• Published 11th Apr 2012
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Steamlord - The Psychopath

A man decides to leave his destroyed world for a new one. He goes slightly off course...

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Gem search

The man and his bodyguards were all in the medical room. The little yellow dragon was inside of a horizontal capsule and was receiving antibiotics as well as a water directly into her veins. However, what she really needed now was food. Upon closer inspection, this little creature's scales were of a surprisingly bright yellow. On her eyes was what seemed to be two diamond-shaped green scales. The base was barely noticeable, but the majority of the scales elevated themselves above their location and bent slightly back towards the rear of the head. On the head of this dragon itself was a strange layer of green scales which elevated themselves slightly as well. They followed a specific pattern and, near the neck, seemed to detach themselves slightly to serve as some form of extension comprised of scales. A type of "neck tail" if you need a comparison. This "teck", as one would have it, only went as far as the normal tail, who was rather long and sleek for a young dragon's tail.

This poor creature was breathing heavily, and this worried Steamlord, who was looking over her capsule.

"Security system, how are vitals?"

"Vitals are stabilizing quickly, but her body is in a dire lack of nutrients. She requires sustenance in the form of solids as soon as possible."

"Any acceptance to receive liquid nutrients?"

"Negative. Host's body requires unknown food source."

"Wait...plants and synthetic meat has been refused?"



The man started to walk in circles while his bodyguards just watched him in their respective corners. Their creator started to mumble to himself and then snapped his fingers after a sudden realization.

"The library!"

"Yes. That would be the best place to find information on what these reptiles eat. Although, I can't drag you three along this time. You must watch her closely. If she wakes up, open the capsule gently and try to keep her in place. SS, I can trust that you know your way around calming minds?!"

"What makes you think that?!"

"Are you kidding me?"


"Right. I'm going alone to the library this time. Don't send the three until I send a distress signal."

"Yes sir."

As the man was about to exit the ship, he pushed himself back.

"One more thing, how are the repairs for the scanners?"

"Total scanner repairs at ninety percent. You will soon be able to send an orbiting probe drone to the upper atmosphere and scan the surface of this planet."

"Perfect. Well, I'm off."

The inventor jumped out of his ship and landed on the ground. His determination in finding the specific book needed to save this child was a type of burden for his heart and mind, but he wouldn't have another life lost by his hands. There will never be a second Ash Fall, and he was there to be certain of it. This time, he went directly through the forest and ignored the safe route that he and the Crusader Knights usually took. Instead, he literally ran right through the non-devastated parts of the forest, literally passing right by the dangerous beasts that were lurking about. Sprinting through the trees and arrived almost immediately at the small tow, but he didn't stop here. No. He quickly checked his MPWG for the location of the library. Once he found it, he literally knocked over three ponies passing by. They looked around in confusion as they stood back up.

Steamlord stopped in front of the door to see the lavender pony and the dragon from before exit the place. He entered before the door had time to close and turned off his cloaking device. With fury and valor, the man valiantly tore through the shelves, hopelessly looking for a book that could help save the dragon he found. Suddenly, the book he was holding was forced shut, and all entries and exits looked like they were sparkling with a strange sparkling purple magic. Steamlord dropped the book as he looked around himself in irritation.

"I don't have time for this." he yelled out loud.

"Don't have time for what? And what did you do with my books?" said a voice behind him.

It was the lavender pony from before.

"What are you and what are you doing here?" Steamlord ignored her and tried to pull out another book. "Ah! You aren't taking another book. I'll ask again before I start getting serious. Who or what are you and what are you doing here?"

"I don't have times to play with you, little pony. I'm looking for information on dragons."

"Are you trying to enslave them or use them?"

"Are you nuts? For what purpose would I have to control dragons?"

"Then why do you need to find information on them?"
"Because I found a baby dragon who is terribly sick and I need to know what they eat."

"Terribly sick?" the magic faded away from the books. "What do you mean?"

"I found a baby dragon laying down near its dead parent. She had apparently not eaten or drank for the last five days. I have the necessary for her medical needs and liquids, but she has nothing to feed on. And, so far, she has refused to eat any plants or meat."

"That's because they eat jewels and crystals." said the lavender unicorn with a know-it-all look on her face.

"What? Do you know a lot about Draconic physiology?"

"Not much. I only know as much as I know about Spike."

"The little purple dragon?"

"Yeah. The one you knocked out along with me the last time you came here." there was more aggressiveness in her tone.

"Then I need you to come with me. She needs more detailed medical knowledge than I can provide."

"I'll come with you. But don't knock me out."

"No. I'll simply blindfold you. I don't want you to know where I am. Agreed?"

