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Hello, I'm ZekeOfTheFreaks. I'm a simple MLP fan, not much else to me. I write some stories on occasion, but they're usually nothing special.


It was a typical evening for Source Code, a proud Las Pegasus resident. He was going out for a walk when he gained a companion, in the form of a young pegasus named Spectrum Winds.
Spectrum decides to stay with Source Code for a while, even though Source knows Spectrum's family must be worried about him.
It's when Source realizes just how much Spectrum's company means to him that things complicate for the two of them.

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This story has got to be the sweetest and most heart-warming story since My Little Dashie. Well done. :twilightsmile:

4712166 i knew it was only a matter of time before it was compared to that.

Nicely done. Sent comments to your facebook inbox.

Oh Sourcy... I didn't know you were from Los Pegasus! Damnit Specky, why do you have to be so damn cute?! Showing up out of nowhere and sleeping on a Pony, why can't he be here on Earth? None of you are related by blood? Is that true or is that just this story? It just... it fills me with such dissapointment.
Source Code just says "That's quite, facinating." Really Sourcy? Do you even care? Spectrum gets to see a star map and he just says "That's cool", Redflare would say "HOLY F***!! That's AWESOME!" But no, I get what you're going for. Spectrum is stepping into houses of ponies he just met.... this can only end horribly.
And then he slept in his house, oh Celestia, Spectrum! NOOO! He took your glasses off your face... and tried them on...that mental image is SO CUUUTE!! *squee*:rainbowkiss: And then he says he can see the universe... ohhhh my gorrrrd.... my eyes are already wetting!
Little brother already? I wish I felt that way... Specky keeps saying hello to his parents... if only he knew the truth! Awwww... you guys have so much in common! Five thousand bits... for finishing high school? Wow! I didn't get shet for graduating, then I go and become a Paladin and I have to keep everything secret... kinda! Comon Source... falling asleep when trying to watch after a little colt? Irresponsible, you require more disciprin! :trixieshiftleft:
Ohhh you just got tackled down by a little colt! You rascal... you rapscallion you! Hiding in the closet... awww, he wants to play hide n' seek! Hoy, you made Spectrum feel bad, slap yourself!
Cowboy Specky?! *hnnnnnnnghhhhh* Hmm... it's good having all these mental images, I can even see the art as they hold it!
How the hay did Specky get Fever's scarf? I thought that it belonged to Fever's father and was very... important to him!
Wtf, does Sensei live in the leaf village or something?? And now Spectrum is crying... I just wish I could cry with him! I wanna feed Spectrum... I wish he was my little colt and I was his daddy, I wish I could take care of him.
I love you, Source Code.
Morning tackles? Really... cmon man! You're killin' me! Blackout is only 14? I had no idear... I thought he was a grown up! Awww Specky is a shy pone! Ahhh... Spectrum is such a polite young colt! Awww maaaan, I want somepony to give me a piece of clothing to wear forever!

I leave this comment here for you. I love your story, and I wish I could feel the sadness, cutness, and love, but I can't... perhaps after I get some rest.

Noooo, Specky! I feel so bad when he's getting sick.... ugh... and now that the Fever Force has arrived, everything is gonna be A-OK!!
And they just looked at Source like he dun it... and Fever looking displeased.... that mental image hurts more than I thought it would, and it looks like Source is feeling it too!
Awww... crying on Spectrum's shoulder? Feeling pretty sad right now, shaking with weakness. Then they both cry and look at eachother! :fluttercry:
And now they're saying goodbye to eachother like they'll never meet again.... why does it feel like you're trying to rip out my heart? This has to be on par with My Little Dashie... I hate goodbyes!
Wow, that actually made me cry. THANK YOU SOURCY!

Brimstone made a scarf identical to Fever's for Spectrum. And Fever, Brimstone and Blackout don't all wear scarves most of the time. Blackout always has a pair of headphones, and Brimstone a necktie. Though it may have been difficult to depict their characters, you did a good job of it. Fever's surprised you knew about Brimstone's portal-making abilities.

I still do love my big brother so much!!!!

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