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After bucking his sister in the face (like an apple tree, mind you) Big Mac storms off and decides to finally tell a stallion he's had a crush on for a long time just how he feels, but it seems like this stallion already knows, better go have a talk with somepony.

M/M shipping here (duh), just a heads up.
BTW, Feedback is Magic, or at the very least, helpful.

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Interesting intro into the story

4587003 Thanks, how so? This is my first time writing any sort of fanfiction, but I just had to write it because I love the idea of this shipping, but I couldn't find it anywhere at all.

This is interesting. There are a few things I'm too lazy to mention, but definitely worth the reading.

4587657 Thank you, but if you ever do get up the energy, I would totally love some helpful criticism.:scootangel:

"Luna smiles, it isn’t all that often she sees two ponies sharing the exact same dream, especially one so, juicy"
Ha, juicy

Luna, Luna what naughty girl you are.

4590685 What can I say, I'm a pun addict. :trollestia:

4590912 She's not the naughtiest alicorn though, but you'll find out about that later. #NotSoCrypticSpoiler.

4592684 At least some people think it has potential.

4592730 Thank you for pointing that out :pinkiehappy:

4593626 I fixed the dread to dreaded, but the past tense in that part, and towards the end stays, even though the story is in present tense, because the events described in them take place before the point in time that they are described, having every single verb in present tense just wouldn't make sense.

EDIT: On second thought, I'm changing dreaded back to dread, dreaded is neither the past participle of to dread nor its preterit in my accent. I know it's non-standard, but it really bugs me.

4593162 Yes, she is. He hit her to hurt her, not to kill her, but he could have if he wanted to (obviously).

4595952 oh, okay, thanks for the heads up.

Sorry y'all, I've been sick lately, I'll try to get an update out as soon as I can, but once late august hits, I'll be free to work on my fics as much as I want.

Holy crap! This just took a really wonderfully creepy turn. I love the nightmare concept here.

It's a great start, if it wasn't already past two in the morning, I'd read even more. But thumbs up for now, I'll keep my eye on this.


This type of stories not usually my cup of flavored hot water,but I said i'd take a look. I am greatly amused already by the' cheat code'


Interesting. The only issue I have is that at times it seems parts are missing. Not sure I can explain it better than that. Also you state 2 of the fillies are blank flanks and the third formerly was but later all three are marked.

Supplements? Nah bro... *cough* totally natty.

*cough cough*

Wow... Applejack sure does suck in this story.

That's really too bad, she's my favourite of the main six.

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