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This looks very interesting so far. I will favorite for more.

I hope this gets far. I like dis.

- Name

Fluttershy and Applejack wouldn't really like the city. Pinkie is too random to keep secret. Rainbow Dash can be a Bitch sometimes... (maybe that was stories I've read) Rarity is a diva. So i guess i'm gonna vote Twilight. :unsuresweetie:


So, it begins... :pinkiehappy:

Shit choosing a pony is hard. I love the story so far, pretty amusing. Sad though that some of this relates to real life though :(. Keep up the good work.

So does that mean my pony is a pet? In a way, yes; but they ARE sentient beings. They think, develop ideas, live, and talk almost exactly as we do. Though you WILL have to provide food, water, care, and shelter for them just as you would a pet.

The word you're looking for is sapient, then, not sentient. Sapience is abstract thinking and reasoning, sentience is reaction and (arguably limited) emotion.
Sapience implies sentience (in the case of organic life), but the relationship is not reciprocal.

Either way, interesting premise. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Eh it needs to be about 20% cooler


I am loving the 'scientists' running that website, their arrogance is palpable. Secure website that's Findable via 4chan? Selling pony slaves (lets be honest, they are bred to be sapient pets, they're slaves. Especially considering they have no qualms with them being used sexually, that is dark as shit, holy fuck) for two grand a pop? Breaking God only knows how many laws in the process and being stupid enough to use internet transfer of cash funds rather then, you know bitcoin, which is untraceable and is currently stupidly valueable (though it'd result in a much more limited customer base), AND selling these ponies to just any chucklefuck willing to buy, warning them not to let the world know ponies exist and expecting not to have the hammer dropped on them when this all explodes in their faces.

You have a story here, but it's not going to have a happy ending.

Oh this is going to be good!

I have just one question concerning the posibility that Twi wins the poll. Unicorn or Alicorn?

(Vote for :raritywink:)

You know what? I like this story. I really like it. It's a fantastic blend of real story and dark satire, and it already has me hooked.

I like this story so far, but I can't vote. I am that type of person who believes that everypony is best pony. :yay::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug::pinkiehappy:
Asking me my favorite pony is like asking me my favorite movie. It can't be answered. :derpyderp2:
So I will let the others make the decision, mainly because I will probably be ok with whatever it is.
Power to the People!

Thanks for proofreading. I will fix it

I'm basing the protagonist's thoughts, feelings, and life mainly around my own. This is under the assumption that my life is similar to that of many other bronies (not all of course). I did this so he will be more relatable to the readers. So if you feel that it relates to real life, then my plan must be working :twilightsmile:

It works very well. If I knew I could have one of the mane 6, I'd probably sell almost everything I have to raise the funds.

Ain't it just wonderful? I'm hoping we'll see something about the lab later in the story.

in the eyes of society, much of what we are doing is considered illegal, and morally wrong


Sure. Seems legit.

didn't you close your poll a little early?:fluttercry: I would have liked you to run it a few more days

Well, I can't work on the next chapter until the poll is closed. So if I wait too long then there would never be another chapter

4608648 true. I just hope it lists ip a dresses of those who voted. I would be upset that rarity won because somepony was making Gmail accounts over and over to inflate her rating. :pinkiecrazy:

Could've done more. But good job so far

There were 58 votes and 30 likes on this story as of my writing this. I call shenanigans. Someone tampered with the numbers quite clearly, as pinkie pie and some other pony( I think it was Twilight) were ahead when I had voted, by maybe 4 or 5 votes, not almost 10! I suggest getting new stats from this comment section, if only because it is more of a hassle to make sockpuppets on this site than to just go to the library and vote for your favorite pony as many times as needed with the multiple computers present. It wouldn't be hard to rewrite this chapter, as it only mentions the chosen pony a few times, and would only require small amounts of editing, but if you've already started on the next chapters character interactions to a significant extent, I suppose Rarity will have to do. If you are willing to do a more legitimate vote, I choose Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:

If you plan on doing voting in the future, I suggest using the comment section, as It is less likely to create skewed results. I am enjoying this fiction, and are eager to see what will come of it. :pinkiesmile:

Honestly speaking, who exactly is going to bother going through the trouble of doing that? Perhaps someone might, and perhaps it would skew the results, but I sincerely doubt that most people would bother putting up that much effort to tip the balance of a poll for a lesser known story like this.

I hope you don't ditch us. Most good stories never get more than three chapters.

