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My Little Pony: Prime - Brony Tom

A sinister poison corrupts ponies and twists them into horrid mockeries of their old selves.

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1: Impact

My Little Pony: Prime
By: Brony Tom

Used without permission. Metroid and all related materials © Nintendo. My Little Pony © Hasbro.

Part 1

It was late in the morning when Pinkie Pie burst out the door of Sugarcube Corner carrying a saddlebag full of party invitations. She bounced along through Ponyville, handing out the invitations to ponies as she passed them. She rounded a corner to find Twilight Sparkle walking along with Spike on her back; the duo was engaged in what seemed a lively discussion, so they didn't notice as a light bulb appeared above Pinkie's head and lit up. Pinkie quickly hid behind the nearest object, which happened to be a gray pegasus pony that had walked out of the adjacent building.

“Ditzy Doo! Can you do me a favor? I need you to distract Twilight and Spike while I sneak up on them and surprise them,” the pink pony whispered confidentially.

“Uh... Muffin thinks Muffin could do that,” Ditzy replied slowly. She flew up and then proceeded to crash right in front of Twilight and Spike. Pinkie took the opportunity to get into a good position for surprising the two ponies and the dragon. She watched Twilight help Ditzy Doo gather up the spilled mail, and after Ditzy had flown off, the two friends resumed their walk, albeit with an unseen pink earth pony in tow.

Pinkie Pie crept along next to her friends, waiting for the best opportunity to surprise them with her invitations. She saw the best chance as the unsuspecting trio approached the Ponyville Library, so she sneaked around into a bush right next to the library's front door. Pinkie jumped out and was about to shout “Surprise!” when she felt a familiar twitch in her tail, which quickly grew to become a tail-twister the likes of which Pinkie had never felt before; it was so strong that she lost her coordination mid-jump and plopped unceremoniously in front of a startled Twilight Sparkle.

Not so far away from Equestria, in the depths of space, a large, glowing blue asteroid orbited the Sun in its strange elliptical path; that is, until an even larger asteroid collided with it, knocking it forcefully out of its regular orbit. It smashed a few smaller asteroids out of its way, until it finally began spiraling closer and closer to the Sun, but more specifically, closer to the lush blue and green planet that was now perilously close to its orbital path.

“Oh, hey Pinkie.” Twilight smiled. “What are you doing- Pinkie, are you alright?!” Twilight watched in horror as Pinkie's body froze up, convulsing uncontrollably on the ground. Twilight focused on Pinkie Pie as her horn began to glow purple; Pinkie was soon enveloped in a similar glow, and her shuddering body was lifted up into the air and through the library door.

“Spike, get some blankets from my room and lay them out to make a bed!” commanded Twilight.

“Okay, Twilight!” Spike ran as fast as his stubby legs would carry him. Meanwhile, Twilight was having trouble keeping the convulsing Pinkie Pie floating in the air.

“Stop... shaking...” Twilight grunted to herself. All of that thrashing was just making it harder for her to levitate Pinkie. After a few moments Spike tumbled down the stairs with several puffy blankets in tow. Splitting her concentration, Twilight grabbed the blankets with her telekinesis and spread them out on the floor in a heap, then placed Pinkie as carefully as she could on top of the pile.

“Twilight, I'm sorry I'm late, I'm here to help you with the lib- EEP!” Fluttershy flew in through the door. When she saw Pinkie shaking uncontrollably, she gasped in shock and dropped to the ground, paralyzed.

“Tw- Twilight, wh- what happened to P-Pinkie Pie?” Fluttershy stuttered.

“Well, Spike and I were walking together through Ponyville when Pinkie-” Twilight began, but was interrupted when Pinkie Pie suddenly and abruptly stopped moving altogether. Everything was silent in the room for about ten seconds before Pinkie Pie jumped up and started bouncing around the room at lightning speed.

“Wow, girls, that was the biggest tail twitch I've ever had! It was so big it made my whole body go crazy! Something really, really big is about to fall!” Pinkie continued to frolic around the interior of the library as though nothing had happened.

The other ponies and Spike stood in the room with terrified looks on their faces, afraid of just how big the thing might be. At the thought of something huge crushing her animal friends, Fluttershy jumped into the air.

“Oh my, my poor animals, they might all get hurt! I have to go warn them-” Fluttershy stammered. She tried to fly out the door, but she felt herself unable to move after a purple glow enveloped her.

“Wait, Fluttershy!” protested Twilight. “We don't know when or where this thing is gonna fall, so I think it's safer for us to stay inside for a little while.”

