• Published 12th Nov 2014
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From Savage to Civil - Discorded SheepcityUSA

While on a wildlife expedition with Fluttershy in the uncharted Windless Woods, Rarity comes across a young Pegasus foal living in the unexplored wilderness. Being the element of Generosity, she feels it is her duty to teach him to be a gentlecolt.

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First Encounter of The Dragon Kind

Having to explain why there was a foal on the roof to the conductor was no easy task as the group got off of the train. It doesn’t take a genius to know that conductors don’t appreciate stowaways on their trains. This was even more difficult seeing as said conductor seemed to be in a rather sour mood today. At the end of it, Rarity did end up getting fined 40 bits seeing as Timber was technically her foal.

When it came down to it though, Rarity didn’t care as much as she should have. Timber was back with her, and that was all she cared about.

Critter on the other hoof, was pretty pissed.

“Woooow, that conductor was an asshole. I can’t believe that jerk LAUGHED at my eyebrows!” he growled as the group left the train station.

“Um well…they don’t look THAT ridiculous…if that makes you feel any better.” Fluttershy said, now sporting a sheepish smile.

“…Well gee thanks.” He said, looking back at Fluttershy with a sarcastic, deadpanned expression.

Rarity ignored the two’s conversation regarding Critter’s eyebrows, and took her attention towards Timber, who appeared to be in complete awe of Ponyville, complete with a slightly dropped jaw. Those big blue eyes of his took in everything the town had to offer in a state of absolute wonder and curiosity. From all of the new ponies he was seeing, to a little colt holding a blue balloon, and especially looking back at the enormous, smoking beast that had several ponies coming out of it that Rarity referred to as “The Train.”

Rarity giggled a little at Timber’s amazement. “Yes Timber, a whole plethora of new things you’ve never seen before. Oh, he’s so adorable when he looks all curious!~” Rarity giggled. Just then, a slight gust of wind flew by the group, nearly blowing Critter’s hat off his head. For unknown reasoning, the wind nearly gave Timber a panic attack, as he had almost immediately tensed up and started barking like mad at the wind.

“RARF! RARFRAFRARF!” Timber barked.

“Timber! My goodness, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?” Rarity asked him. Another gust of wind passed by and blew in Timber’s face, causing him to growl again.

“Oh my gosh! What’s he getting so worked up about?” Fluttershy asked as well.

Professor Critter seemed to question Timber’s sudden change in mood as well, before noticing more wind passing by them, resulting in another growl from Timber. “…I don’t think Timber likes the wind very much…”

“What? Why would something like that make Timber so upset?” Rarity asked, looking back at Critter with a confused expression.

“Rarity, keep in mind that Timber is from the Windless Woods; you know, no wind anywhere in that place. This is his first time experiencing natural wind, and it looks like it’s making him confused and frustrated.” Critter said. Rarity looked back down at Timber, who was still barking at nothing but air and looking very infuriated. As one could imagine, the sight of a colt barking as loud as possible was going to gather some attention from passerby.

Rarity was starting to become a little self-conscious of all the ponies around Ponyville now staring in her direction. Her eyes darted between all of them and having to take in their judgmental gazes in a slight panic. She smiled a little sheepishly and gently petted Timber’s mane.

“Timber sweetheart…you’re causing a sceeeeeene. Please calm dooooown…” Rarity whispered to him through her teeth while petting him. Timber seemed to relax a little bit at Rarity’s petting and ceased his barking at air.

Rarity gave a sigh of relief. “That’s better darling. Now I know you may be a little confused right now, but let’s give peace a chance, shall we?” Rarity said, still petting his mane. Timber looked back up at Rarity with a dazed look about him and nodded.
“Lovely…Now Fluttershy, Twilight made us promise to see her immediately after we returned to tell her everything about the expedition. Poor dear wanted to go so badly.” Rarity reminded Fluttershy.

“Oh right. Her Princess duties got in the way. Heehee, won’t she be surprised at seeing us back this early?” Fluttershy said with a smile. It had been a couple of days since they had seen their friends, so going to pay them a visit was going to be a nice change from trekking through the cold, dark Windless Woods that they had gone through for the past several days.

“…Oh joy. I’m gonna be pretty much hammered with questions the second I walk in the door of her castle aren’t I?” Critter asked. Both mares looked his way and nodded. “…Yippeeeee.” Critter said with painfully obvious sarcasm.

When the group arrived at Princess Twilight’s castle that she had acquired recently via the Tree of Harmony, Timber was at a complete loss. He looked up at the gigantic crystal tree with widened eyes and an open mouth. In all of his years of living in a jungle that was filled with practically nothing but trees, he had never seen a tree quite as big or as shiny as this one, and overall the castle amazed him without end.

“Heehee, yes darling; my reaction was more or less the same when I first laid eyes on this absolutely divine castle of Twilight’s” Rarity giggled.