YAAAAY!!!!! Rairity won!:twilightsmile:

4615385 you would be surprised to see what an "over eager" fan will do. I remember a site that had a daily poll and gave you points for predicting who would win. I found out the site had a bug they never fixed that allowed you to do the poll over and over and you often saw a one choice get several thousand votes while the rest would be lucky to get 100 or so votes.

So I agree, it may be a bit of effort to tally votes manually but it can like it vote inflation.

I also second his notion of redoing the votes. But if you don't I won't complain.
I would vote twilight, but I would enjoy pinkie pie.....

You could also pull a curve and some how he gets 3 ponies instead of 1. Shipping error, or 2 brownies were found to be bad caregivers and they send you their pinkie and twilight instead. Because? Why not!

1. There are almost 200 views on the first chapter. Just because they didn't like the story, that doesn't mean they didn't vote, even someone without a fimfic account can vote.
2. There's a reason why I chose a poll over using the comments. I've seen it plenty of times before, when you use comments the reader thinks that they can vote for whatever they want. In this case an example would be: Oh, I can only choose from the mane six, so I choose DERPY because Applejack is a background pony and Derpy is totally one of the mane six.
3. I monitored the votes from my phone as they started to go up, Rarity and Twilight were battling for the lead the entire way. Twilight would be ahead by one, then Rarity. One didn't suddenly just shoot up 10 votes. Pinkie, as you say, was never in the lead.

Just because you are butthurt that your excitable pink waifu didn't win, doesn't mean the polls were skewed in any way. Would I myself have chosen Rarity? No, but that's the point of voting. I would've chosen Twilight or Dash, but I'm not butthurt, and I'm not redoing the poll.

>tfw people are already getting butthurt
>tfw my story needs more favs and likes
Luckily for you, I have nothing else to write at the moment or any ideas for something else. So I won't be ditching this anytime soon.

.4616173 Cool. I like this story. Especially the first part.

I'm sorry that I came off as upset that Pinkie didn't win, but if you look at the differences in how many people voted for either Twilight or Rarity, nearly 10 more votes for each than the third highest, when at the time of my voting Rarity had about 12% of the vote, It seemed fishy to me. Regardless, I look forward to future chapters, as I like the premise. Also, 100% voted on cleaning his house at the moment, hah! That's what I would do in this situation.

Well this sucks rarity won. Reverse the decision, put twilight in.

Comment posted by heartbrokenpariah deleted Jun 29th, 2014

here's the thing he should do the least time consuming things first so he can get as much done as possible. so food shopping first. then either new clothes or cleaning depending on how long it takes him to decide on clothes. then when rarity gets there he should buy a sewing machine and fabrics as a gift. logic FTW

4616821 Really, pal, I suggest that you just let it go. It does seem a bit fishy...but does it really even matter? I voted for Rarity (legitimately, of course) because I think she'd make a great companion for our protagonist. I don't really feel like explaining my thinking process in detail, but I can if you want me to. Anyway, I believe that others had the same mentality as me, and that the voting is fair. Besides, it's not like the author will go back on his decision.

Awww your waifu didn't get voted in so now the story sucks. I'm so sorry for you.

First off I don't have a waifu. Second don't start start being an asshole just because someone says they don't like your story.

truthfully kick the clothing idea out. thats far to time consuming, while rarity may blaunch at his ability to dress, she needs food and she would blow a gasket if the house is dirty.
he can easily go grocery shopping and then come home and clean. if he is lucky and his town has a super walmart, he can get some fabric and a sewing machine/supplies while he gets food.

I was just assuming that you were mad about Twilight not winning considering the fact that you commented that a few minutes before your second comment about how it's going downhill. I'm sure if I commented on one if your stories and just stated that it sucked you'd defend it too, right? Anyways thanks for deleting the comment, that's more than I was expecting.

It wasn't really fair and I should expand on what I mean. First I didn't even vote for twilight, I voted for rainbow dash :). Second I didn't like the way the one guy acted and third the chapters are rather short after the first. I'll PM you to talk further because I hate taking up the comments with this stuff.

First things first; this is by far the best idea I've seen on this site. An interactive story, seriously? You. Are. Awesome. Second, well written, good style and pace, spelling is good. I love it! Please, continue ♥♥♥♥♥

Eh, it needs to be about 20% cleaner o3o

4617721 may I make a suggestion? For this poll take the top 2 poll results. While yes cleaning is wining by a large margin, if the mc rarely cleans he may not have cleaning supplies and would need to grocery shop to get cleaning supplies as well.

The reactions of people to this:
Them: No new chapter yet? Oh well.
Me: No new chapter yet!?!? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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