“But what about the animals and the other ponies? Someone has to warn them!” Fluttershy pointed out. After a moment of thought, Twilight let go of Fluttershy, so Fluttershy flew out to save her animals. Twilight turned to address the pink pony.

“Pinkie Pie, are you sure that your tail- Pinkie? Pinkie, where did you-” Twilight looked around confused; Pinkie Pie was gone. Twilight sighed.

“Spike, lets go warn the Mayor.”

Spike climbed onto Twilight's back, then Twilight teleported away.


Princess Luna walked through the halls of the Royal Palace, tired but unable to sleep. Aside from all of the budget problems Celestia had asked her to deal with, there was something else that was nagging at her mind, making her restless. She couldn't put a finger on it, and that coupled with not being able to get any sleep really set Luna on edge.

Not many ponies realized this, though, since very few (if any) ponies aside from her sister and the government officials spoke with her very often. Most ponies simply walked past, as was the case today, oblivious to the frustration building in the Night Princess.

Perhaps a walk in the garden would help me to relax. Yes, that sounds good.

Luna stepped out into the sunlight, letting it warm her midnight-blue coat. Not very far from where she stood she could clearly see the Royal Garden in all of its splendor; lush green plants matted the entire spread and flowers of every imaginable color were arranged tastefully around cobblestone paths that were woven throughout. Several ponds dotted the landscaping, and various fruit-bearing trees were also present. A pleasant morning breeze blew across her as she walked into the garden, and Princess Luna felt heartily refreshed. She strolled tranquilly through the garden, happily smelling the fragrant flowers and listening to the birds' music. As peaceful as the garden was, though, it couldn't totally remove the burden; only gazing up at her starry night could do that.

Luna continued her walk, pushing the feeling to the back of her mind, when she finally came to an especially beautiful and comfortable-looking part of the garden. Finally feeling the fatigue catch up with her, Luna laid down amongst some well-tended daffodils, letting her heavy eyelids succumb to the lethargy. As she felt herself drifting into sleep, the nagging feeling in her mind surged to the front, filling her with dread, as though something was coming. For her. The feeling passed as quickly as it came, though, and Luna passed into an uncomfortable sleep.


Even with the best-laid plan given the short notice, the rush to get everypony indoors was rather chaotic. Fortunately, though, nopony was hurt, and after a nerve-wracking three and a half minutes everypony in Ponyville was safe inside a building. Twilight and Spike were inside Sugarcube corner, along with the Mayor, Pinkie Pie, and ten other ponies; Pinkie Pie was in the kitchen making cupcakes.

“Pinkie Pie! How can you make cupcakes at a time like this?” Twilight demanded.

“Well, I might as well be doing something while we're all in here, silly!” stated Pinkie matter-of-fact-ly. “Maybe we could even have a party! Oh, I know! A 'Sky is Falling' party! I'll get started on the-” Pinkie found a large piece of hard candy suddenly thrust into her mouth.

Twilight Sparkle sighed; Pinkie did have a point. While they were all inside, there was still plenty of time to get things done. It occurred to Twilight that she could just teleport home to the library and get back to redoing her star charts. Twilight walked up to the Mayor.

“Uh, excuse me, Mayor, but would you mind if I teleported back to the library so I can get some things done while I'm waiting?”

The Mayor thought about it for a moment. “Well... I suppose. I should be able to handle any situations that come up, but if I need you I'll let you know.”

Relieved, Twilight fetched Spike and was about to teleport home when a familiar pink pony appeared next to her from nowhere.

“Hey, Twilight, want a cupcake? They're super-duper fresh!” offered Pinkie Pie.

After catching her breath from the initial scare, Twilight took one of the cupcakes from the tray Pinkie was holding.

“Hanks, Inkie Ie!” mumbled Twilight incoherently between bites of cupcake. “Ey're reawwy good!”

“Oh, goodie! I put in a secret new ingredient!” Pinkie added mysteriously.

Twilight was too busy savoring the deliciousness to hear. After she had finished, she smiled contentedly, and then teleported spike and herself to the library.


Luna awoke in the garden. Looking around groggily, she realized that she was covered in a blanket and that two Royal Guards were standing around her. It was late afternoon and the sun was setting.

“I... what?” Luna wondered. “Um, excuse me, sir...”

The guard she was addressing, realizing that the Princess was awake, did a 180 and bowed low to the ground.

“Princess Luna, I'm Captain Shining Armor. Is there anything I can do for you?” asked the white unicorn.

