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forever alone and loving it ( not really im so cold at night ='(

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this got my attention, been looking for Assassin Creed stories here and this one got my interest, hope to see more in the future :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

i don't think this story is getting the credit it deserves so far, i like it.

Awesome story:pinkiehappy: but with Anon, is it first person or second person?:derpyderp2: Can't wait for mre!!!:yay:

Wow.... Assassin's Creed stories never get enough credit. I'd love to see someone from the Kenway family line in this story though! :pinkiehappy: (Just 'cause I am addicted to AC 4 Black Flag!)

MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

I wouldn't be surprised if Anon's love interests turns out to be Diamond.


Keep writing and this story will get featured I know it! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. I have to say though. Where is Celestia and Luna in this humans are slaves thing? I can't really imagine Celestia allowing the treatment of sentient beings as slaves, by ponies no less. Or is this a story where she is going to be OOC?

This is a really good story. It has a few grammar errors but nothing to really complain about. Anyway, I was wondering if we could maybe get some backstory about how this happened. How the humans became slaves and such or how the Assassin order came to be in Equestria. Also maybe a little spin-off of the characters romantic interest?

Achilles! as in The Achilles form Assassin's creed three?!

4988343 that is for me to know and for you to find out on the later chapters.

this story is so cool, when is the chapter 3 coming out?


arno and anon are a really close match names,but still good story so far,can't wait for the new chapter


Its still great, how you think of the situations in the story

“Then by all means, Double, speak if you don’t mind.”

when did I get involved

:facehoof: Are any main characters not somehow affiliated with the fucking Templars?

Rainbow and Terry. Interesting.


and no they must all be Templars.

5357300 Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

Good job, but why in the world would anyone let that girl have booze? Is there no law against it? there should be.

I am surprised that we see no human assassin hunters used by Templars. That would be epic.

Bring more Assassins. Create an army! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!


Great chapter. I'm surprised that there are good Templars.

5548974 to the Templars they are the good guys, but to the assassins they are bad guys, and vice versa. They still kill humans and ponies who help humans, but they still kill Templars who go evil.

:rainbowhuh: So the human Templar's are taking down human sympathizers while they're fighting other Templar's like Iron Will, who are trying to create personal gain while also ruining any pavement for human rights, and the Assassin's, who are fighting for human rights and freedom while also fighting Templar's that are working towards their own personal gain.
I don't know about you, but I feel a collaboration between the Assassin's and the good Templar's to fight against the bad Templar's while also getting ready to fight each other, or at the very least form a truce.

Okay, does this make any sense, or am I wrong in any way?

5549720 your close, but I can still tell you that even if they have some same intentions to kill bad Templars the assassins will still fight the good human Templars since they still follow Celestia's orders to make sure humans are still slaves and kill any bad Templars using their status to get what they want. Their intentions look the same with what their doing, but no matter what moral actions they do the human Templars are evil in the assassins view, and the assassins are evil in the templar's view. And if the human Templars ever find themselves I counter the assassins they will fight each other no matter the circumstance regarding them both killing bad Templars.

5551716 if you read the comment I gave bnk1029 you can understand about why the Templars and assassins will never form a temporary truce. But if you still don't understand ,then just keep reading the story till the end so I will reveal to you the truth about the Templars and assassins.


hey I'll read anything about assassin's creed especially this ones

Wow, Saint and Artemis really have trouble with their mothers and Mike is screwed if Saint finds out about him. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

5736724 most stories I read give high praise to humans having ponies as good parents. I decided that even ponies who are adopted parents can have mistakes and also have a bad relationship with their children too.

i like the story but can you please explain how the humans came slaves and what era is the technology like (please tell me that their technology is very similar to the show with one or two expectations)

(please this is my opinion and my not trying to have go at you but just point something out)

because a lot people always forgets that we humans are masters at building, creating and destroying. because we do not relay on ability, we always relay on are head or crate something to get around problems. but if you say the equestria is all modern like our world and it was all made by equestrians your basically saying that every human on equestria as no purpose and all are literally not needed at all a.k.a the human race could go extinct and no will miss them.

ponies will have no need for modern weapons because they mainly relay on magic, so it is only logical that they will not update their weapons as often. but we human are always updating new technology so it makes sense that the human will have better weapons than the ponies [humans use modern rifles and pistols] = [ponies use civil war or older rifles and pistols]

the flight-suits the human tempers were using you could say that it was their creation or designed by them because i just not see what use would a pony, griffin... or any other equestrian fucker would have use for it, i can only just see Humans using Flight-suit, no-one else.

and will say this again his is my opinion and my not trying to have go at you but just point something out

5737147 your right, ponies making human like technologies that only humans might use more then Equestrians is strange, but I want readers to keep wondering and be more interactive in commenting in the story, because that makes explaining the whole situation about humans into slaves and other things questionable will all be answered in the later chapters piece by piece. I am sorry if some of the chapters confuse you, but I want readers to keep guessing and have their own ideas and theories about my story. So thank you for your comment and I will give some small explanations in the next chapter.

5737334 could make human a little bit of a fighting chants if their was a battle or something
like humans made a suit of armor that cancels out all magic around it making all equestrains that have magic in their blood very weak. = just an idea:twilightblush:

Continue writing this story, it is well made and well thought. The element of adding AC: Unity into the mix was great and it comes together well.
Nuff said

That was.....unexpected, but thank God you're back.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter, i'm sorry if this chapter seems to be a bit forced, i just wanted to get this one done before i leave for boot camp, so hopefully you all will like, and favorite this story and if you want to know why this is my last chapter for now, then go to my recent blog and it should tell you why. Thank you for your comments and i hope more will come its way!

It has returned!!!! Also will anon(or us) be shipped with anyone in this story?

Wait, isn't that the same title as Akame ga Kill episode 2?

You sir need an editor. But I'm happy to see the story back.

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