• Published 25th Jun 2014
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I Am Her Servant - Arreis Of Avalon

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My Duty As Changeling (Part One)

My name in Canterlot is much different, and over these 2 months, I’ve grown used to it. Echo Craft. Sailing is a passion of mine, and I study something called Echolocation at Canterlot University. It’s useful, seeing as I can disguise my hive mind as hearing buzzing in my mind from all the echoes.

I have to admit to myself… I prefer Canterlot to the Hive. My home is dark and brooding, and Canterlot is so full of love and happiness. I feel full of warmth here, but it isn’t the same warmth I feel from My Queen. She is a fire in my blood – This warmth is simply filling.

This is the love of strangers to me. This is ponies who do not know me whom I steal from. The warmth is obtained without warmth, and thus will never be fully filling. The strange thing is, it is all I have. A Changeling cannot love, and so we can only reach this half-warmth. So close, yet so far from what I felt with My Queen.

In Canterlot, I had much time to think. I enjoyed to walk around the parks near the castle – It was all open to the public. I was never allowed this close to the castle at my home, before I was captain. The castle was kept private from the public. Here, everypony is allowed to wander near the castle, and even on occasion inside the castle.

The… openness of Equestria startled me at first. Ponies greeted me on the streets, even if they just said hello. They smiled at me - rather, him. I knew they would never approve of me if they knew what I truly was. They will only ever love him. But this façade I was living, this lie… I found myself enjoying it thoroughly.

Wandering the parks as I always had around noon for the past 2 months, my mind wandered to what it always did. My Queen. My… friend. How I would do anything for her. How I built myself up in status to be by her side, always. How, even if these kind ponies around me turned against her, I would be by her side – I would turn against them.

As I walked in the parks, there came a small burst of bright laughter above me. I looked up to see two ponies sitting on a balcony. They were both laughing. Looking at them, I felt more full than walking around Canterlot normally. I knew the two must be a couple.

The male was uninteresting, but for his armor. I knew what the symbols on his armor meant – Strangely enough, their symbols matched ours. He was the captain of his guard as well. Despite this in common, I couldn’t care less about him. He was just another pony in the city.

The mare beside him, however… She was an Alicorn. Her wings were fluffy, and her stance was easy-going. Her eyes shone purple, almost like little purple stars. Her mane swirled around her beautifully, and her cutie mark – A strange thing that ponies had that displayed their talents to the world – was that of a heart.

I felt a blush rise to my face. This… mare… Her talent was obvious – An Alicorn of… Love. My heart filled with warmth – The same warmth as my Queen. I nearly collapsed, feeling myself almost in a content blaze of fire. I felt tears begin to rise to my eyes as I gazed at the alicorn in all her glory.

This was it. This is what my Hive is missing. I was in love – Not the way these foals think of it. I was surrounded by it, wallowing in it. This was true food, food for the gods – And something more. It was…

It was confusing and blissful and horribly wonderful all at the same time. I was scared, more scared than I had ever been in my life – I was terrified it would leave me the instant I turned away. I wanted to keep it, to hold that mare in my arms – I was IN love.

A Changeling’s hearing is far better than a normal pony’s. I heard the alicorn laugh, a bright chiming sound that made my heart skip a beat. “Shiny,” she said with a giggle. “You can stop joking around now. I really want to know, why are there so many guards?”

“I only care about protecting my fiancée,” the stallion said.

I expected the warmth in me to dim somewhat as he said that – That’s what ponies here call ‘a broken heart’. But, unexpectedly, the love only grew. I realized, this warmth came from HER love – She was truly in love with this stallion.

True Love. A fable. A myth. It was a tale for foals, for little changelings who had done good. They learned of the mythical ‘True Love’, that love that never ends, even in death. That love that keeps growing and growing until you’re so full, you never need anypony elses love but theirs. Theirs is enough.

The concept was almost foreign – And I was feeling it first hoof. I felt like collapsing in happiness.

“You see,” the stallion was saying, though I could barely process his words, “there’s been reports of… Creatures on the edge of Equestria stirring. Changelings.”

My ears perked up a bit at the mention of my race. “Changelings?” My heart fluttered as I heard her speak once more. “Do you think…”

“You are a Princess of Love, Cadance. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Aw, Shiny…” I avert my eyes as they kiss, giving the two a bit of privacy. My ears, however, still pick up what they say. “I can’t wait for the wedding, Shiny.”

“Me neither. It’s only a month, Candy.”

Another giggle. “Shiny, what did I tell you about that nickname?”

“You didn’t seem to mind it when I told you you tasted sweet.”


“It had only been a little nibble on your ear~”

“S-shiny, come on, stop teasing me like that.” She sounded angry, but her love for him was betrayed in her voice.

“Well, what else should I call you? Maybe ‘Princess Mi Amore Cadenza’,” he said with a bow. They both laughed and trotted inside.

I shook my head slightly, trying to pull my mind out of the fog it had been in. That was… indescribable. I had never felt such strong love from any other pony before. Nopony in all of Equestria could feel that, that indescribableness, unless they were a changeling.

I suddenly felt pride in my race, for the first time since I had come to Equestria. We were the only beings who could feel such emotion, such passion – I felt alive. My mind was buzzing as I ducked into an alleyway, almost laughing from the euphoria in my veins. I could only blame the Princess.

The buzzing got louder, however. I suddenly realized that it was time to check in – That’s why I walked into the alley.

I realized I had to report back to My Queen. I had to tell her about… about her.

I was… selfish, I realized. For an instant, only one, I wanted to keep the Princess a secret. I didn’t want anypony else to have her. I didn’t want some changeling coming along and stealing her beautiful love.

But then I thought of My Queen. I thought of my starving race, and I bowed my head. I must serve my kind – That thought had been ingrained into my very being. Without my kind, I am nothing. I had to report. It was my Duty as a Changeling.

So I sighed and nodded. Shutting my eyes, I opened my mind to the hive. Eakco, reporting from Canterlot…

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2 or 3 chapters left, if I planned this out right. It's a short one. ^^ I hope you all are enjoying it.