“Yes, Captain. I have a few questions. Did Celly- I mean, Celestia put you up to this?”

“Yes, Princess. We were ordered to keep anything from disturbing you while you slept.”

“Humph. I thought so. Captain, where is Celestia now?” demanded Luna.

“She should be in the Main Hall of the Palace, your majesty.”

“Thank you, gentleponies. That will be all.” Luna dismissed the guards, telekinetically picking up the blanket and carrying it with her. Luna walked purposefully towards the palace and into the main hall, where her sister was conversing with her Infrastructure Minister about the dam project Luna had suggested be built on the Manube River.

“Well, Princess, like I said earlier, if we were to build the dam here, near Flankfurt, then I think we could-”

“Ah, Luna, you've finally woken up,” Celestia said with a mischievous grin when she noticed the other princess.

Luna tried hard to maintain her righteous anger, but found herself grinning uncontrollably.

“Sister, what was the meaning of this?” Luna raised the blanket up in the air. She tried to speak seriously, but when she saw her sister barely suppressing a very un-Princess-like giggle Luna's voice cracked with laughter.

“Um... perhaps, Your Majesty, I should take my leave now,” suggested the Minister tactfully.

“Yes, Minister, I believe that is a good idea,” Celestia said good-naturedly. The gray earth pony collected the maps and documents and trotted off.

“Now, Luna, where were we?”

“Celly- Celestia- why did you not just wake me up? It is not very princess-like to sleep in the royal garden,” Luna protested half-heartedly.

“Luna, I have to get my amusement from somewhere. You were so adorable, just lying there in the grass, I couldn't help but sneak a photograph.” Celestia giggled at Luna's look of horror.

“You didn't-”

“Nope! But the look on your face is something I will treasure forev- Oof!” Celestia gasped as she tried to free herself from the blanket Luna had thrown on her. Celestia could hear Luna giggling, but that rich sound that Celestia had missed for a millennium abruptly ended.

“Luna? Luna, what's going on?” Celestia asked, then finally removed the blanket. She gasped in horror. Princess Luna had frozen absolutely still, her eyes blankly staring ahead, wide-open out of terror.

“Luna! What's wrong, speak to me!”

Distantly, Luna could hear somepony calling her name, asking if she was alright, but Luna couldn't focus on that; she was too occupied gaping at her surroundings. She was somehow back on the moon, possibly in a spectral form. Panic began to set in as fears of banishment and loneliness surged through her mind. Luna shook her head violently, eyes closed to try and hold back the tears. She looked up and screamed, then opened her eyes and stopped, staring in horror at the enormous rock that was looming far off in the distance of space; it was speeding towards her moon. It seemed at first as though the asteroid would simply sail past the moon, but the path of the asteroid was so close that Luna feared that her moon's gravity might ensnare it.

The rock flew closer and closer to her moon, but before Luna could do anything she felt a stretching sensation and her vision went black. Luna began to breathe quite rapidly, panicking; she kicked a hoof, and when Luna felt something solid, she opened her eyes in surprise.

“Ow! Luna, that was my face!” Celestia groaned, holding a hoof to her nose.

“Celly? Celly! I'm back, I'm back...” Luna began to sob softly. The Day Princess touched her horn to Luna's. Relief traveled like a wave from older sister to younger along the magical touch. Luna stopped crying, simply breathing steadily.

“Thank you, Celly. I... I was so scared that I was back on the moon...”

“I understand. But... was that all? Surely, there must have been more to make my sister fall unconscious?”

“Celly, there was...” Luna grimaced. “There was a great asteroid heading towards Equestria.”


Rumors flew around Ponyville as the ponies tried to make up for any lost time during the scare. Twilight Sparkle was especially frustrated as she sat in her library, looking over her star charts; but, unable to concentrate, in a fit of frustration she swept all of the charts off the table. Twilight had finally gotten used to accepting the Pinkie Sense, and now suddenly it chose to fail her? She sighed and rested her head on her hoof, looking out at the gorgeous sunset. Pinkie, of course, still thought that something was going to fall, so she had stayed inside Sugarcube Corner all day.

Twilight grumbled as she picked her star charts up and put them back on the table; as she was doing so, something odd caught her eye. There was something odd about two of the charts, both of which dated from about 500 years ago. She looked closely at the two side-by-side charts, knowing that something was different, but unable to place just what it was exactly. Her curiosity aroused, Twilight forgot all about the events of the day as she sat down and went through the stars on the charts one by one.


