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Princess Celestia, the governess of the sun since time immemorial, has been slain in cold blood by the darkest of magics. Binding her very life to the sun as she was assassinated not only ended her life, but caused the very sun to perish along side her. With the world now cast in eternal, freezing darkness and their very planet speeding out of it's orbit, Twilight and Rainbow Dash must reignite the fire that sustains all life, or die. As they traverse their dying world, they learn of the suns capacity to give life and of it's history with it's fallen vessel. They will learn of wondrous magic and strange technology that the remaining souls are using to sustain them through the endless winter. This is the tale of light and dark, life and death, loss and rebirth. All in a quest to leave a fire for tomorrow.

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Looks promising. I'm gonna check this out later.

OOOHHHHH!! The description explains so much! I was so confused to what was happening whilst proof-reading!

thats sooo awesome :rainbowdetermined2:

ummm dark souls with the sun as a giant bonfire....you got my attention

God damn it, it is 3 in the morning and I want to sleep! But nooooooo, you had to go and upload a god damn chapter... *grumble grumble*

It was good, though I feel that the fires would be brighter than what little light Twilight could provide, so they'd see the burning even with Twilight's light spell on. They aren't that far above the ground, since you mentioned them having to dodge a rather tall hill.

4778859 I guess I should have made it more clear then because I was trying to give that the other fire were pretty far away, so I could give scale to the size of the storm

And here I thought somethings would escape the oncoming flame...

(Minor spelling mistakes listed below)

Do you have enough magic left to left her on to my back?”


The immense feedback from the lightening and the radiation sapped her of much her power, but she was recovering.


You've got lightning in a bottle here.

5151930 I don't know what that means but thanks I guess :twilightblush:

Who keeps down voting all the comments?:rainbowhuh:

5163071 I don't know, i was wondering that myself :rainbowderp:

Gulp, let us hope this story has a happy portion longer than a moment somewhere.

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