• Published 30th Jun 2014
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Teen Titans Trapped in Equestria - Blood_rose_doll

When the Teen Titans are thrown into Equestria they must learn to get along with the population, live amoung ponies, and get home before Jump city is overrun by villans.

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Raven was sitting in her room with one of her magic books open in her lap. The spell it was open to was supposed to be a dimensional spell but she had tried it a few times without anything happening. She had everything set up: the sand was in a circle around her and the lit candles circled that. Each time she said the incantation the sand would glow but nothing else would happen. She sighed in frustration and closed the book. She stepped out of the circle and left her room. She headed to the kitchen and started to rummage around in the fridge.

"Hey, Raven!" Raven turned from the fridge to see Robin. Raven nodded and turned back to the fridge. "Something bugging you? You're usually not up this early unless you stayed up all night." Raven looked over the fridge realizing there was nothing she wanted to eat and closed it. She turned to find Robin a couple feet away from her.

"Just... Having trouble with a spell," Raven responded.

"Oh." Robin looked a little deflated. He knew nothing about spells and knew he couldn't help her like he wanted to.

Just then Starfire floated into the room and flew over to them. "Good morning, friends!" Robin turned to see her and Raven slinked over to the couch.

"Morning, Star," Robin replied.

Starfire floated over to where Raven was and sat next to her on the couch. Starfire said nothing and just waved at Raven. A small smile spread across Raven's face before she went back to her stoic look. Cyborg soon entered the room and yawned. He brightened up a bit and walked over to the kitchen. "Who wants waffles!?"

Raven perked up and quickly made her way to the bar. Cyborg laughed at that and went about making waffles. Starfire flew over to Robin and looked down at him. "Shall I wake Beast Boy so he may also enjoy the waffles?"

"You can try, Star."

Starfire flew off and everyone knew Beast Boy would be hard to wake. He liked to sleep in and hated waking up early. Raven was served the first batch of waffles and as she was pouring syrup on them Beast Boy stumbled into the room. He walked over like a zombie and sat at the bar. Cyborg chuckled at his sleepy friend and went over to the fridge. "One order of tofu waffles, coming right up." Raven took a bite of her waffles and smiled around the fork. Raven zoned out the rest of the world as she enjoyed her waffles. Soon her own waffles were gone and everyone else was enjoying their waffles. She stood and Robin looked over at her.

"Going back to your spellbooks?"

Raven nodded and headed back to her room. There she sat back in the circle and placed the book back on her lap. This time she allowed herself to float just above the ground and she focused all her magic into her spell.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos... Carazon Rakashas Enderez... Vaserix Endrien Azarath... Equestria, EQUESTRIA!"

The circle of sand lit up and finally sprung up and touched the ceiling. Raven's eyes glowed red as more and more of her power flowed into the spell. The candles started to flicker and the ground beneath her started to shake. Soon her whole room was rumbling and some of her books fell to the floor. The candles all blew out and a lot of them fell over. Finally, the shaking stopped and Raven fell to the floor in a heap. She stayed there for a few seconds before getting up and running to the living room. There the rest of the team except for Starfire was on the ground.

Raven started to help Beast Boy to his feet when she saw outside for the first time. She dropped Beast Boy and ran over to the huge window. The sky was brighter than normal and a rainbow even graced the sky. What really sent Raven for a loop was that Jump City no longer stood below the tower. Now a brightly colored town lay before her. The rest of the team got up and walked over to where Raven was. Robin was the first to turn to Raven looking for an answer. Raven backed away from the window holding her head as her mind started racing for an answer herself.

Robin took a step towards Raven. "Raven?"

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" As her emotions started to get out of control the couch started to lift into the air. Robin saw this and took another step towards Raven.

"Raven, calm down." One of the many screens in the room shattered. Robin stepped up to Raven and placed his hands over hers. "Raven, it's alright... we'll figure this out together. Just calm down." Raven took deep breaths and slowly calmed down. The couch touched down on the ground and Raven let out a sigh. She dropped her hands and leaned up against Robin. "Now what happened?"

"I was doing a dimensional spell that was supposed to transport just me into another dimension."

Beast Boy looked out the window and then back to Raven. "So we're in a different dimension?" Raven let go of Robin and nodded to Beast Boy. "Can you get us back?"

Everyone looked at Raven and she shook her head sadly. "The return spell is only good for one person, it can't bring back a whole tower."

Cyborg stepped up to Raven and Robin. "But you brought us here, right?"

