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Would You Like To Play Again? - Doccular42

What would you do if you died and discovered that your whole life was a game? That you were someone else's pawn? That the entire world was run by a guy named Phil? And what if you could try again? Would you? Button Mash would.

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Chapter Four

The wind whistled through Button Shine’s unruly mane as he knelt on the ground. His eyes whipped back and forth, scanning the page of the book he had placed in front of himself.

“...Elder sister tried to reason with her… Yada-yada-yada… Eternal night… Cool… Elements of Harmony… Hrmmm. Responsibility for both the sun and the moon… Uh-huh. Aaaaand harmony again.”

We’ve heard about the Elements before, right?

I think so. Didn’t the Princess mention them a while back?

I dunno, man. You’re the one who paid attention. I was too busy trying not to fall asleep.

You’re a voice in my head. You can’t fall asleep.

You don’t know that…

Button Shine grinned as he put his book back inside his saddlebag. The stallion flipped his mane back into place as he trotted toward his quarters in the Princess’ library.

I think I’m getting too used to you.

What was that?

Most ponies would probably be freaked out by a voice in their head. But I don’t really have a problem with you. Then again, you've been here for years.

You’re probably crazy.

Yeah, definately.

“There you are Button!” Button looked up from the ground to see three mares standing in the lane in front of him. He cracked a smile at Twinkleshine, the mare who had spoken.

“So, Moondancer is gonna be having a little get together in the west castle courtyard. You wanna come? You really should spend more time with us…” Twinkleshine winked at Button.

Awwwwwww yeah. Let’s go!

You roll an influence check. You roll a seven (plus three). Failure!

Yeah, we should go… But we need to investigate this book! We can go if we have time after.

“Sorry girls, I have a bit of studying to do tonight. You know, Celestia’s student and all…” Button whipped his mane out of his eyes. “I’ll come by if I have the time though!”

Twinkleshine pouted for a moment but then cracked a smile. “Well, alright then. Hope I’ll see you there!”

Button shot his most dashing smile before turning around to trot awa—

“Oof!” Button tripped over his hooves and fell to the ground, his legs sprawled out in all directions. The mares giggled as they walked away from him.


Shut up.

Maybe you should try being cool instead of being a geek.

Shut up.

Just sayin’. We’ll never get a marefriend if you keep on—

Shut. Up.



Button slammed open the door to his library home and, with a powerful roar, called out, “Spikarious Stormageddon! Spiiiiike? Spike?”

A groan rose up from the floor before him. Button looked over at the small dragon laying on the floor rubbing his head. “Oh. Found you!” He quickly trotted up his stairs to one of the many stacks of books. “I need a book! Predictions and Prophecies!” Button began rummaging through his books.

Spike groaned as he walked up the stairs as well. Button shot him a quick glance and noticed something odd impaled upon his companion’s tail. “What’s that for?”

Spike grimaced before pulling the red box off his tail. “Well, it was a gift for Moondancer, but…” A stuffed animal fell out of the box as the bottom gave way.

Button smiled. “Niiiiiice. Going for the gifts. Moondancer would love it.”

“Not any more…” Spike mumbled. “It’s ruined.”

Button trotted over and looked at the toy on the floor. “Ah, it’ll be fine.” He picked it up with his magic and dusted it off. “If we get a new box, it’ll be good as new!”

Spike perked up. “So that means that we can go to the party tonight?”

Button gave the toy back to his friend. “Maybe. But only if we can get this stuff done first.”

“Yes! Alright!” Spike pumped a small fist up into the air. “Okay, what are we looking for again?”

Predictions and Prophecies.” Button grabbed as many books off the highest shelves as his magic could manage. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nopenopenope.”

Sounds like you’re responding to one of Shining’s Game Mastering ideas, haha.

“It’s over here!” Spike shouted from another bookcase.

“Ah!” Button exclaimed, pulling Spike and the book both to his grasp. Spike flopped lightly onto the floor, but Button didn’t notice.

Button brought the book over to his lecturn and flipped though the pages. “Elements, elements… E, E, E… Aha! ‘Elements of Harmony, see : Mare in the Moon?’ What the frak?”

“Mare in the Moon? Isn’t that just an old pony’s tale?” Spike asked from up on another bookshelf.

