have a scouter?” Luna asked. “I wonder what her power level is.”

"It's over apple thousand!" :pinkiegasp:

. “See?” said Twilight. “That was clearly a laser. You’re a Super Saiyan!”
“No, I could do that before, too,” Applejack argued. “It doesn’t prove anything.”

I could go on and on about how great and funny this is. It is genius. Kudos

That worked. The red herring at the end sold it tho.

4646433 Horse Radditz is the best pony name of a character from another franchise I have ever seen.:rainbowlaugh:

Took me a second to start lmao

“Does anypony have a scouter?” Luna asked. “I wonder what her power level is.”

Plus the fic reminds me of this:

4648141 The Next, She's some kind of Monkey Hybrid

4646749 Well going to the more complicated aspects this is not a magic transformation, whereas the rainbow powers are, however since the rainbow powers boosted them altogether to beat the entire magic of equestria+Tirek I suppose the "magic multiplier" of the rainbow powers would make the 50x power boost of the super form a bit small in comparison, especially since Applejack's base capabilities aren't (outside of very mild super strength [2 tons-10 tons?], durability and horse speed) very high in general fiction terms.

But enough statistics and logic, the dragon ball joke is too stronk for me, 10:rainbowlaugh:

So at the end...was Spike...uh...neutered? :rainbowderp:



Write a sequel where she accidentally does the Fusion Dance with someone. Go on...

As a person who believes Applejack - :ajsmug: - is best pony, I fully support this, and the sequel!

There... there is a sequel... right? RIGHT? RIGHT???


4647878 Why Thank you! ^^ Hopefully this story continues!

4646501 ,

The CMC break out into song:
Oh, we've got a lovely bunch o' Spiko nuts...

Let us have a moment of silence... in honor of Spike's balls. :ajsleepy:

Seriously, though, that was glorious. :rainbowlaugh:

It was a wild ride from start to finish. :pinkiecrazy: Well done!

Is this really complete? I see a Discord tag but no Discord...

Downright hilarious, made me in the edge of my seat :rainbowlaugh:, Apple Bloom you should know better than mess around with you're sister now :rainbowdetermined2:.

Let us honour the loss for Spike :fluttershyouch:, poor guy. Super Sayian Applejack-I sense a shitstorm arriving-excuse the language. In overall, well done.

But I wish for a update, but it is you're choice but anyways you deserve a favour :rainbowdetermined2: well done you brilliant author :twilightsmile:.

Significant body what? Seems like something's missing. :applejackunsure:
...Oh yeah, her hat's missing! Problem solved. :scootangel:

Well........they found some dragon balls!:twilightsmile:

This does explain why we never see AJ's parents.

I have to wonder how many times Spike's been iced? I'm just glad that it wasn't his other magical dragon balls.


"It's over apple thousand!"

Ghost Nappa: But that's impossible!


sequel! sequel! sequel!

This....this can't be complete. We need a whole line of ApplejackZ episodes here1

Yes... Just yes. You win.

“No, I could do that before, too,” Applejack argued. “It doesn’t prove anything.”

This right here had me on the floor. Don't think this would have been as good without that line.

4655591 shut up nappa


Bi-g Mac!

Bi-g Mac!

... I'm haunting you.

Twilight gets jealous

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