The two rulers of Equestria were standing together in the Royal Observatory, panting heavily. Celestia pawed the ground angrily.

"How? How did that asteroid resist our combined magical strength?" puzzled the white alicorn.

"Did you feel it too, Celly? It was like the thing was diffusing our magic."

"Yes, I did..." Celestia trailed off.

“So, Celly, what do we do now?”

"We wait a little bit, recharge our energy, and then hit it with a more concentrated burst of energy,” Celestia answered in a matter-of-fact tone. “Oh, and we don't let any of our subjects know of it. If word got out...”

“I understand that part, Celly, but why should we wait? Couldn't we transport ourselves to the moon and focus its energy? I am the Moon Princess, after all. Or couldn't we even use the Cannon?”

“NO!” Celestia recoiled vehemently. She closed her eyes and sighed. “I'm sorry, Luna, but I can't. I'm rather tired right now.” Princess Celestia turned away and walked slowly to one of the observatory's windows, looking out at the horizon lazily. Her fading sunset this day was magnificently red and orange, the sun barely lingering on the horizon, almost sorrowfully. Luna seemed to sense her sister's feelings, and lowered her head. Neither of the Princesses spoke for what seemed an eternity.

“What's wrong, Celly?”

Celestia looked back at Luna. “Nothing, Luna... nothing is wrong.”

Luna frowned, not satisfied. “Celly, you are officially the worst liar I have ever met. Now, tell me what's on your mind.”

Celestia's shoulders slumped a fraction.

“I can't,” whispered Celestia. “I could always talk to you about anything, Luna, but in this one aspect I'm not ready yet. I will tell you eventually, but that day has not yet arrived. Please, don't push this."

A swirl of emotions flowed in Luna's head, but eventually she just walked over to her older sister and nuzzled her lovingly.

“Anything for you, Celly.”


“Aha! That's what it was!” Twilight shouted in triumph. “I found the discrepancy! Now... what is it?” Twilight pulled out Clopernicus' guide to the stars and flipped through the pages until she found what she was looking for.

The Blue Wanderer, found in the sky near the constellation Equuleus. When viewed closely enough, it is bright blue in color. It is notable because it has not always been present in the Equestrian skies; it was first discovered in the year 503. There is much speculation as to how the star came to be, but none of the theories have much credibility since most of them are folk tales. Some suggest that it is a comet, but its distinct blue color would seem to contradict that hypothesis, as comets are not usually blue. Others are convinced that it is instead a magical construct or a star, but they have no way to explain its appearance, since nopony has ever taken credit for creating it.

There is not much available data about The Blue Wanderer, since all attempts at magical probing have failed; spectroscopic analysis of the star reveals that it is mostly composed of an unknown substance. No hypothesis yet has explained this anomaly.

“Hm... that's weird. How would a star just show up? Luna couldn't have put it there, she was in exile.” Twilight looked out the window at the night sky, thinking about the mystery. Then her eyes widened, and she face-hoofed. Twilight quickly went up to her telescope and searched through the sky for the star. She went to the area of the sky that the charts indicated, but... there was no blue star there. Twilight checked her charts again, and refocused the telescope. She identified Equuleus, right there, so The Blue Wanderer should be right...

There was no star there.

Twilight gasped. She stood in shock, her mind racing. Twilight raced downstairs, looking for parchment to write a letter to Celestia.

How did the star disappear? If it was Princess Luna that took the star away, then how did it get there in the first place? I doubt Princess Celestia would have had any reason to put it there, so does that mean that there is another being capable of altering the night sky?

Twilight finally found the paper and began scratching a note to the Princess.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I have recently learned of the existence of a certain star, called “The Blue Wanderer”, which appeared in the night sky during the year 503. Now, this very night, I have discovered that it is no longer among the stars; it is gone. Since Princess Luna could not have put it there, I am curious to know if you put it there, and if you did not, then... who did?

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle


Celestia had just laid her head down for a quick nap when a familiar mist appeared and became a scroll right in front of her eyes. Intrigued at what could possibly be going on for Twilight to send her a letter at this hour, she opened it and read. Her eyebrows shot up.

“That's interesting...” Celestia sprang up and opened the door to her bedchamber. “Shining Armor!”

The Captain spun around. “Yes, m'Lady?”

“Fetch one of the librarians and the chief astronomer, and tell them to bring the astronomical records from the year 503.”

“Yes, Princess!” He bowed, then ran off. Celestia closed the door, then called for Luna with a telepathy spell.

