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When Fluttershy feels she is not giving the stallion she loves the sexual pleasure they desire. She has a talk with her two best friends in the world, Twilight and her lover Ambrin.

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felt like a generic "My OC has sex with a mane 6 character" story
sorry :facehoof:


Dafuq. Just ...dafuq.:facehoof:

"Ambrin is into hobbies that Fluttershy condemns like Hunting and Fishing and guns and all that stuff."

1. How does Fluttershy even tolerate his existence if he kills animals for sport?
2. On a related note, how would ponies even have invented the sports of hunting and fishing? They don't eat meat to begin with, and both of those sports evolved out of what was once a necessary survival task.
3. With this conflict between Ambrin (what kind of a name is that, anyway?) and Fluttershy, why would you possibly choose to make the issue in this story be Fluttershy's sex drive? That's generic and boring.

Ignoring all of the many technical issues here, your concept just doesn't work at all.

Well the first thing i noticed about this story is your bad paragraphing but i decided to read it eny way.
and it is just as Hungrybear said "My OC has sex with a mane 6 character" story.



his name kinda sounds like pills for a headache or something. :rainbowlaugh:

Agreed. I could have sworn it was "Ambien" before I took a good look at it. :rainbowhuh:

Since when did Equestrians have guns? Last time AJ doesn't walk around with a colt .45

She does in my universe!

432126 I misspelled the name of the plant poison Ambien (thinking it was Ambrin) Thats how he got his name.

432690 That picture just made my day!

ugh ugh ugh stop writing :ajbemused: thanks for ur time

Ради Бога, пожалуйста, прекратите писать! это было ужасно, и что не имеет смысла! Я согласен с Джейсоном, то не имеет смысла, вы пишете плохо, и вы действительно, действительно нужно научиться использовать свои очки.

439187 В Советской России, я не даю дерьмо!

439665 Не нужно проклинать

439688 Вы знаете, это неудобно для американской были только предложения он знает на русском языке

"Вы говорите по-английски?" и
"В Советской России, водка пьет вас"
Но если вы так же с английского Thats хорошо со мной. Я хотел пообщаться с людьми в diffrent языках (с Google Translate :))

439717 Russian is a fairly difficult language to grasp so I was suprised to get a reply in it.

439877 Well i assumed that since it was in Russian then that must be your first language. So i used Google translate and made said messages.

440165 Very nice, Russian is indeed my first language, but I do speak english tolerabley well

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