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I like girls with dicks, if you couldn't notice. Also stories that are stupid but amusing. And stupidly amusing stories involving girls with dicks. And sometimes without dicks.

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If somepony just happened to be walking by her cottage, and they just so happened to look in her direction, they'd be able to see her

Nopony ever caught her

i think you meant somebody andnobody since she is human and not a pony

umm.... don't know what to say. Good grammar but......

5364710 Fuck, that's my ponyfic reflexes for you. I'll fix that.

What's this? Exhibitionism and alternate futa chapters? Looks like Christmas came early! :raritystarry:

5364710 Shhhhhhhhhhhh.....shhhhhh. Anthro doesn't work like that.

Okay, but like, is this gonna be a multi-chapter thing?

Damn and I had my hopes up she would be caught, maybe next chapter...

Exhibitionist futa Fluttershy is best Fluttershy. Really need to read this when I have time.

You know what would be interesting? If you explored all the mane six having fetishes like this. Like maybe Rainbow Dash or Rarity have a bondage fetish, and do a lot of self bondage rituals privately, but up the stakes every time just like I imagine Fluttershy will be doing in this story.

Great story BTW, I can't wait for chapter 2.

Noone ever caught her.

Did you mean for it to be this way?

5366682 Ohnoes! Even though 1. It's humanized, not anthro and 2. there are also non-futa chapters.

5366590 I agree it would be interesting, but I'm really not into BDSM stuff, so I'd probably suck at writing it.

5366994 Whoops.


What's this? Exhibitionism and alternate futa chapters? Looks like Christmas came early!


We need more stories like this.

I drew a futa edit of the cover pic but busybodies got it deleted

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now that you've reminded me of it

Thank you so much for making a non-futa version of this stoy. So damn much! I hate futa with a passion, and wouldn't have spared this story a second glance if that was all it offered, but it had a regular one as well and it was great.

I finally read it and it's even better than I expected, although that's no surprise considering who wrote it. One of my favorite clop concepts and one of my favorite clop authors, this can only be great. I certainly look forward to the next chapters.

Okay, this was ridiculously hot. Do carry on.

Comment posted by Altered Giratina deleted Dec 11th, 2014

Sapphire that's dirty :o

5367039 Hm.... *thinks hard*

*looks up seriously* I know what I must do...

I disapprove of your choice of cover art...

Good story, I liked reading this. Exhibitionist Fluttershy is adorable, and exhibitionist Futashy is almost as cute.

Cadence liked that.

I think there should be a chapter where she gets caught :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I guess I know what futa means now...

somebody cummed all over the comments

5368933 Uh any particular reason for that?
5369287 Thanks.

5368933 i agree but it would totally contradict to Martin Luthers idea od not judging a book by its cover and after reading the description I now know what im writing next for my own clopfic project, BTW good job author but get a more appealing *wink wink* picture but great either way.

5371309 Hey, the picture is what inspired the story, so even if you don't like the pic, without it there'd be no story. :flutterrage:

5370524 I now welcome you to the "Dark" side of the Internet!

*facepalm* - The light side of the brony fandom when they read the description.

And this is part of why i stay off the darker side of the fanbase. Not even going to read.

5371309 I'm not judging a book by its cover. I'm judging a cover by itself. And I'm pretty sure Martin Luther never said that.

We have cookies. Though I wouldn't advise eating them... let's just say some weird shit happens over here

5372736 I've been in the dark side for a little bit now. Doesn't mean I can't see new things...

I'm trying to imagine a fetish that would fit Rainbow as a character, but that would also be slightly against her nature, while also being sexually appealing to someone as addicted to thrills as she is.

A gangbang doesn't work, because that's more of an event, and such a thing usually involves breaking something within the individual, which means it's against their character.

Bondage wouldn't be all that thrilling for Rainbow - she seems like she likes to move more than that. She may have a timid and less confident side to her, but I don't think she has enough baggage and daddy issues to be into bondage (that's more Rarity's bag).

Pegging/wearing a strap-on doesn't seem to fit either, since she doesn't put herself in a superior position to others, at least when it comes to power (that's more Gilda's thing).

The more I think about it, the more I get the feeling that Rainbow Dash's big kink is just...being a hopeless romantic. Candle-lit dinners. Romantic music. Clever puns about marriage proposals. In fact, the more I think about it, the better Rainbow Dash looks in a red dress...

5373794 Even better, Rainbow Dash having the largest collection of sappy romance novels in Ponyville. Just imagine it, Rainbow Dash smuggling in her newest novel, squeaking at every sound until she is safely ensconced within her home. Running a bath, candles and rose-petals everywhere...


And pink. I can definitely see Rainbow having a very girly side that she covers with her tomboyish side.

I suppose the word would be tsundere.

5373794 I think she WOULD have the bondage fetish, but it would be really more of a dominatrix thing. Like, say for example, Rarity had a bondage fetish. Then Rainbow would be the one to tie her up and do whatever. That seems a lot like something Rainbow would do, actually.

5366682 Wow. I may not be into futa, but even I have to say your being an asshole.

5373981 Okay, I'm really liking this idea, if only because the idea of everypony else assuming that Rainbow Dash is an absolute beast in the sack and being into all sorts of kinky stuff, only to find out that what really gets her hot and bothered is a candlelight dinner and some snuggling is hilarious. And it would be fun to see Rainbow Dash's softer side come out.

Look, I love this story and this author, I just don't like ScorpDK.

5376260 Heh. Everyone making all these veiled references to her being kinky and everything...she's as vanilla as they come. Even more than Rarity, she dreams of a handsome prince or princess to come in and sweep her off her feet.


Staring at the wedding dresses in Carousal Boutique and sighing wistfully...oh god, too cute!

5376438 Or she dreams of a Wonderbolt. But yeah, the notion that Dash secretly falls into all the most stereotypically girly interests is too good to pass up. Like somewhere in her house she has a secret room where she spends some time each day planning out the perfect wedding and honeymoon in way that would make Rarity jealous.

5376269 Okay, yeah, you're just a dick.

5376451 Hey at least you used the correct form of the word this time.
Let it not be known that I was a useless dick.

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