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Hi to keep it short I like to read. My oc name is Cloud Runner thats about it.


Twilight messed up a spell again. And you can be sure it will be funny. She has disobedience like there is no tomorrow! She turns into a teen again. Well not exactly her mind set.

AN: is meant to be some what OOC. And random as ever. Well maybe not as random... but still is!

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This Twilight sounds way more fun.:rainbowlaugh:

4728081 So you like the story? This is just my take on how a normal teen would act in this day and age. I'm a 15 year old in one month. I never done any thing that I wrote but sisters have. That's were my inspiration came from.

Yea I liked you story. And OMG! I'm turning 15 in a month too.:pinkiegasp:

4731665 What day? Is it the 19th? That's mine. :pinkiehappy:

Mine is 17! At least it's close.:pinkiehappy:

And now to ruin someone's day... I'm turning 23 in twelve days. I'm going to DRIVE to A CLUB and get DRUNK lol.

Eat it...

Naw just kiddin.

And yes this twilight sounds much more fun. Great story.

4825580 thanks. :pinkiehappy: and you can still do that stuff because your over 21.:derpytongue2:

4825644 damn right I can!!! Lol.
And I do. Not always proud of the morning after though...

4826671 HANGOVERS TO THE MAX!!!:pinkiesick:

4826683 yeah granted they are bad...that's not what I meant..... LOL!!!!!! Let me put it like this... I moved when I was in third grade to this city. From then till about a week ago one girl in my class has HATED MY GUTS and decided to make my life hell...or so I thought.

4826819 Yeah needless to say I was rather confused (being a guy I can't understand girls if my life depends on it) luckily she is hot otherwise I never would have lived it down. Especially since we are now dating...

4826879 Takes on mistake to turn into something good. (im a girl and will never understand guys) And yah i mess with this one boy i like. cant wait for 10th grade to start in a week to start to do it again.:pinkiecrazy:

4826961 I'll never forget the look on her face...:rainbowlaugh: you are more right than you know btw. If you ever need help with him let me know. I may not understand girls but I understand dudes just fine. Btw drop subtle hints via friends like getting them to walk past him saying something like "I know (enter your real name here) has a crush" and another one says " we have to get her to tell us." This will give you an idea of his self worth and whether or not he has feelings for you by the way he reacts when you see him next. I know. I'm scary good. :pinkiesmile: this also keeps him from wondering why they were talking about it near him. You are welcome. Psychology rules.

4827085 thanks. i will try that. you are good. lets see if it works when i see him.:pinkiehappy: and yes psychology rules.

4827171 if all goes as I'm expecting it too you should be able to ask him out. After a few "tests" just to be sure. Carrying heavy things and asking for his help. Etc... You are quite welcome. I am a rather helpful person. Especially when it comes to the happiness of my friends. Besides what harm can a ray of light in a dark world do?

I imagine actual teenage Twilight was a lot like her brother was in the comic Neigh Anything, a complete dork.

5315052 I agree, but as more of the studious type instead of D&D.

this really need a chapter where she makes herself a little foal twi

6642682 Just like all my other stories XD

6643397 well kinda but make it more like cadence taking care of her


It could flash-blind everyone around it...

... causing a little old granny to misstep and fall down some stairs...

... right onto a kitty cat, who darts off and climbs a tree...

... which makes the hawks who made a nest there fly off in panic...

... letting them see a roast beef sandwich left unguarded upon a table...

... which they steal, leaving a poor man without his sammich. You bastard.

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