"Not on purpose."

The rest of the Titans looked at her with sad expressions. Then Robin patted her on the shoulder. "You'll figure this out. In the meantime we should go down and see if anyone can help us. They might have just the book we need." The Titans nodded and walked towards the elevator. "Will the elevator work?" Cyborg walked up and pushed the button. The elevator doors opened and he smiled.

"The tower has backup power that can last for a couple of years."

They entered the elevator and came out on the bottom floor. As soon as they exited the tower they ran into something they had never seen before: standing in front of them were six brightly colored mini horses. The strangest thing about them was that two had wings and one had a horn, and the one in front had both wings and a horn. The horses looked just as surprised by the Titans as the Titans were of them. At least as surprised as mini horses could be. The one in front nodded to the others and they took off all around the tower. The two with wings flew up high and the two with horns stood there while their horns glowed. The two without horns or wings ran around the tower. The Titans simply watched them move about. After a few minutes each returned and nodded to the one in front. Finally, the one in front stepped forward and opened its mouth. "What are you?"

All the Titans took a step back and finally Robin spoke up. "What are you? How can you talk?"

The mini horse sighed and looked to the others. "I'm a pony and my name is Twilight Sparkle."

Beast Boy cracked up laughing and the little pony glared at him. "No way that's your real name."

The pony's glare deepened and she took a step forward. "And what's your name!?"

Beast Boy stopped laughing and stared seriously at the pony. "Beast Boy."

One of the ponies with wings and rainbow hair started laughing. BB glared at the pony and crossed his arms. Finally Robin stepped forward toward Twilight and cleared his throat. "My name is Robin and I'm a human."

One of the ponies with wings perked up at that but didn't say anything. Twilight took another step forward and then flapped her wings so she got off the ground. She flew around him and Raven stepped up to defend her friend. "It's not his fault we're here." Everyone turned to look at Raven and she took a step back. "I brought us here by mistake."

Twilight landed and walked over to Raven. "You brought all of this here?"

Raven nodded and the pony turned around to the group of ponies. "Spike take a letter." A little dragon popped out from behind one of the ponies with a scroll and quill. The little dragon walked over to Twilight and stood at the ready. "Dear Princess Celestia, a group of unknown creatures and a large building have appeared just outside Ponyville. The creatures are calling themselves 'humans' and claim to have brought themselves here. Go ahead and send it." With that Spike rolled up the scroll and held it front of his face. Spike blew out a green flame and the scroll burned up.

Robin stepped to the side so he was back in front of Twilight. "Who is this princess exactly?"

"She's the ruler of this world."

The Titans looked at each other and then Robin looked back to Twilight. "Are you sure you should be contacting her then?"

Twilight looked up at Robin in confusion. "Of course I should! She'll want to meet you, after all."

Robin looked to his friends who also had no idea what to do.

"Twilight Sparkle." Twilight looked over at Raven as she said her name. "Do you happen to have any spell books here?"

Twilight perked up at this and flew into the air. "You know magic?"

Raven looked to the other Titans for help but they were busy talking amongst themselves. Raven looked back at Twilight and nodded. Twilight flew up to Raven and pushed her hood off with a forehoof. "How can you do magic without a horn?" Before Raven could answer, Spike coughed up a scroll and Twilight landed on the ground. The Titans watched in amazement as she magically lifted the scroll off the ground and read over it. As she was reading Raven walked over to the rest of the Titans. Robin glanced at her as she lifted her hood back over her head.

"Do you think we should trust them?" Robin asked.

Raven glanced over to see the ponies were having their own little conference. "I think they are asking the same question." The rest of the Titans glanced over at the ponies and then turned to Raven. "I think the best plan is to trust them for now."

Robin nodded but Cyborg shook his head. "We don't know anything about them and this dimension doesn't seem to have any internet. I've been trying to connect since we got here."

Beast Boy looked to Robin and Starfire started to float just above the ground. Raven looked to Robin who sighed. "For now we trust them. We have no other choice at this point."

Starfire's face lit up. "Oh joy! I will go and fetch my little bumgorf." With that she flew back to the tower and Raven sighed. She turned back to look at the ponies to see they were still talking amongst themselves.

Finally Twilight nodded to the others and turned back to the Titans. She walked up to Robin and looked up at him. "The Princess will be here tomorrow for now you all can come to the castle."

Robin turned to look at the tower just as Starfire floated out holding Silkie. The pony with rainbow hair gasped and flew up to Star. "How can you fly without any wings!?"

