• Published 11th Apr 2012
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Steamlord - The Psychopath

A man decides to leave his destroyed world for a new one. He goes slightly off course...

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"Hi Twilight." Steamlord said blatantly with Sunrise still hanging onto his leg.

"Steam, that was...I'm not sure if I should say amazing or horrible."

"Why horrible?"

"Your bodyguards single-handedly defeated an entire royal guard regiment. That's an affront to the princesses."

"So? And who is this?" Steamlord said while staring at a little yellow and pink ball who was shaking wildly.

"That's Fluttershy." answered Sunrise.

The little dragon was still sniffing, but she had regained herself.


"What's wrong?" asked Twilight.

"Hmmm...she looks strangely like that pony that I saw the first time I entered this world. The one who was tending to the animals. I think it's her house that we accidentally destroyed. I apologize and hope I can make up for it."

To this apology, the pegasi stood up and nervously looked at the towering beast in front of her. It wasn't so much his size that scared her, but rather, his appearance.

"It's okay. It was fixed up quite quickly. I understand why you fled when Rainbow Dash chased after you. You know who she is, right?"

"I've had an encounter."

"How was it?"

"It was...good at first, but then she taught me something I am still disturbed about...Either way, I must return home for a brief moment."

"I suppose I have to stay here?" complained Sunrise as she folded her arms and gave a pouty lip.

"What? No. We haven't been spending enough time together. I'll need you to help me with the canisters."

"Ooo! What's in 'em?" said a Pink pony that came out of nowhere.

"Pinkie Pie? Where did you come from? You almost startled me."

"Don't worry Fluttershy, I won't scare you. So, what's in the canisters you're bringing? Is it presents? Candy? PRESENTS?!"

"NO!" yelled Steamlord. "Come on Sunrise, Crusader Knights."

The five left quickly for the forest. While they were gone, the three mares started to gossip amongst themselves:

"Wow. Did you see what those three guys did? They were all like WHAM and then BAM! Then some SCRPROOH and more explosions! MICHAEL BABOOM!"

"Michael what?" Twilight asked in confusion.

"I dunno. It just came to mind. Hey Fluttershy, what do you think about him?"

"W-well...I think he's very nice. He did take in a little orphan dragon. And she looks so kind too. Her scales are also very pretty."

"I know. She just seems so...strange for a baby dragon. She's unusually polite too. I thought that dragons were violent and mean. I did see how the adolescent ones acted when I followed Spike during the migration."

"How did that go, anyways?" asked Pinkie Pie. Twilight gave a nervous smile.

"It could have gone better. Eheheheh."

"Twilight?! Pinkie Pie?! Applejack?!" yelled a pony.

Twilight recognized the voice and called for the mare:

"Over here Rarity!"

"Twilight? Oh! There you are. Hey girls."

Rarity had apparently galloped quite far. The scenery was quite troublesome as well.

"Wha...what happened here? Is this what all that ruckus was?"

Some ponies had already started to try and move the debris away, not trusting what the creature had said.


"Yeah! They went all BOOM and then KABLAM! MICHASPLOOSH!!"


Twilight sighed and took in a deep breath as she started to explain everything that had transpired, from the inky mist to the monster hunter being slapped. While Rarity was trying to get answers, the sound of metallic footsteps stomping on the ground crept closer to the group. Turning around, everypony saw Steamlord and the other four carrying large metal containers, looking similar to a barrel. They each dropped the barrels onto the floor next to the four mares. Even though the containers were too big for Sunrise, she seemed to have no trouble carrying one over her head. She didn't seem to notice, despite her obvious struggles, that Hospitaller was carrying the back of the barrel with one hand while carrying its own barrel on its shoulder.

Sunrise lied down against one of the barrels, sweating wildly, while Steamlord started fiddling with his MPWG. This enraged Rarity.

"Hey! How DARE you put this sweetheart into such tasks! YOU should have been the one to carry that barrel, not this poor dear." Rarity said while giving the sad face to Sunrise.

"Blahblahblah. She wanted to carry one. So, I gave her one. She's pretty strong, huh?"

"What?! You can't-" Steamlord lift an eyebrow. Rarity understood immediately. "I mean, well, yes. She does seem pretty strong for her age, but that's not a reason to do what you do."