“Luna, I think you should come to my room. My faithful student Twilight Sparkle has uncovered some interesting news.”

To herself, Celestia whispered “Twilight Sparkle... you always were my brightest student.”

Luna appeared next to her sister in a literal flash.

“You wanted me, Celly?”

“Yes, I was curious; do you know of the star "Blue Wanderer"?”

“Blue... Wanderer?” asked Luna, baffled.

The Princess of the Day frowned. “I was hoping you wouldn't say that.” Celestia turned to one of the bookshelves in her room and pulled out an unassuming blue-covered book.

“What's that for, Celly?”

“It's one of the volumes of my journal,” Celestia commented as she flipped through the pages. “I made sure to record any important events from my own perspective, and I'm pretty sure the unexplained appearance of a star would qualify as 'important'. Aha! Here it is.” Celestia scanned the page and frowned again. “That doesn't sound good.”

Luna gulped. “What is it, Celly?” Celestia simply showed Luna the book.

February, 503 (Strange Star)
Today I felt an enormous energy shock from the depths of our solar system. I could not identify its purpose nor its origin, since I passed out during its entirety. Later in the day I was notified by my chief astronomer that a strange new star had appeared in the night sky. I cannot help but believe that the two are somehow connected, although I cannot as of yet verify my suspicions.

-Additional Notes
As of October 503 I have observed no harmful or malicious signs from the new star, nor have any new magical bursts been detected. I am almost afraid to pen my thoughts, but perhaps it was an attempt by my sister Luna to escape? I hope that she has not figured out a way to do so, although I cannot stop wishing that she were here....

Luna could read no more. She handed the book back to her sister.

“It wasn't me, Celly. I... I did try to escape at first, but-”

“That's enough, Luna. The past is behind us.”

Luna's body suddenly froze, taut with tension. She felt as though something were pulling on her, coming closer, closer...

The blue asteroid drifted towards the planet Equestria. Its path was so close to the planet's orbit that it very well could just fly past the planet without harm, and it seemed on course to do just that. Until, that is, the moon's gravity began pulling the asteroid in. The blue hulk's path curved gracefully, inexorably, towards the moon, which was now between Equestria and it. The asteroid, attracted by the moon's gravity, was steadily being pulled into a crash course with the moon. It seemed to come down to the final seconds, whether the asteroid would impact or not... and then, the asteroid, traveling at a thousand kilometers per hour, skimmed along and bounced off of the moon.

Luna cried out in pain, as though the rock had struck her instead of the moon. She collapsed to the ground, pain everywhere.

“Luna! What happened? I felt an explosion!”

“The asteroid...” Luna said weakly. “It hit the moon... but, it didn't- oww! It didn't really hit the moon; it... it scraped the moon, and now it's going to hit us.” Luna was gasping for breath.

Celestia's expression fell. “We'll have to destroy it quickly, then.”

Luna was still shaking from the trauma. “I don't know if I'm up to it, that impact really took the wind out of me. We... We could always use the Cannon-”

“Luna!” Celestia interrupted sharply. “You know that that is only for absolute emergencies; you know what it takes to charge up a shot from it. And this is not so dire as to merit its use!”

At that moment, the door opened and two ponies walked in, carrying a few ancient books.

“Your Majesty? You requested our presence,” said the astronomer, Midnight Gaze. He noticed then that Princess Luna was shaking and sweating. “Uh... Your Highness? Is everything... okay?”

“Ah, yes, my dear sister has just had a shock, is all. If you would be so kind, please watch over her and while you are, look for any information you have about the Blue Wanderer. Luna, tell me if you learn anything new while I am gone.” Luna nodded, and the two other ponies bowed respectfully.

“Very well, Princess.”

And with that, Princess Celestia teleported away.


Twilight was looking over her notes again when she heard the sound of somepony teleporting into her home.

“Hey! Who's down there?” Twilight called out nervously.

“Ah, Twilight, there you are,” said a familiar voice. Twilight Sparkle stiffened in recognition.

“P-P- Princess Celestia?!”

The Princess strode up the stairs, a warm smile on her face.

“My faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight came to her senses and bowed at the mention of her name. “You can dispose of the formalities. I only wish that the circumstances of my visit were not so... dire.”

“Oh! What's wrong, Princess?”

“That star you mentioned in your letter, the Blue Wanderer, well... it's not actually a star. It's an asteroid, and unfortunately, Twilight, the asteroid you saw is no longer in the sky because it is about to hit Equestria.”