The ponies stared at Starfire in amazement and she gave them a confused look. "I just use unbridled joy."

Twilight flew up to Starfire and started to circle her. "And what exactly do you have in your hands?"

Starfire smiled down at Silkie and held him out from her body. "This is Silkie, he's my bumgorf."

Twilight stopped circling her and stared at her in confusion. "What's a bumgorf?"

Robin smiled and walked up to Starfire. "Bumgorf is a Tamaranean word for a child. Starfire thinks of Silkie as more than just a pet." Twilight seemed to think this over and then sighed.

"I guess we should save the questions for each other until later. We should head to the castle for now. Follow me."

Twilight started to walk toward the town. Robin and Starfire were close behind. The rest of the ponies started to follow and the rest of the Titans looked at each other. Finally Raven shrugged and started to follow everyone else. Beast Boy sighed and turned into a hawk. Cyborg was the last to follow and soon he had caught up. They made it to the town and started to make their way through the streets. The town was full of ponies and all of them were staring at the Titans. Most ponies stopped in their tracks when they saw the Titans and stared in wonder. A few ran and hid in their houses and one poor pony fainted. Finally, after walking through what felt like half the town, they made it to a huge castle. Robin looked up at it and then to Twilight. "This is your castle?"

Twilight nodded and walked up to the door. She opened it and walked inside. The other ponies were quick to follow and Robin turned to the rest of the Titans. "Let's not go into too much detail about crime fighting and your powers for now." The Titans nodded and Beast Boy turned back from his hawk form. With that, Robin and the Titans walked into the castle.

After they entered, Twilight sighed and sat on the floor. "I think first we should start with introductions." She turned to the other ponies who were lined up next to her and pointed to each one as she introduced them. "This is Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity." The ponies waved as their names were called and then Twilight turned to Robin.

"Well, this is Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire."

"Now how did you get here and where did you come from?" Twilight asked.

Raven stepped forward at that and Robin let her have the floor. "I was doing an inter-dimensional spell to transport just myself into another dimension, but I guess I used way too much power, transporting the entire tower here. The return spell is only good for one person. I have no idea how to get us and the tower back."

Twilight thought this over and put a hoof to her chin. "Inter-dimensional magic is still just a theory here but we have books on the subject. Unfortunately they are in Canterlot. I'll have to ask the Princess when she gets here if you all can go to Canterlot to study them, but you would need to bring your books as well."

Raven nodded and looked to Robin. "Sure. They are all back in the tower in my room." Robin nodded to her and Raven looked back to Twilight.

Twilight looked positively giddy and was nearly bouncing up and down. "Great, I can't believe we might actually crack dimensional travel! This would be the biggest breakthrough since teleportation magic."

Robin thought it over and then turned to the Titans. "Ok, so Raven... you go back to the tower and get your books. Cyborg, you go back and see what systems are active. Beast Boy, you can go check out for new animals like I know you want to. Starfire, scope out the town, and I'll see about getting to know the landscape."

The Titans nodded to their leader and Twilight cleared her throat. "That's all fine, but I really think you should take one of my friends with each of you. I'll be busy trying to come up with a plan for when we get to Canterlot but my friends would be more than happy to go with you." Twilight looked to her friends but they were all backing away. "What's wrong guys?"

Robin sighed and kneeled down so he was more at eye level with Twilight. "I don't think your friends are willing to go with any of us. I think they're afraid of us."

Twilight looked at her friends in shock. "Is that why none of you have said a word since they got here!?"

Applejack sighed and took a step forward. "I reckon we all figured you would handle this, Twi. We don't really know how to deal with 'humans'."

Twilight giggled at her friend. "Well, neither do I but you all taught me the importance of being a friend to somepony who needs it and right now these guys need some pony friends if they are gonna fit in."

Applejack nodded and step up next to Twilight.

"Count me in!" Pinkie yelled and bounced up next to Twilight as well.

"I’m not afraid of anything! You can count me in , too," Rainbow Dash said and flew over to join her friends.

"Well darlings, it seems as if everypony is agreed," Rarity said as she walked over to join the group.

Everyone looked to Fluttershy who eeped and hid behind her mane. "Um, if you’re all going I’ll go too… If that's okay." came her meek reply as she darted behind Twilight.

Twilight looked back to the Titans and smiled. "See, you can each have a personal guide to Ponyville."

Robin sighed and stood back up. "I guess it will make it easier. Since we're new, we'll let you guys decide who you each want to go with."

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