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Join your favorite ponies, from the main cast to supporting to background to original, as they fall in love with their special someponies, as well as numerous moments that led them to where they are today. From your favorite characters such as Rarity to your favorite original characters such as Caboose, prepare yourself for the greatest anthology of love stories ever told!

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I'm waiting for some lunathic, Chrysaleight and caboodo

Nice job with this story. I can't wait for the others to come out.

Brilliant. Will all these be just one-shots?

4580890 Mostly, yeah. Future chapters may return to already-established couples, though.

4580890 Bluecat's right. While most of the chapters here will be telling in-depth of how some of the couples mentioned in previous stories got together that hadn't been told before, we will also be doing oneshots that goes even deeper into others' stories. So, don't be surprised if a oneshot regarding Shine Paladin and Celestia or Caboose and Daring Do comes along.

Not saying there will be...but there might. Who knows? :ajsmug:

I can honestly say I do not like this first one. :facehoof:

I can honestly say I enjoyed it. Curious on how the others turned out.

I believe the next one is pinkie & fizzi right?

That is great. I liked that nice slow romantic story. Great job. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck.

Go Pinkie. That was awesome. Great job. I can'twait for the next one. Good luck.

FLuttershy x Forrest or Rainbow dash x Thunder Clap is next

4608191 I've already done the Fluttershy/Forrest story, and the Rainbow Dash/Thunder Clap story. Check my story list for "Flutterheart" and "Rainbeau".


I know, but you will not make the history of couples already made​​?

You are a big teaser you know that. Man. Great job with this chapter. I enjoyed it.

Okay, the gag with the drinks made me laugh harder that I probably should have.:rainbowlaugh:

That was funny to read. All those weird drink names. That was awesome.

Thanks for the "excellent chapter":raritywink:

This sounds like a sketch Monty Python would have made. Love it!

4637168 4637296 4637453

Actually, this chapter is mostly based off this video by TomSka, Literal Drinks:

You will see the references in seconds.

I was expecting something more serious for these two but i like't anyway

Where's Vinny's beloved, Cherry Berry?

4638656 You mean Berry Punch? I dunno, she's back in Ponyville?

I don't ship them... So....... Yeah...

Nice job with this chapter. Question did Spike ever find his special Somedragoness. That would be another interesting story in this universe. Anyway on to the next love story. I vote for Rainbow Dash.


I think that story already happened, go read bluecatcinema's story Rainbeau

Good job. Spike will find some dragon... Someday. Anyways,so you explained the Mane Six and a couple of others. I kind of want to see if you could fit Derpy or Ditzy, which ever you prefer. I just want to see if you could work with something like that.

4651024 Unfortunately, I don't believe that will happen, at least not in this universe.

I'm proud of Spike, i really am

Nice chapter. I liked how you had Sleight and Trixie together and then found some nice spouses.

I laugh in the tirek part

I know exactly how Smoke Mirror felt. I remember meeting a nerd girl once...and my brain exploded with joy. We became instant best friends and have been for...i'd say about 4 years now?

When I was e-mailed "Call it Magic", naturally, my first reaction was Twilight (derp) but realizing that can't be true, I had not a clue on who it could be... until now. Keep up the good work... Let's see: the mafia brothers, royal family, mane six, a few side characters... that leaves: Starlight, Dusk's friends/other mane six's foals, forgotten name (I think that's Luna and Gothic's foal) with Luxury, CMC, possibly the Cake twins and I think that's it... ever thought of adding Quick back in as some kind of trouble maker who has to be taught a lesson?... If you forgot, Quick was Flash's cousin.

That was sweet. I read the stories of Frost and Thunder. I want to read Spike's story though. Which story is it? Somepony please respond.

4682575 Finn is the name of the Sparity story. It was one of blue's first.

Buck, I just reliazed I never read spike's story... I know what i'm doing for the next half hour.

i wanted to see gothic and luna marriage

4682790 I agree. I would very much like to see Luna and Gothic's Wedding.:pinkiehappy:

Did anyone else see the family guy reference? I know I saw one.

I say quite a few references. I caught the Grenade one. Good job. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck.

Thank goodness that Daring helped all the mares recognize not to judge these Napoleons by their covers.

"Good to be back, readers!"

Nice to see you again O'malley :twilightsmile:

Ah, the good kind of criminals. Like Sly Cooper, you cannot resist their allure.

Go Grimm. Dusty you have a new Mom. Great job. That was a good story.

Good. Don't stop bluecat

Um, if my Italian is correct Grimore told the zebra "Fuck you" ...good for him.

Go caboose. That was so Romantic. And go Daring. Beat her to a pulp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

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