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....I like pie? @.@'

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"A trully masterpiece"
-Gamespot 10/10

Now, seriously, I like it, great job dude

Poor little ShutterFly. :fluttercry:
Oh well, good story. ;3

Why would Chrysalis want revenge on the Crystal Empire? She never knew it existed, more than likely.

She would want revenge on Cadance and Shining Armor. The Empire would merely be a food source.



What's the matter with evil? lol.

SEQUEL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

4667018 Young lady I love evil; I deal in evil and if possible I would be a super villain. But everyone follows their own moral code and stealing someone's lover just to meet an end goes against my morals.


Ah. A gentlemen evil doer. It's rare to find many of those around here. :P Well, I didn't mean any harm for this fic. It was all in good fun just to go a little darker than I normally go. Next time I'm diving into the safe world of Octascratch. :)

4670777 I also admire a lady of evil like yourself, your manners make you quite...fetching.
In any case the reason why I was upset is because Discord is one of my favorite characters ever invented and to see him get played like a cheap fiddle irritates me.
Looking forward to that OctaScratcg btw, not my OTP but it's pretty damn cute.


Thank you. ./////. I wouldn't say that I'm evil in the slightest though. :P I just have a very unique taste in stories and writing. I am also a very big Discord fan. I ship Fluttercord. :) They're one of my favorite pairings. ^^ I think they are making Discord softer which each season and it's starting to bug me a little. I like that he went back to the dark side a little. I won't say anymore for those who haven't seen 4. No spoilers! :x That would be evil. ^^ Anyway, I look forward to finishing the Octascratch fic. I'm having a bad case of writer's block sadly. :( I should probably do a fic more Discord worthy eventually. :) So much to do so little time!

4679838 I may not be much help but if you want to talk about it i'll help you if I can.


I'll get it when I figure out what I want to do with it. Thanks though. :) Just tell me what you think of it when I finally get it up....that didn't sound perverted at all. >////<'

4689611 Don't worry, I won't judge it based on how long it is, only how much I liked it and how it feels.

4694382 I was going for more laughs at my use of penis humor but i'll take what I can get.


...how did I not catch that was supposed to be penis humor? -face hoof- Well, I guess the feels was an appropriate comment after all...? @////@'


Fluttershy's cuteness seems to help tame him to some extent so why not? :P

This needs a sequel. Like, yesterday.

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