• Published 4th Jul 2014
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Don't Open Your Eyes, Scoot - Arwhale

She couldn't see the meteors streaking overhead. She could feel the stallion's hoof, tightening itself around her neck. She could hear the raspy, strangled sobs... But Scootaloo didn't open her eyes.

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Comments ( 15 )

The story is pretty gripping, and I'll be following to the end.

Only took 2 years to update.

I hope you update waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooner this time

Thanks for updating. I'm looking forward to the Sequel :)

So... revenge in the sequel please?

I was completely shocked to my core to find out this updated - I've been waiting a long time for the aftermath of all that suffering. Thank you so much for continuing after two years. :ajsleepy:

Eh, never liked RD anyways

I am not sure but did Scootaloo died at the end, I think Rainbow did but Scootaloo, I am not sure ? Can someone respond to this comment please, thank you

PS : WERE THE *:pinkiehappy:* are the Dark and Gore tag

7467060 I think someone spotted them (probably Twilight or Fluttershy due to them worrying where both of them disappeared to) and then found them.

But I don't think this is the end of the story as it doesn't feel like a ending. There is a note in the long description saying there will be a sequel but it depends whether Arwhale has the time to do it

I knew I had you followed for a reason. I remember this story. I remember when it was just the 4 chapters and we were waiting for the last one. Man. That was a hell of a ride. It was intense and the feelings were very well written. Man. This is just sad. The cruelty displayed here, just the absolute dregs of humanity, absolutely disgusting beings. Well written here, so selfish and cruel. Needlessly so.

The trauma Scootaloo and Rainbow endured, no one should ever have to face. And I think you did write everything with dignity, you didn't really write anything crassly or anything, which I can respect.

I kinda scrolled down your stories to find this one, and I don't recall seeing the sequel, so I'm guessing that one isn't out yet then. I do hope you write it, you were very respectful with the topic. Plus, I would love to see how this story continues, what will happen.

I don't think either of them died. It stated Rainbow fell unconscious and before the end it stated that Scootaloo thought she heard shouting. I believe her being lifted from the ground hinted at somepony finding them and taking Scootaloo.

Two years later. Thought I'd left the Fandom and everything. But I came back two years later just for this. Wow, the nostalgia. I loved this through and through. Thank you for sharing your art.

This was a sad but amazing story! It almost made me cry, Poor Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo! I can’t wait for the sequel if it still comes.

Just read this....and now I'm pissed! I see that this story was finished nearly three years ago, so I won't get my hopes up too much for a sequel. But I do feel Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo would be done an injustice if a sequel wasn't made to this and some manner of revenge/justice wasn't taken. I feel Tartarus would be too lenient for those bastards. The only fitting punishment I can think of are daily beatings within an inch of their lives for years to come...make them regret their actions and their lives and have them beg for death.

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