Button shook his head. “‘Old pony’s tale.’Hahaha. So very punny.” He went back to flipping through the pages as Spike stifled a giggle. “Mare, mare… Aha! ‘The mare in the Moon, myth from olden pony times...’ Oh geez, wall of text. ‘Defeated by elements, imprisoned on moon, stars will aid in her escape,and night eternal.’ Cool.”

“Sooo… what does that meeeeeeAAAAAAAAH!” Spike was interrupted as he fell off his ladder and right onto Button’s back.

“Well, this bad mare did bad stuff, got sent to the moon for a thousand years, and she’ll be coming back the day after tomorrow.”

Which isn’t that big of a deal. Celestia dealt with her before. She’ll be able to do it again.


“Take a note please, to the Princess!” Button exclaimed.

“Okie-dokie!” Spike exclaimed, readying his quill and parchment.

“‘My dearest teacher,’” Button began. “‘By continuing my studies on pony magic, I have discovered an anomaly. For you see—’”

“Wait… A-nom-oh… Uhh…” Spike strained his eyes.


“Ih-nig-m… Ur…” Spike shrugged.

“Umm, ‘conundrum? Well, something weird is happening!’” Button exclaimed. Spike gave a thumbs up and scribbled down his words.

“‘For you see, the old pony’s tale about the Mare in the Moon is actually—’”

“Hey, that was my line!” Spike cried indignantly.

“And now you’re writing it down too! Good job!” Button teased.

Spike mumbled under his breath and scribbled a few extra words.

“Ahem. ‘Is actually Nightmare Moon, who is gonna return soon if you don’t stop it! Also, Spike and I want to go to a party tonight. We’ll try to be back by his bedtime though. Awaiting your response, but there’s no rush. Your faithful student, Button Shine.’”

“...Button Shine. Got it!” Spike cheered.

“Sweet. Okay, go ahead and send it.” Button said, looking out their huge window.

“Now?” Spike asked.

“Well, yeah.” Button answered, cocking his head to the side. “May as well get it to her as soon as possible. Plus, we can get ready for the party now that we’re finished!”

“Awesome! You don’t have to say that twice,” Spike said before belching a cloud of green fire upon the scroll.

“So, what’s the plan for lunch?” Button asked, walking over to the fridge.

“Oooh, let’s have pizza!” Spike said, galumphing after Button.

“That is a most excellent suggestion!” Button pulled a big cardboard box out of the refrigerator. “Heat it!” He said, hoofing it over to Spike. Spike took a huge breath then sent out another burst of flame onto the pizza. The pizza and the box disappeared, and a new scroll took their place.

Button stood in shock for a moment. “Spike… Did you just—”

“Send Princess Celestia our pizza? I think I did…”


“Well darn,” Button said as he picked up the scroll. “As penance, you get to read this aloud to me whilst standing on one foot with one eye closed.”

Spike assumed his assigned position while nodding. “I deserve this,” he said solemnly.

“Indeed you do,” Button said, hooffing the scroll to Spike.

Spike closed one eye and began reading. “‘My dear Button. I would like to commend you for interacting with your peers. It is always good for a young pony to make friends. However, the prophecies you have referenced are nothing to be concerned about. And while I am glad that you are making friends here in the capitol, I have an important task for you. I need you to supervise preparations for this year’s Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville. I also would encourage you to try to make friends there as well. It is one thing to make friends who are very similar to you, but another thing altogether to make friends who come from different backgrounds.”

Button gasped. “But… But… The party…”

“Noooooooo!” Spike shouted, falling to his hands and knees before coughing up another burst of flame containing another scroll. Spike opened it up and read its contents. “‘I will send a chariot for you to leave immediately. Also, thank you for the pizza. I was feeling snacky. And stop stealing Spike’s jokes. It is rude and in poor taste.”

Now it was Button’s turn to hang his head in shame. “This is not fair.”

And I’m still pissed about the pizza!


“Look on the bright side, Button!” Spike chirped to a slumped over Button Shine as the two sped through the air toward the tiny village of Ponyville. “The Princess arranged for us to stay in a library. Doesn’t that make you happy?”

Button mumbled something under his breath.

“What was that?” Spike asked.

“Celestia stole our pizza,” Button said through gritted teeth.