Critter however, did not seem as impressed with the place as Timber or Rarity, as he squinted his eyes shut to keep the sunlight reflected off of the crystal structure away from them. “Rrgh, I dunno. It looks like kind of an eyesore. I mean…everywhere else is basically a regular town, and then there’s just this big-ass crystal tree in the middle of everything?” Critter asked.

“It…does seem to look a little out of place compared to the rest of Ponyville.” Fluttershy added.

Rarity only let out a slight huff. “Well, I for one happen to think it is magnificent! Just the luster of these crystals is simply amaaazing!~” Rarity swooned over the enormous crystal castle. She looked at Timber who was staring at his reflection in the crystals and rolled her eyes. “Timber, that isn’t another you. It’s just your reflection.” She said as she trotted up to the door and gave it a knock.

A few seconds of waiting later, the doors open and Timber laid his eyes on without a single shadow of a doubt, the most unholy and ferocious terror he had ever seen in his entire life. It’s cold and unfeeling eyes were green and slitted, it had rough green and threateningly dark purple scales covering the entire length of its body which made it appear reptilian in nature, and had a single, razor-sharp tooth protruding from its mouth. Although the creature wasn’t much taller than he was, its claws that could probably do some very significant damage made it appear all the more threatening to the jungle foal.

For reasons that Timber could not possibly fathom though, Rarity smiled at the creature. “Hello Spike. It’s very nice to see you again” she said rather happily. The reptile now identified as “Spike” blushed a little at the sight of Rarity.

“R-Rarity? W-What are you guys doing back so soon?...Not that I-I’m not glad to see you. I’d uhh…just like to know.” he said with a sheepish smile.

“Long story short?...Timberwolves destroyed all our stuff. Had to cut the whole thing pretty short. Not a good ending to an expedition, but what’re ya gonna do?” Critter said. Spike crossed his arms and shook his head.

“Well that kinda stinks…Anyway, I’m glad you’re back…” Spike said, still blushing a little. He then proceeded to trot up to Rarity and hug her leg. Rarity looked down at Spike, smiling a little and hugging back.

Timber’s ears perked up at this sight and he narrowed his eyes at the dragon. It was obvious to him that this monster was trying to put Rarity into a false sense of security so she’ll let her guard down. Well he wasn’t going to fall for it at all. Timber squeezed himself in between Spike and Rarity to the point where his and Spike’s noses where touching. He growled in a low and threatening tone and bared his teeth at him.

This very obviously made Spike uncomfortable. “U-Ummm…w-who’s the ginger kid, and why does he look like he wants to kill me?” Spike asked, stuttering a little.

“Timber! I understand that meeting new ponies…or dragons in this case, may be a little out of your comfort zone, but Spike is NOT dangerous! Show some manners!” Rarity scolded, now holding Timber back from Spike. This didn’t seem to calm Timber’s nerves much more though, as he was still slightly growling at him.

“Oooh, are you okay Spike?” Fluttershy asked concerningly.

Spike blinked a few times just to make sure that he didn’t just imagine what just occurred. “Ummm…Yeah…I’m not hurt or anything…just reaaaally confused…” he responded. “…And maybe a little concerned for my health…he’s not gonna kill me is he? Cause he seriously looks like he wants to tear me to shreds…” Spike said, noticing the look Timber was giving him and shivering.

“Hehe, never thought I’d see the day where a dragon was scared of a tiny little colt.” Critter chuckled a little. Low and behold though, everypony save for Timber was giving him a disapproving stare that said something along the lines of “Are you kidding me?”

“…Right, right. I’ll shut up…” Critter said, smiling sheepishly.

Rarity rolled her eyes in some odd combination of disgust and slight amusement. “Anyway Spike, I’d much rather explain the situation with Twilight present. Is she home right now?” Rarity asked.

Spike nodded. “Yeah, she’s upstairs in the new royal library helping the Crusaders find some book on fireworks.” Spike said. Hearing the words “Crusader” and “Fireworks” in the same sentence could only spell trouble, and it all of a sudden made the group very nervous.

“U-Ummm…why would they-“

“Cutie Mark Crusaders Pyros.” Spike responded.

Fluttershy’s ears folded at the thought of the Crusaders handling explosives. “O-Oh…my…”

The only ones that appeared to be confused over the matter were Critter and Timber. Critter however, was the only one capable of voicing his concerns over the matter. “Umm…is this a bad thing oooor…?” he asked. Rarity only responded by taking a deep breath and putting a hoof on Critter’s shoulder.

“Critter darling…leeeet me tell you something about my sister and her little friends…”

Author's Note:

Oh look. The first one Timber met in Ponyville was Spike. Oooof course seeing something like a dragon hugging your motherly figure isn't going to go over well with him, sooo...off to a great start already aren't we Timber? :rainbowlaugh:

Oh and also:

“Rrgh, I dunno. It looks like kind of an eyesore. I mean…everywhere else is basically a regular town, and then there’s just this big-ass crystal tree in the middle of everything?” Critter asked.

He says what we're all thinking! :rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

Comments are always appreciated. :twilightsmile: