• Published 19th Jun 2014
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Battle at The Empire - Zamtrul

1000 years ago a evil took over the Crystal Empire and some tried to stop this evil.

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Story Cancelled read why.

Well I am canceling Battle at The Empire so I can try to write better stories and use some tips Silver Starlight gave me. Unlike some people *cough* FictionFreek *cough*who criticize because I did not do good on my first story I will use tips given so people of this fandom can enjoy my stories instead of bitching. So if you read a comment by one person *cough* FictionFreek *cough* If my next story is not as good as the best writers of fan fiction I am a piece of shit writer that should be held up to the same standards even if I were a disabled no armed 4 year old that does not give me any right to write a bad story. Plus I will have some extra time coming up in these next couple of days (or not because summer steam sale bitches!) plus if you just started writing too I won’t hold you up to the highest of standards I will give some tips (if I have any) and say good job wither is be your first or 20th story so yes, Expect new better stories in the near future.

P.S. Gabe Newell is raping my wallet.

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Oh those groups...

This is one of- if not the most downvoted stories on fimfiction right now, of course the author will never know this because his profile is dead and no one is commenting on this story anymore. No use poking a dead horse I guess.

You know, Autum Breeze takes offense to your comment. He has no grammar whatsoever, but he's making an effort.
But then you died. So YEAH.

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