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I absolutely dislike shipping. Shipping is rubbish.


MLP: FiM is rather hit or miss and it's a dirty shame, so here are the less well done moments and this fic has alternate endings/scenarios/moments to those moments.

Note: I disqualify episodes where they learn their lessons such as Bridle Gossip.

Other Note: If you folks dislike this I'd like to know why.

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If you don't like the name I'll be taking suggestions for new ones.

You should do one with the Mane 6 and townsponies getting chewed out for their hypocrisy in Ponyville Confidential.

5231617 Someone already did that, but it epicly derailed into a snow queen plot of 200 chapters or less.

5230852 I think you should just remove twilight's punishment all together because she actually did nothing wrong, directly OR indirectly. What she did was refuse to try to upstage Trixie (for fear of losing her friends because they'd think shes a fat headed braggart), than went to her library to cross check facts to see if Trixie was telling the truth or not, and help prevent disaster by way of ursa minor and by probable extension of proxy eventually ursa major. Other than that I completely agree with the others punishments.

I think people are taking this WAY too seriously, and should take the sticks out of their asses before they downvote the story. It's clearly not meant to be taken seriously, but apparently everyone's scene of humor died.

Need an editor? I saw a few errors that disrupt flow.

Dear Twilight,
I ran off to Las Pegasus with Rarity.
Remember how happy she was with that fire ruby I gave her?
Well she gave me her ve, ah ve, vi,.ah, Gosh, It was our first time.

Be back in two weeks. Don't worry.



Thanks. Also, how have you been? We haven't talked in... A while.

5231617 I'll get there when I get there.

5231679 For letting Snips and Snails off the hook?

Comment posted by Ellington deleted Nov 5th, 2014
Comment posted by Ellington deleted Nov 5th, 2014

5232912 Their punishment is ultimately not up to her, so its not like she saying they are off the hook actually means anything anyway.

(Edit: I would also suggest adding a comedy tag to get some of the hard asses off your case.)

This isn't supposed to be funny folks, it's supposed to be accusational.

I would say banning her from the reunion is too harsh. She's being a bit of an ass, but honestly? The idea that she found his injury or death a funny idea is erroneous. What amused her was him falling asleep on that ice, which is funny, since it honestly led to no serious injury or death. Had there been a need, she would have leaped to his assistance in a heartbeat.

In the end, I would advise Twilight to be more considerate of Spike, but also the next time her parents show up? Point out her front door, and inform them politely, but firmly, that if she is banished from the reunion, they can leave.

A further note to those who claim this is not meant to be serious? I have seen no indication on the author's part to show it is in any way his intention for this to be a humorous or lighthearted story. Quite the opposite.

5239118 I'll have YOU know I lost a dog from that. And at my elementary school a student lost his life from that. And you call catching an extreme cold unharmed? If that's not bad I don't know WHAT is.

5239459 There are things in this world well beyond an extreme cold. I have experienced some of them. My heartfelt condolences go to the child's parents.

A few points.

1) Spike was never seen to actually fall into the water, and it strikes me as unlikely that the ponies who adore his scaly head so much would have actually let him fall into that lake. More than likely he was removed before it could come to that point.

2) This is born out by the fact that, at the end of the episode when he is taking down Twilight's letter, he shows literally no sign of illness. He is wearing a robe, yes, but many people do at such an hour, and he falls asleep to his mother/sister's amusement, but he has done so repeatedly through the episode.

3) He is a dragon, albeit a very young one. He has a thick hide, a protective layer of scales, a belly which creates literal fire internally, and a digestive tract so robust, he consumes gemstones. Even if he did fall in, he would be left almost entirely unharmed if he was retrieved quickly.

Again, as to Twilight's course, my advice remains the same. If her parents deny her reunion with her family, she has a right to give them the very same treatment.

I am not welcome at the reunion? You are not welcome at my house.

P.S. If you are still taking suggestions for new titles, I would suggest "Just Deserts."

5240078 Twilight's not doing that to her parents because she knows she deserves it.

5241754 That's because Twilight's too nice and too forgiving. I mean I know they're your parents Twi but show some backbone for Faust's sake.

Continue making these, they are great

Comment posted by Brony Soprano deleted Nov 8th, 2014

5241754 Then she knows wrong. A snap? Sure. A chewing out? Even that is justified, to a point, but denying her entry to the reunion?

Too much by far, and Twilight would be well justified in barring them entry to her home.

5241931 Indeed. Nobody talks to me in that tone in my house. Twilight needs to be more assertive, about a lot of things. Even with your parents, there are limits as to what you should accept, and what is unacceptable.

"Okay, maybe I did act a bit callously, but that's too much. He wasn't even hurt, for Celestia's sake. Get out."

I have an idea! You should change the title of the fic every update as a running joke. :pinkiehappy:

this wasn't fun

if you're not willing to go with the flow of the episode why should reader go with the flow of the story?

Yes, yes... Let them suffer! Let them suffer for their actions! :pinkiecrazy:

5243146 Oh yes it was! I personally enjoyed this! :pinkiecrazy:

5231733 And that, my friend, is exactly the problem with fanfiction about this series. Fans, particularly those crazy-ass bronies, will think it's canon and throw a fit. They think "Pinkamena" is canon and that Pinkie is secretly psychotic. And there's other things just too numerous to mention. This is a reason why I think ill of this community because all fanfiction here is just taken too seriously. We write fanfiction because we love to, not to piss others off. For a while, my fanfic "Sister Dash" was taken too seriously until I clearly stated I wrote it to vent over how much I hated the Mare-Do-Well episode. So in short, your statement is 100% valid.

Okay, I'm a bit concerned about the use of these middle names. Is it necessary?

I'm not surprised at this conclusion, Rarity has always made me doubt her since the first episode

5243234 Maybe you should make second alternate ending to winter wrap up where Twilight yells back at AJ after using her magic.

5243082 The problem with that becomes new ideas for names. It can be more of a challenge than it may sound like.

Why does Spike get leniency for being a minor but not Snips and Snails?

This fic in a nutshell:

This is like a 90's anti drug commercial

"Hey Granny, ah have good news! Th' Bad Crowd said ah could join 'em. All ah have ta do is take a drug!"
Applejack gasped, "A drug?? Applebloom, don't you know that drugs aren't fly?"
"But all th' kids're doin' drugs" objected Applebloom, "it's as cool as pogs!"
"That's whack" said her brother.

5232912 well they did deserve some sort too punishment for brining the ursa but in that episode twilight did nothing wrong
She gets punished after saving the town from snips and snails's mistake, sorry but I think that was a bit far

5255796 It probably was. but if you read it you'd see she's being punished for not punishing Snips and Snails.

5255939 well technically she had no authority to punish them, as of this timeframe she was a librarian and not their guardian
There was nothing for her to be punished for, she can't give them a proper punishment for something that is not related to any position she had

5255962 Well then she's being punished for punishing them anyway. :trollestia:

5255970 giving them moustaches was in no definitions of the word a punishment

Comment posted by Ellington deleted Nov 11th, 2014

no, just no

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