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Diamond Tiara has tormented the Cutie Mark Crusaders for ages and showed no signs of ever letting up. When she's forced to do a project with Apple Bloom, the two must spend a week together. As they spend time together they are shocked to find that they start enjoying each other's company.

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So... You're basically writing KiroTalon's 'The Most Unlikely of Places', just switching which CMC and which bully?

This is pretty good. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what's next!

4606242 Oh, it's the great Diamond Tiara x Apple Bloom shipper! I'm a big fan of your stories, so thanks for the compliments.

4606208 I've never read that story before. I wrote chapter 1 a LONG time ago.

4606358 I thought I recognized this. It's a reupload, right?

4606464 No, I wrote it ages ago left it on my computer then kind of forgot about it as my life got busy. I've never uploaded it to any site before.

4606501 Hmmmm.... I swear I have seen this exact thing before. Coverart and everything.

4606505 Well the image is just a common screencap. As for the familarity of the story, bonding over a school project is a pretty common idea so maybe you read some other similar story.

4606528 I've read one or two other stories with DT and AB, neither of them are the one I'm referring to.

You wrote Diamond Tiara out of character. The real Diamond Tiara would've let Applebloom die while laughing with delight.

4726484 Diamond Tiara isn't nearly that cruel. She's just your typical playground bully, likes to cause trouble, but that's it.

4731988 What about "Ponyville Confidential"? What about "Flight to the Finish"? for Celestia's sake!?

4739508 That was pretty typical children bullying. A lot of kids are like that in real life. They'll do what they can to act like they're better than everyone, not caring if they make fun of a sensitive issue for another child. I don't have too much experience being bullied, but I do remember I was picked on somewhat when I was younger and even ended up being pushed on the ground and kicked. Diamond Tiara isn't even that bad.

I like this story. But I'll tell you something; Timber Wolf bites must be the worst. I can think of any other kind of bite that would leave splinter behind. well except maybe George Washington.

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