"Bah! Don't worry. LIke I'd put her in any thrateningpositionandwillYOUSTOPTOUCHINGTHOSE!"

Pinkie Pie kept hitting the barrels trying to figure out what was in them. She stepped back and smiled embarrassingly after Steamlord yelled at her. The man shook his head after a sigh and continued to fiddle with buttons on his MPWG. However, the holographic screens started to pop up, allowing for 3d manipulation. The appearance of these things struck Twilight's curiosity.

"What is that?"

"It's my Multi-Purpose-Wrist-Gauntlet. It's something I created."

"It looks very advanced."

"It is. I don't think you have anything that can compare to the technological level that I wield."

"Ship repairs now at fifty-four percent." said a strange voice out of nowhere.

"W-w-what was that?" stuttered Fluttershy.

"That's just Security System. She helps a lot around our house." Sunrise announced proudly.

"What did she mean by "ship repaired"?" said Rarity.

"Nothing. Ignore that part."

"Steam, do you think I could borrow your technology so I can study it in my laboratory?"

Steamlord twitched, and Teutonic grabbed him while the two other knights stood in front of Twilight Sparkle.


The surprising strength of Steamlord's voice was literally heard throughout the town, and even the Everfree forest, as some birds flew high into the air. The ponies stared with wide eyes at this sudden fury shown by the "gentle" Steamlord. Even Sunrise was terrified, and she still liked the Knights after their display. Quickly, though, Teutonic let go of its creator, who started tapping furiously on the symbols showing up on the screens.

"There. That should be it. I suggest you stay back Rarity."



The lids of the containers flopped off and what looked like sparkling black water flew into the air and landed on everybody in the area.

"Ew! EWEWEWEWE! This is SOOO gross! You could have warned me! Oh, it's going to take weeks to get this out of my mane."

"You find that disturbing? Security System, assume control of nanobots and begin repairs on the nearby damaged structures."


Rarity froze in shock as the "water" started to crawl off of her and everything around. An eye twitch and the white unicorn fell upon the ground, apparently unconscious. Pinkie Pie decided to mess around with these things and kept jumping in front of the massive wave, only to have the tiny legs of the nanobots scurry over her, tickling the pink pony wildly. However, Pinkie Pie stopped her games when she saw the massive "shadow" float over all the debris and make this one disappear. The waves would then go over a portion of a damaged building that the piece corresponded to, and rebuilt everything perfectly. The Ponyville citizens were surprised and watched these little contraptions rebuild their town.

"And that is how my nanobots save the day."

"I apologize earlier if I offended you Steam, but I must know, what ARE they?"

"Those are my nanobots. They each grab a molecule of the building pieces and use their sub-molecular scanners to find with which type of molecule the ones they currently possess corresponds to."

"So, basically, they're assembling puzzles?"

"That's one way to put it, yes."

"Umm, excuse me, but, um, can I bring Rarity back to her house?"


"Okay. Pinkie Pie, could you help me, if you want to..."

" 'Course I do! See you later!"

Twilight stood next to Steamlord and Sunrise, who just looked at what the nanobots were doing.

"So...um...Steamlord...could you tell me why you don't want to talk about your past." Twilight said while staring at the ground. Steamlord didn't move.

"When princess Celestia invites me to her castle. I will tell you and everyone else of my past. And you'll see just to what extent I went to try and stop the "Ash Fall"."

All in all, the day went pretty neatly, but there was still much for Steamlord to do before choosing to stay within Equestria. For today, however, he was going to spend some time with Sunrise. They were going teh explore teh sights, enjoy teh loevly telefone booths, and so on. He was going to need to get ready for the future audience with the princesses. He was sure that they would like old hags if they were as old as told by history. Heheheh. Funny things already started rushing through his head:

"I remember, back in the day, you see those windows? Well, we didn't have windows back then. We had holes in the wall. And we had to take turns blocking them with our bodies for the night."

Okay, so maybe not exactly funny, but still humorous if thought with the old lady's voice. Steamlord wasn't exactly known for having good humor. Heck, even Security System had better humor than he did. It was going to be a long waiting time...