The purple unicorn's mouth dropped to the floor. “B-but... that would mean...” she did some quick calculations in her head. “The force from such a hit would be catastrophic!”

“Yes, Twilight, it would be. So, naturally, you and I are going to stop it.”

“We are?”

“Of course! What kind of ruler of Equestria would I be if I let something like that happen?” Celestia grinned. “Would you mind if we use your telescope?”

Twilight simply nodded, curious as to the Princess' plan. Celestia telekinetically adjusted the telescope until she saw the asteroid through the scope. The Blue Wanderer appeared as a bright blue and orange fireball descending upon the planet. The asteroid seemed to be heading directly towards Twilight's telescope, almost as though it knew it was being watched.

The princess began casting a spell, and the telescope's many parts drifted apart while still maintaining the basic appearance of a telescope.

“Twilight, I need you to focus all of your magical power into the telescope.”

“Yes, Princess.” Twilight scrunched up her eyes and her horn began to glow purple. When she went to discharge her energy, she found that the telescope had become, in effect, a reservoir that was designed to hold magic. Twilight poured her energy in, and kept straining, putting all of her power into it. At last, she felt nothing left to put in and stopped. Panting, Twilight looked up at the telescope, now a gleaming tube of raw energy. When Twilight glanced at her mentor, she noticed that Celestia looked very drained as well.

“Would you like to do the honors, Twilight? I have already put in my magic, which will act as guidance for the beam.”

“Um... I think you should do it, Your Highness,” Twilight mumbled, nervous of such destructive power.

Celestia nodded with a look of such understanding that Twilight couldn't help but wonder what the Princess was thinking. Twilight watched her mentor aim the telescope right on the blue ball, and take a calming breath. She inched her horn closer... closer... tap- BOOM!

A huge ray of purple and white energy shot out of the telescope, startling Twilight so much that she fell backwards. Twilight watched with both horror and wonder as the beam collided with the faint glow of the asteroid and created a distant, massive explosion. The young unicorn's expression was one of awe as she watched the fiery blue explosion.

The Princess was still looking through the telescope when her face folded into a tired frown as she saw a few small chunks of blue hurtle out of the flames. Celestia stepped back and Twilight jumped over to look through the telescope.

“Oh no! Princess Celestia, parts of the asteroid are still falling! What went wrong?”

Celestia looked at the pieces once more through the telescope, but did not appear troubled. “It's alright, my student. Based on their current trajectories, I can tell that they will be landing far from any kind of civilization. There shouldn't be any problems.”

The lavender unicorn breathed a heavy sigh of relief, but in her mind lurked the remnants of doubt.

“Thank you, Twilight. It has been quite the evening, but I am exhausted and I can tell you are as well. I shall take my leave of you now, my faithful student.”

“Okay, Princess Celestia. I'm glad you came; I enjoyed learning about all this.”

With a warm smile and a gracious nod, Princess Celestia prepared to teleport to her Palace, but before she did, she sighed softly, sadly, and looked at Twilight with a strange, unusually warm glance of affection. And then, the Princess was gone.

After a moment of shock, Twilight left the balcony, still somewhat dazed, processing the events of the evening. As she lay in bed trying to sleep she couldn't help but puzzle over the Princess' odd behavior, but that thought was soon lost in the maelstrom of ideas swirling in Twilight's restless mind. Just as a merciful sleep descended on Twilight at last, one final thought made her smile: I guess Pinkie Pie was right about that falling object...


Out in the open ocean, the choppy waves were thrown hither and thither by a fierce wind. From the gray, overcast sky a fiery, bright blue missile erupted and crashed into the water, startling the fish that were nearby. The blue substance was fractured by the impact, and the pieces that remained sank into the dark depths of the ocean.

The Western Wastelands lay still, hardly a breeze blowing in the boiling desert heat. Rocky outcrops the size of houses poked out of the ground like spears, marring the landscape. Plateaus and crevasses ran hither and thither like spider webs. Into this hellish environ a screaming blue meteor came crashing down from the sky, shooting up a huge cloud of dirt and dust. It took only a few moments for the debris to settle, and the blast crater was quickly lost amongst the pock-marked earth and heat waves.

Deep in the Everfree Forest was a lake; rather, something more like a swamp. Its stagnant waters were suddenly and mightily disturbed as a pony-sized chunk of glowing blue rock impacted it at several hundred kilometers per hour, leaving a huge crater which quickly filled back up with foul water, leaving no trace of the disturbance. At the bottom of the pool, however, the blue glow began to spread across the swamp, ever so slightly, ever so slowly.