“Aw, you’re still on about that?”

Button shot a death glare at Spike. “Yes.”

“Well, we’ll still have to check up on all the preparations and make some friends out here,” Spike continued cheerfully. “I’m sure that the pizza thing won’t feel so bad in a while.

“The main thing,” Button said, straightening up, “is that we get some pizza and try to finish all the preparations in time to make it to Moondancer’s party. Or at least to Twinkleshine’s party tomorrow. And maybe investigate that Nightmare Moon thing. If we have time. I’ll do my royal duty, but the fate of Equestria does not rest on me making even more friends.”

“But it does rest on having pizza and getting to some parties on time?” Spike inquired.

“Eating pizza, getting to some parties on time, and meeting up with Moondancer and Twinkleshine. We could totally ask them out on a double date,” Button finished confidently as they pulled in for a landing.

“Glad to know you have your priorities in order,” Spike mumbled under his breath.

“Thanks guys,” Button said to the guards who had pulled the chariot. They whinnied and took off back into the sky.

“Who knows? Maybe we actually can make some friends out here! You could at least try.” Spike said.

Button looked around the rustic village. The thatched roofs, brightly painted buildings and fences, cheerful ponies surrounded him.

“Hey, here’s one now!” Spike said, grabbing Button and pointing him at a bubblegum pink mare who had just trotted up to him.

“Oh,” Button said, looking at the mare. He cracked him most charming smile before speaking. “Sup?”

“UuuuuuUUUUHHHHHHHH!” The mare took the deepest breath Button had ever heard then took off like a rocket down the street.


“Well... “ Button tilted his head to the side. “Was it something I said?”

Spike guffawed and slapped his leg. “Smooth.”

That’s what I said! See, Stormy gets it!

His name is Spike, and shut up.


“That was interesting,” Button muttered. “Alright, what’s first on the list?”

“Banquet preparations! Alright, food time!” Spike cheered.

“You do realize we’ll just be inspecting the food, not eating it, right?” Button asked as the two started off toward their destination as it was marked on their map.

“Wha… No…” Spike hung his head in defeat.

“Oooh, a bakery!” Button said as they passed a brightly decorated building. “Tell you what. We’ll stop off and grab some food after we go check on this ‘Sweet Apple Acres.’ Deal?”

Spike nodded his head energetically.

“Cool. They better have pizza.”

The friends trotted on down the dirt path, and after a while arrived at a large red barn. Button glanced at the immaculately clean building, which seemed quite odd considering that this was a farm.

I don’t trust this at all…

“Well, this is it!” Spike exclaimed.


Button and Spike spun around quickly to see an orange mare streaking toward them.

“It’s a trap!” Button shouted, jumping into the bushes as the mare rushed swiftly over the ground and landed a swift kick—

—onto an apple tree. “Oh,” Button said as he poked his head out of his cover.

So smooth. You are Captain Smooth today.

The mare crossed her legs as Button crawled out of the bushes. She gave him a quizzical glance, straightening out her stetson hat as Button approached.

“Uh, sorry about that. I wasn’t expecting… Never mind,” Button said.

“Are y’all the bush inspectors? Cuz we ain’t ready yet. Don’t y’all usually come in the winter?” the mare asked.

“Bush inspectors?” Button asked uncertainly. “Umm, no…”

The mare barked a laugh. “Naw, Ah’m just pullin’ yer leg. Y’all must be the Princess’ representatives! Mayor Mare told me y’all would be comin’!” She trotted over to Button and shook his hoof enthusiastically. “Mah name’s Applejack, and this here is mah farm! We sure do like makin’ new friends!”

Button laughed nervously. “Haha, bush inspectors. Yeah. My name’s Button Shine, and this is Spike, my colleague.”

“Hi!” Spike said.

Applejack released Button’s hoof after a few more seconds of vigorous shaking. “So, y’all must be wantin’ to look at the food and maybe even sample some?” She asked, tipping her stetson.

“Sample?” Spike asked, his eyes growing wide.


“Oh, yes please!” Button replied.

Applejack grinned and shot off into her yard. She rang a rusty triangle and shouted out at the top of her lungs, “Soup’s on, everypony!”