"*sigh* Fine. But no funny business."

"I was going to say the same to you."

As the man took a piece of cloth from his pocket, one used for cleaning his goggles, he placed it around the lavender pony's eyes. While he did this, the pony asked him an obvious question:

"And how are you going to get me out of here without anypony noticing?"

"I have that covered."

"If you say so." she said sarcastically.

As the barriers disappeared, Twilight heard the door open and felt herself bounce as she was carried on this creature's back. Instead of hearing screaming and gasps, she heard nothing. She didn't understand it, but it was happening. She wasn't sure if she was being kidnapped or if this creature would get her back to her home, but it was too late to go back now. In a quick moment, she could smell the scent of pines and thick foliage. She was in the Everfree forest.

"Wha-? Are we in the Everfree forest?"


"But it's dangerous here!"

"Tch, so?"

Twilight couldn't help but get frustrated at the non-chalance of this creature. But she didn't have time to react as she felt herself get pulled down by the gravity of a jump and land with some sort of hollow, metallic "tink". She was gently placed on the floor. However, the nano-second a single atom of her hooves touched the floor of this area, she heard extremely loud sirens deafening her along with the sound of a mare's voice:


Besides the sounds of three claymores seemingly unsheathing, and the choking feeling Twilight started to have in her neck as she gulped carefully, her blind-fold was ripped off rather violently by a hand that wasn't the one of the creature that brought her with him. No. This one was mighty scary and was white with black figures "painted" all over it. It had a giant claymore which was separated from the unicorn's neck by a single millimeter. Twilight stared nervously at the blade as she noticed that two other similar looking beings had their's pointed towards the sides of her neck.

"That's enough. She is a guest who will help the young dragon heal."

The robots looked up at their creator and removed the blades almost immediately, hitting their chest with a fist in their way of showing their understanding. The lavender pony sighed in relief.

"What are they?"

"My bodyguards."


"Yes, my "Crusader Knights". Now please, let's just get going. I don't want you to stay here any longer than necessary."

"Sound like somepony is trying to hide something."

"Maybe I am. Now follow me. The medical room is near the engine bay."

"Engine? Where are we?"

"Somewhere under the sea in a city full of crazy people."

She looked skeptically at Steamlord.

"You never asked our PRECISE location." Steamlord said with a smirk.

"Fine. Don't tell me."

"Here we are."

The man opened the door leading to the medical room. Twilight was still too small to see what was in what looked like a glass casing on a single, giant table stretched out in the middle of the room. As they walked forward, Twilight couldn't help but look at all the strange things around her. They looked like flashing lights and weird screens similar to her lab, but this equipment looked much more advanced. The creature stood next to the table, while the bodyguards went to the corners to watch everything that would happen.

"Security system. Lower the table please."

The table lowered itself, as if magically. Yet, this creature didn't seem adept with any form of magic.

"How did you do that? You don't seem to be able to use magic...unless you're like Discord." said the pony as her eyes squinted.


"Nevermind. Oh no!"

Twilight quickly jumped over to the still sleeping baby dragon.

"Is she going to be okay?"

"I don't know. She was in a humid cavern for five days. She might have a sickness. Could you check her out for me?"

"Of course."

Twilight started to check every part of the sleeping dragon, even opening her eyes. This revealed beautiful lime-green iris to be the dragon's eye color. After manipulating a bit of light with her magic, the unicorn saw that the baby dragon's pupils retracted.

"So...what's your name?" asked Steamlord.

"It's Twilight Sparkle. Yours?"

"I have a name, but I will speak of it to no one. Instead, you can just call me Steamlord."
"Well "Steamlord", heh, you seem to have taken good care of this little dragon. She's in good health now, but she still needs food."

"For the healing, you can thank Security System."

"The pony who shouted earlier?"

"PERSON. And she's an AI. An artificial intelligence."

"Oh. Well, um, thank you Security System."

"You're welcome." Twilight preferred to not ask where that voice came from.

"Now then, about the sustenance...where can I find gems and jewels?"

"They're in the diamond dog plateau. There are tons of them, but, as the name says, there are Diamond Dogs there."

"Dogs made of diamonds?"

"No. They're just dogs who love to dig for jewels."


The man grabbed his left arm and fell against a bodyguard which caught him before he fell.

"Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine. Help me get this jacket and shirt off Hospitaller."

The robot helped its creator seeing as this one could, apparently, no longer move his left arm. When his shirt came off, Twilight gasped as she was taken aback by what she saw. The man finally took off the single black glove on his left hand, revealing the entirety of the thing that served him as an arm.

