• Published 25th Jun 2014
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I Am Her Servant - Arreis Of Avalon

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a gloomy and destitute kingdom. It was the kingdom of the changelings, a race that fed on what others cherished. But that did not mean they did not cherish it – They simply needed it for survival, and could run out of it. And, in time, they did run out. They began to starve.

That is when their ways were lost. That is when we lost our ability to make love – It was when we became greedy and needy for more. In our search for more and more love, we lost what we once had. What we could obtain again, if only someone would try.

And somepony did.

His name was Eacko. And I loved him.

My name is Chrysalis. I am the Queen of the Changelings.

The Changelings thrive now. They thrive upon knowing they can feed themselves, they can love. I showed them this upon my return from Canterlot. They learned, in time, to love one another. But I learned that love comes with pain – The pain of loss of the one you truly love.

Eacko allowed himself to die in my place, so that I could save my race… So that I could be Queen, so that he would never have to see me die… But, oh, how I miss him. Even as I write this letter, I think of him.

And why do I write this letter, the reader might ask, whomever you may be?

Simple. I am dying.

I have n’er admitted my love till now. For, if I had, it could be used as a weakness. Ties with Pony kind have been strengthening, but one false move and they may attack. I wish they would not, for they remind me of my love. Their simple ways, their kindness…

I write this letter with faltering breath, but I must say this – If not for Eacko, I would not be queen. Even as he saved me from certain death, I had felt he condemned me. I had learned of love, and now would never have it in my grasp. I could n’er love again, not with him having stolen my heart away.

I remember staring at my crown, tears filling my eyes. I remember raising my hoof to throw it, thinking of all the pain it had caused. My race had been starving. My love died because of the crown. I could never rule, with my loves blood on my hooves.

I know you can be a good queen.

Those words saved my kingdom. Even beyond the grave, he reached out to me. His words echoed in my ears. He knew who I was, had spent every waking moment of his life thinking of me and what we could truly be. Who would know better than he?

I know you can be a good queen.

I held the crown, crying – But I held it nonetheless.

And now, that crown slips from my hooves to the next in line… I must say, I am relieved. It grew heavy as time went on – Isn’t that how it always works with crowns? Perhaps Celestia would know…

My love… I take my final breaths writing to you. You will never read this letter, for you are gone… But I wish… I hope…

As I lie, dying… I hope to see you again… simply to say...

Hello, my love.

-Chrysalis, his queen.

Author's Note:

The end of a lovely, yet short tale. No edits on this one, I just couldn't wait to finish it. :) Enjoy it, everyone who stuck around.

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Oh...what we have here. A fiction version of my PMV. This is a good one. :twilightsmile:

4819952 WAIT WAIT WAIT, YOUR PMV?!?!! :pinkiegasp: OH MY GOOD GOSH I LOVED THAT PMV SO MUCH!!! :heart::heart: Seriously, I am just freaking out right now, the fact that you read MY fan fiction :rainbowkiss:


Heh, Heh. I just accident found your fiction while searching for Changeling fiction here. Your fiction is so deep fo search but I still found you after all. It feel great that somepony love my PMV so much until made fiction version of it.:twilightblush:

4820022 Eeeeee :heart: Thanks for taking the time to find me!!! :pinkiehappy:

Eacko's last words: "lol jester" :trollestia:

4833330 Trollestia strikes again :trollestia:

4835332 Did you get my hilarious pun?

4836044 No, actually, but it spun a few ideas in my brain for Trollestia ^^

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my oc calls the pmv and old nymphs tale but the end is were the changeling faked the death and he couldn't find her until the end

4870338 sorry that was random you still did a great job

4911977 Thanks for the comments~ I try my best to keep my grammar and spelling in shape (Plus, I run everything by my editor that I can). This is all basically practice for my books (2 of which are being written, 2-3 of which are being planned). :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed~

The feels. Are. REAL. :fluttercry:

Something I have to say...
Ow my heart...
This is a really good story. Great Job. Happy yet sad end.

4916889 There IS a sad tag~ *chuckles and pats on the back* :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the comment~

Comment posted by DeathOcty deleted Sep 8th, 2014

It was a good thing to read the comments on the PMV or else I wouldn't have found your story.I really enjoyed the story by the way, a little short but still very good.

4976447 Comment's ON THE PMV? Woah, I wanna check that out. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry about the short length~

I have not cried in over a year up until now.

5101478 *pats on the back* Aye, the tears fill the seas of those around you. *salutes those who cried*

5187643 *hugs* :raritydespair: T'is truly a sad fic.

4595620 You don't have to cuz here it is my friend.

This. Was. AMAZING!
Now write one about "If I were a pony"

5452566 If I were a pony? Never heard of it.

5452664 Edit: I now have seen it, and I'll consider a short one op~ (Or a long fic, who knows)

Yay for another Stories of Evil~MLP crossover~

5467742 Always yay for crossovers >w<

5599522 I also hate you for making me cry. It was beautiful!

5600133 *hands box of tissues* ^w^

5600267 Screw you!(Takes box of tissues) Thank you...

beautiful, just beautiful.

5603208 As is your user image xD

4820920 Wait wait wait! I want to know... what happened after? I am a little confused? What happened to the changelings? To their relation with the ponies?

Oh and I cried... I cried a lot. A very fucking much lot whatever adjective verb or something. In any case I liked this. Have a favlike follow.

Oh how I wish stupid prideful Chrysalis would admit her love to Eakco.

5619922 I WOULD SO MUCH LOVE THIS ALL! If you wish to talk about this we could... in a pm or in skype. I am dionysiosbbbb.

5619928 Sounds great~ Sent you a contact ^^

... And in the green fields of a new life were two changelings; both wrapped in each other's embrace... no longer separated by fate...


5755773 D'aaaaw... That's adorable~

6041319 Thanks! Hopefully you'll like the sequel too~

I think I'm crying:fluttercry::fluttershysad::raritycry::raritydespair:

6082372 *offers tissues* Terribly sorry (though thank you for the comment~)

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