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Scootaloo gets some bad news in her early womanhood that changes her life. Filled with grief and sorrow of her past she strives to find content with herself.

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I've yet to see a story starring Scootaloo but its a welcomed change. So far its piqued my interest though I do think more could have been put in to make the amputation seem more emotional.

I know, that latest chapter was a bit rushed, and chapter 4 is somewhat done making it more emotional

This made me reminisce the good old days...

Keep up the good work!

I foresee heartbreak involving Winston and Scootaloo. The exact magnitude is uncertain, but will increase the later it kicks in.


Wonderful story. I remember when you where working on it in #brony :) still loving it. Just rated and commented.

Well written, and not too dark, but another incomplete story.

32035 I need to get writing on it I really do, And I have plans for the rest of the story so keep watching it!

Not to sound like a complete asshole and a brony that should get a hoof to the face (Probably already am) When is the next chapter coming out?

68808 I have a blog author following me? Noice!

He took queue and led the female to the door, leaving the money for the check at the podium. He propped the door open with his back hoof, letting the girl out before himself, then taking his place next to her.

It's cue, not queue. A cue is a signal sent to someone to prompt him to begin to do what he's supposed to do. A queue is waiting line. :twilightblush:

Winston nodded in reply. “Yes, it is, if the harvest doesn’t there is no worry of going hungry.

You accidentally a word and a " :trollestia:

Still a good story. Would read again.:twistnerd:

Woohoo! An update!

Its so awesome when after months you find a story isn't dead ^^

:pinkiegasp: *explodes*

I've been waiting for this since forever!! :pinkiehappy:

you captured me:yay:

Nice. Its about time it came out (I know, I know, writers block) but Im glad it is, cant wait for the next chapter!

I've been looking everywhere for this fic! I can't wait 'til it's done.

Why is Applejack an old mare? She isn't that much older than Applebloom, only like, ten years.

Put it in this perspective, around 9 1/2 years passed since the beginning of the fic.

It started with scootaloo being 18-20
20+9 = 29
29+10 = 49
A lot of people get sickly in their late 40's

Also, I put her at a little close to 12 or 13 years older than Bloom

Also, grey hair doesn't denote extreme aging.

217904 I know, but I don't think an Apple would get sick enough to die at forty, I mean Granny Smith was around eighty to a hundred and still kicking strong. Seeing as how Applejack spent most of her life eating right and getting lots of exercise. Also, 29 + 10 = 39. So that is really young for any pony to die, short of accidents.

Erm, yeah, math was off, derp, either way, things happen, accidents, I have lost someone in this manner, but at a younger age compared to the applejack in this fic

I gonna have to agree with Soulsilver on this one. Applejack would be a lot younger than you have her portrayed here. Its a good chapter none the less, but it just needs some tweaking, that's all.
Either way, it's a heck of a good story and I applaud you on your hard work.

I really like the story. But unfortunately, the only parts I found well written were when Scootaloo was alone with herself. The other characters seem flat, and the conversations move too fast. Better than I could have done though, so good job :). Its a great idea, and I think you should go over it an rewrite some parts when everything is finished. I would definitely read it again if that happened.

I can't help but wonder why apparently none of Applejack's friends visited her. Did they really drift apart that much as they grew older? There were some implications earlier that Twilight had died, but nothing much was said of the rest of them. I suppose since this story isn't really about them, maybe they did visit, just "off camera" so to speak.

Somehow this story has a generally ominous feeling to it that makes me keep expecting more things to go wrong. Then at the end, when everything Scootaloo had left has faded away, she'll finally achieve her first, and last, true flight, soaring forever upward until she disappears into the infinite sky.

But then I'm probably completely off the mark.

First time I've cried since My Little Dashie...

no comments?
I remember this was one of the 1st fics I ever read
I stopped after the 3rd chapter cause of losing it in the massive place known to us as EQD
but still could never forget it :)

awwwww still no updates? :applejackunsure:

God, why the no comments?
it feels like taking' a walk down memory lane reading this

man, this takes me back...this was when I lost teh story, so everything after this point is new to me

I just cant shake off the feeling there's gonna be a twist somewhere in here

god, me want more

When are you going to update this story? I'm really enjoying this.

i have one issue and it's a bit nitpicky. why is there an ocean near Ponyville? i mean, i'm one for getting aesthetic details right to the letter and i'm eighty percent certain that Ponyville is in the middle of Equestria. Cities like Baltemare, Phillidelphia and Manehatten are on the coast, but Ponyville is smack dab in the middle.

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