Suddenly, a loud thumping sounded out as a large group of ponies rushed past Spike and Button. The crowd swept them up in a trail of dust and deposited them at a table in the barn’s yard. Button shook his head to try to get his bearings.

Applejack popped up next to them. “Now, why don’t I introduce you to the Apple family?” A dozen ponies moved toward the table with huge grins on their faces.

“Uh, sure…” Button said.

Gosh, this feels like total deja vu…

“This here’s Apple Fritter, Apple Bumpkin, Red, Gala…” Pony after pony appeared and dropped off treat after treat on the table in front of Button and Spike. Button’s stomach growled as the wonderful smells drifted toward him. He sighed, hardly paying the names any mind…

“...Big Mac, Applebloom...”

A red stallion holding a cupcake nodded at Button and a small filly grinned while balancing a cake on her back.

Wow… This… This…

What’s wrong?

It’s… Nothing. Never mind.

Button’s thoughts were interrupted as Applejack shoved an apple into his mouth. “Aaaaaand Granny Smith!” Buttons gaze moved toward an elderly pony in a rocking chair. “Up'n’attem Granny Smith! We got guests!” The elderly mare snorted and replied unintelligibly.

Applejack punched Button in the side. “Why, I’d say you’re already a part of the family!”

Button swallowed what remained of his apple and laughed nervously. “So, uh, the food looks good.”

“Y’all are stayin’ for brunch, right?” Applebloom asked, giving Button her adorable puppy dog look.

Damn. I never knew it was that effective. Not that we need convincing.

Button smiled at her. “Of course we’ll stay for brunch!”

The ponies around all cheered and laughed. They all gathered around a long table piled high with more food than Button Shine had ever seen in one place. They even had pizza on the table. It was apple pizza, but pizza nonetheless.

“See Button? It’s not so bad at all!” Spike whispered as he grabbed a fork and knife.

Button glanced around at the smiling ponies all around him as Applejack slid into the chair next to him. They smiled at each other and Button turned to Spike. “No, it’s not bad at all.”

Well. This is gonna be weird.

What was that?

Oh, nothing. Carry on.

The food was delicious.

Author's Note:

For those with any questions about why I wrote this chapter the way I did, I have written this blog post addressing it. Many thanks to TGM for prereading! Thanks for reading!

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Another good and seemingly dead fic returns! Hoorah!

I cannot imagine how awkward this must be for Button Mash, he's going to be seeing all the people he sacrificed his life for and they don't even know who he is :fluttercry:. That has got to hurt, especially in the case of Sweetie Belle whom he seemed to have feelings for and now he night never actually speak to her again, just more motivation to win the game I guess :rainbowdetermined2:!

5236609 well...

He COULD talk to Sweetie again... But the situation would be awkward and probably make him look like a pedophile if it actually played out.

But other then that. Yeah, you're pretty much right.:rainbowwild:

The pizza and the box disappeared, and a new scroll took their place.

Strange since the letter mentions the pizza... Celestia must be psychic!

Also, how is Mash going to handle suddenly being twice the age of his friends?

What i thought Inter Button liked liked when he realize what happen to his pizza.


Actually, there were two letters that Celestia sent. The first replaced the pizza, and the second thanked them. She might write insanely fast (just like in the show), but she isn't psychic :raritywink:


It's funny you should mention Starswirl... My reasoning was that Phil would immediately go for the story arc he thought was most likely to result in a win for them. But if that doesn't work out for them, they may have to live other lives... I wonder who else Button may end up as? :trollestia:

5260061 I don't suppose he has to keep a male character... Maybe the answer to life is from a (Fe)male Perspective in Equestria.

Title dropping aside, I have to ask if Clover the Clever is anywhere in the line up, for when his 'influence checks' start to become a bit too controlling.

Or an actual Princess Role, but I don't know how long he could last in a realm of politics.


I do roll some of the dice to get a more random number generation, but the outcome is already decided as to best serve the story. I'll be addressing this in my next AN when the next chapter comes out!



Princess Role

Hahahahaha:rainbowlaugh:. I can just imagine the situations that could lead to Princess Button X


Roll to Influence
Roll a charisma check for seduction against Big Mac
Roll Vitality to see if you get Pony Aids

5321000 So, uh.... *clears throat* Update soon?

*quietly pulls out a violin and plays a sad tune*

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