Besides his unimpressive muscle-mass, a portion of his left side was missing. He had lost his entire left arm, shoulder included. In its place was a golden-colored mechanical arm. It seemed to be made up of a type of flexible framework, and looked akin to a skeleton's arm. Many protected wirings flew through the arm like veins as cogs spun whenever the arm would move slightly with every motion the man made.

"Security System..."

"Already preparing...proceeding."

Gigantic mechanical arms and other appliances descended from the roof and started to work on Steamlord's arm. A shot to the muscle around the mechanical body-part, and the man could not feel anything at that particular location anymore.

"Much better."

"What...what happened to you?"

"This? This is what happens when you try and fight your own technology."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Perhaps some other time. When I can trust you. In the mean time, SS!"


"Have you found this "Diamond Dog Plateau"?"

"Affirmative. Mineral deposits indicate a large amount of "precious" minerals."

"Good. Teutonic and Templar, you two go to that Plateau and try to find a maximum of jewels as you can."

They released steam and headed out.

"Wow. They really obey you."

"They're my best robots. They take care of me and I take care of them. Ungh!" Hospitaller had a hard time holding his creator up, but Twilight held him in place with her magic.

"Interesting. Thank you. You can let go now Hospitaller."

"You're welcome."

"Before you say anything else, would it intrigue you to know just how far I had to go to fight against my own creations?"

"I'm not sure I do..."

"Then I'll just take off my goggles."

Struggling with his left arm, Steamlord simply raised his goggles up for them to rest in his hair. He kept his eyes closed and warned Twilight that she might be shocked with what she would see, but this one dismissed the possibility after seeing his arm. However, she still looked appalled.

Steamlord had lost his left eye, yet, fortunately, his right was still intact. In place of the left eye was machinery. The pupil was a single glowing blue orb, while, behind it, several discs were rotating around the stem holding the blue orb in place. Twilight couldn't help but put a hoof to her mouth.


"Member loss is nothing compared to what I had to endure, but I accept my past. I tend to look forward instead of back, and my robots as well as Security System have allowed me to do this."

Twilight looked around the room before returning to the sleeping baby dragon. She was moving again, and the gentle beeping of the machinery helped the unicorn to feel reassured about the health of this little dragon.

"So...what the fillies said about you helping them with their bullies is true?"

"You mean the ones who Templar helped out of the forest?"

"That was you too?"

"No. That was Templar."

"Who is Templar?"

"The robot in white and red."

"Oh. The one who left with..."

"Teutonic." Steamlord said in irritation.

"Ah. The ones who left to get the gems?"


"Aren't you worried about them?"

"They killed one of those scorpion things made of stars in two seconds, so I think they can deal with some dogs."

"They...they managed to kill a scorpios?"

"So it even has the name of the constellation? This world is very interesting."

"So you really aren't from around here?"


"Then where are you from?"

"That is one of the things I won't tell you until I know I can trust you."

"Hmph. Fine. Don't tell me."

"They have returned." announced SS.


The sounds of metal hitting the ground did indeed announce the return of Templar and Teutonic. They came into the room, their arms full of gems and jewels of various colors and sizes. Twilight looked amazed at everything they had found in such a short time, but jumped when they just dropped everything, causing a loud "thud" followed by the little clicking sound of jewels rolling onto the floor to resonate once more throughout the room.

"Now what?"

"Just let me deal with this. Um... Se...Security System?"


"D-d-do you have a cup or a small bowl?"


A compartment under the table opened up, showing a small grey bowl with a spoon in it. Twilight put the spoon aside and levitated some gems into the air. She actually managed to break them into miniscule pieces after trying hard enough, and placed the pieces within the bowl, much to the amazement of Steamlord.

"So...thanks again for saving the girls and this baby dragon."

"You should thank Templar there for saving the "Cutie Mark Crusaders"."

"Oh...so you heard that?"


"Well, thank you very much Templar. Without you we couldn't have found them."

Templar straightened himself proudly at these thanks. The man, on his part, just realized something. There were one of these talking ponies within his ship, and she had one of those tattoos. A chance like this would never come by again!

"Umm, one question Twilight Sparkle."

"You can just call me Twilight."

"Okay then, Twilight, what are those tattoos on your posteriors? I've seen nearly every pony with them wherever I have gone."

"These? They aren't tattoos. They're cutie marks."

"...Beg your pardon?" Steamlord looked skeptical.

"They appear when we discover our special talent. My special talent is magic."

"...Really now? Because I thought that all unicorns had magic."


"It's okay. I get it. You're more adept with it than anybody else."

"Well...not everybo-pony else."

Before Twilight could continue, grunts started. The little dragon was waking up.